Why Leadership?

We are moving from what is leadership. Why Leadership is emanating from what is leadership. We discussed and concluded that the simplest definition of leadership is responsibility. A leader leads a team, an organization, a community or a nation. The term leadership indicates that it is the trait of an individual who is capable of leading, who is proactive, who is responsive and who owns responsibility. The ultimate goal is a tangible benefit to an individual along-side a tangible and bigger benefit to the group. The basic question that arises is why leadership? Why anybody has to lead you, a team, a group, a community, an organization or a nation? What is the need of leadership? Basically leadership gives a direction towards a common goal. Leadership establishes a coherent relationship among the entire team towards a common goal. The leader is basically a guide for the entire group. He is an anchor for the entire group. He is a driver for the entire group. Without the leader the entire group can not move towards the common goal. Somebody may ask if the goal is common then why every individual can not lead himself? The answer is, first there is an organizational goal. Then within that there is a group goal. And within the group every individual has an individual goal aligned to the common group goal. The total ownership is that of the leader. So there is trust and transparency among the group members. And there is a clear communication of the group goal and individual goals.