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Drinking the Zen Tea

Zen Tea

The cup was empty. 
It then filled with the Zen tea. 

When the cup overflows. 
It means it is longing to share

We can either drink or drain. 
This choice is only ours. 

The cup is the container. 
And the Zen tea is the content. 

The cup is only a medium. 
And the Zen tea is the message. 

The content is out of contentment. 
The overflowing is out of fulfillment. 

What is the Zen tea? 
It is a tea that gives us: Zeal, Enlightenment, and Nirvana. 

The Zen tea nourishes our being. 
It gives us health and happiness. 

The container and the content are not two different things. 
The medium and the message are not two different things. 

The cup and the Zen tea are not two different things. 
The truth is one and the reality is one. 

Zen is the experience of this Oneness !!

Tea of Zen

The Zen Tea is a metaphor for meditation. It keeps us awake. And drinking the tea of Zen means to taste the essence of meditation. It is a metaphor for the awakening. Zen is really a miracle !!

Science of Zen

The quantum physics has recognized a very mysterious phenomenon. When we open our eyes, it is a particle behaviour. We become finite and local. We are here and there. And when we close our eyes, it is a wave behaviour. We become infinite and omnipresent. We are everywhere. This mystery has been recognized by Zen long back. In Zen we close our eyes to become one with the divine. In Zen we become one with the whole. In Zen we become one with the One. In Zen we experience that oneness. This is the science of Zen.

Three Dimensions of Zen

There are three dimensions of Zen. And these are: Zeal, Enlightenment, and Nirvana. The zeal is the beginning. This zeal is coming out of the energy that has been given by existence to each one of us. This is God’s gift to us. This zeal gives us a direction. This direction takes us towards Zen. And through the process of Zen the zeal is filled with Enlightenment. This is a mid-point of the whole journey. And this Enlightenment becomes a guiding light towards a goal called Nirvana. The world of Nirvana has a beginning but no end. And with the help of Enlightenment we enter into a world of Nirvana that is beyond and beyond.

Freedom of Zen

Zen is for anybody, anywhere, and anytime. Zen does not belong to anybody. It belongs to everybody. It is universal. It is nobodys copyright. It is everybodys birthright. This is the freedom of Zen. This is how Zen is unique and universal. This is the mystery of Zen.