What is Success?

posted Nov 26, 2011, 11:15 PM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Jun 15, 2014, 10:01 AM ]
Each one expects to be successful and nobody wants to be a failure
. Is true success possible without a failure? I dont think so. Failure is a transition to success. Failure has seeds of success embedded within it. To be truly successful one has to accept failure. One can transcend both only when both success and failure are accepted with equanimity. A small child falls innumerable times before he stands up straight. This is how he learns to walk and run. Why do we first of all create this dichotomy of success and failure? Why this division? The moment we divide things, delusion starts. The moment we divide things, duality starts. The moment we divide life, conflict starts. This is quiet obvious. The moment you condition yourself, confusion and chaos takes control of your being. The moment you confine yourself, you go far away from your consciousness. The moment you divide and create a boundary around you, the boundless and the infinite goes far away from you. 

A straight line has no crests and no troughs and hence lacks height and depth. It is very static, flat, and shallow. Whereas a wave has equal number of crests and troughs and hence has height and depth. The wave is dynamic and not static. Therefore, a straight line is static and a wave is dynamic. A straight line can also mean a dead-end and death. And a wave could also mean life. Are you wondering how? Just look into the pulse of our life. We have watched this in many hospitals. And when the machine shows a straight line of the pulse it means a death. And as long as the line moves as a wave it means life. The whole of life is like a perfect wave with equal number of crests and troughs. The truth and reality is a transcendental thing and is like an open circle, which is neither a straight line nor a wave. The whole creation is like a perfect wave embedded in a perfect circle. The only reason why quantum science is rich and dynamic is because it accepts both the particle and wave dimension of the objective reality. What is the solution then? What is the way then? The only way is to accept life as it is without any division and live. 

Just look at a seed. It has to go beneath the earth to sprout and become a tree to bear flowers and fruits. This is the only way to live life. Just be organic and natural and dont be synthetic. And from the seed state to a flowering state there is no division in the creation. All divisions are of the finite mind. The mind can not live without dividing things. This is the very nature of the mind. The moment we bring in awareness and consciousness to this situation the dividing mind disappears and we instantly enter into a territory that is boundless and infinite. This is where the Buddhas and Mystics have been saying that our true being is like an infinite circle that neither has a center nor a circumference. And each one of us is like a concurrent circle on this infinite circle. Our center is already connected to this infinite circle. And this infinite circle is divine. And our success is nothing but the existential experience of the merging of our circle and our center with the divine center and the divine circle. And this is our true success.
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