Three Idiots

posted Oct 22, 2011, 4:37 AM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated May 31, 2013, 11:59 PM ]
What is my career? What should I do? What should I pursue? There has always been this constant confusion in all of us. There are so many professions and vocations but nobody really knows what is true for us? If you ask others we get into more confusion rather. To whom to ask? How to know? There is no one answer. Each one gives his own answer. This is a great dilemma in life when it comes to careers. Sometimes the mind turns into a madhouse. 

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To me we should do what ultimately interests us. We must pursue where our hurt beats. We must do what we love to do. And we must love what we always wanted to do. But in this whole process we must also observe and understand our mind. The mind is a great trick. It doesn't tick on any one. It continuously moves like a pendulum. Sometimes it tells us to do this. Sometimes it tells us to do that. When we start doing a particular thing it says that this is not for us. It moves from there and takes us to something else. It never stays on one single thing. This is the nature of the mind. We must also understand this nature of the mind. Then there is a possibility that we can focus on what we always wanted to do. Observing this nature of the mind helps us to concentrate, focus and crystallize. This helps us in making a single pointed focus. And this gives us a right direction. Adolf Hitler wanted to become a painter and an artist. But just see he became a stupid dictator. His mind must have deluded him by saying that there is no value in being a painter. It does not take you on a power trip. Albert Einstein was asked what would he like to be if God gives him one more life? He said that he would like to become a plumber. Where from this idea has come to him? Probably from his father and his childhood. His father was a plumber. During his childhood he played with mud and water with his father. He must have enjoyed this game. This became a part of his subconscious. He must have loved all this as a child. When he became a scientist he saw that all his learning as scientist was moving towards destruction and nothing was really contributing towards creation. Rabindranath Tagore was one of the greatest poets and writers. But he too was not happy inside. He was always saying that he could not create the ultimate poetry or the ultimate song. He constantly felt that something is missing and some gap is yet to be filled. This was also the dilemma of many of the geniuses who walked on this earth. I feel that there is no need to worry on this. We must also understand that dissatisfaction is a way to fulfillment and creation. I think this wandering mind tells us to explore everything in life and understand the whole of life so that we do not repent, and blame anybody or anything. Somewhere J.Krishnamurti puts this perspective very clearly and says, "You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it. That is why you must read, that is why you must look at the skies, that is why you must sing and dance, and write poems, and suffer and understand, for all that is life".

When we categorize all the professions of the world, they all broadly fall into these three: Objective Reality, Fictional Reality, and Subjective Reality. These are the three idiots of our life. Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, etc., they all fall in the first category. Philosophers, Writers, Poets, Sculptors, Singers, Dancers, Actors, Painters, etc., they all fall in the second category. Mystics, Religious people, Enlightened ones and Awakened ones, Buddhas they all fall into the third category. The first category of people are intellectual people. The second category of people are emotional people. And the third category are trying to strike something beyond both. They are trying to be transcendental. All these categories are not to be compared at all. This is a journey of life. There is no need for a comparison and evaluation. This is again a faculty of the mind to compare, evaluate and judge. We must recognize our interests and the flow of our inner energies. We should be open and keep on moving in our life. Life is not a tight-water compartment but is a continuously moving and changing river of opportunities. Even our own real interests are keep on changing in life. Nobody knows our ultimate destiny. Let us be open and move with the flow of life keeping in mind and equally respecting these three idiots. 

The path of objective reality should lead us to a creative science, the path of fictional reality should lead us to a creative imagination, and the path of subjective reality should lead us to a creative religion. And we must love and enjoy the whole journey of life.

I have tried to present the story of three idiots in the form of a Presentation. This is just an attempt to find a different perspective to the story in the form of a film. Please take it sportively and don't take it very seriously. It is in the form of 9 slides. The slide show presentation is as above. 

The Confusion : Slide 2 

  • What is my Career?
  • What is my Profession?
  • Where is my Success?
  • What is my Destiny?
  • The whole life seems to be an utter confusion.
  • Where is the answer?
  • Who has the answer?

Great Expectations : Slide 3

  • Expectations are many and from many.
  • Doctor father wants the son to be an Engineer. 
  • Engineer father wants the son to be a Doctor.
  • Whose life is it anyway? - Father's or Son's.
  • Child is father of man. ~ William Wordsworth.

The Three Idiots : Slide 4

  • Mind is Active, Passive and Balanced.
  • Mind is Masculine, Feminine and Balance.
  • Mind is Shiva, Shakti and Eklinga (Union of Two).
  • Three Gunas: Rajas, Tamas and Satva.
  • Three Tatvas: Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.
  • The churning of the three results into Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram.

The Churning : Slide 5

  • Mind is made of three elements: Active, Passive and Balance.
  • They are called Rajas, Tamas and Satva.
  • Mind is Intellectual, Emotional and Transcendental.
  • The churning of these three elements results into stress and strain.

The Politician : Slide 6

  • There is a Politician in each one of us.
  • He comes in the form of ego and ignorance.
  • Accept the reality and don't be rigid.
  • Be open and explore.
  • Don't evaluate and judge without seeing both the sides.

Life of Love : Slide 7

  • She first comes in the form of a Mother.
  • She then comes in the form of a Sister.
  • She then comes in the form of a Beloved.
  • Shen then comes in the form of Knowledge and Wisdom.
  • She then becomes the very love of life and the life of love.

The Protagonist : Slide 8

  • He first comes in the form of Parents.
  • He then comes in the form of Teachers.
  • He then ultimately comes in the form of a Guru.
  • He is ultimately there and breathing in each one of us.
  • He will take care of us. There is no need to worry too much.
  • All is well and all will be well.

Enjoy the Journey : Slide 9