In the Garden of Zen

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  • Zen does not belong to anybody. It absolutely belongs to nobody. It is not anybody’s copyright. And yes, it is certainly everybody’s birthright. It is free to go to anybody, anywhere, and anytime. Zen is everybody’s freedom. 
  • Forget all your idea of separation and union. There is nothing like “two”, only “One”. Zen is that oneness. One in all and all in one
  • Don’t keep looking for something that is other’s. Look only for that which is your own. Always trust yourself, because, Zen fully trusts you. 
  • Zen will give you love, life, and laughter. Zen takes your old clothes and give you the new ones. You are reborn again. 
  • Zen has always been an untrodden path. The flying birds in the sky leave no footprints. It is always new, fresh, and alive. It has always been adventurous in that sense. It has always been a virgin land. It has always been a pathless land. It has always been an eternal Blue Ocean. And reclaiming this land is knowing Zen. And merging in this ocean is experiencing Zen. 
  • Many ask this question: Is there life after death? And nobody asks the right question: Is there life before death? If there is no life before death then it is 100% certain to have life after death. And attaining to this life here now is attaining to Zen. 
  • Zen is a journey for the destination called yourself. Please don’t miss the real target, that is, yourself, otherwise you will miss Zen. 
  • Our body needs food, water, and sleep. In a similar way our soul needs Zen. Our soul has always been hungry and thirsty of Zen. Please take out at least 10 minutes for Zen everyday. 
  • What is Zen? Zen is zeal, enlightenment, and Nirvana. On the path of Zen we need have zeal. Zeal is a beginning. And this zeal will lead us to enlightenment. Enlightenment is a mid-point. And the goal is Nirvana. Zeal is a beginning, Enlightenment is a mid-point, and Nirvana is goal. Nirvana has a beginning but no end. It is endless. It is beyond and beyond. Enlightenment is only a beginning of this endless. Enlightenment is only a beginning of this beyond. 
  • Zen is the greatest freedom possible on earth. The biggest feature of Zen is that it is religion-neutral. The best thing about Zen is that it is for anybody, anywhere, and anytime. It is a liberation from the whole ugly past. It is an effort of moving towards an infinite freedom. 
  • Zen is a perfect companion on the path of Enlightenment. 
  • The Mind is Buddha. And the No-Mind is Buddhahood.