Effective Habits of Effective People

posted Oct 20, 2011, 1:07 AM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Jun 1, 2013, 12:24 AM ]
Good habit is better than a bad habit. There is no doubt about this. But no-habit is far better than any habit. Habit is a cultivated thing. Nature is not a habit. Nature's nature is not a habit. Nature is beyond the duality of good and bad. Who has divided you between good and bad? Nature's nature in Sanskrit is called Dharma. Our ultimate nature is Sachitananda - Truth, Bliss and Consciousness. We are all part of the nature. Our nature can not be different from the nature of the nature. Nature's nature is our nature. This is our Dharma. Being hot is not the habit of fire. It is her nature. Being cold is not the habit of ice. It is her nature. Being tasteless, odorless and still making us feel thirsty for is not the habit of water. It is her nature. The first habit may lead you to seventh or nth. Greatness can not be our habit. Greatness can not be cultivated. Greatness is revealed. Greatness is the grace of God. All our prayer is a benediction for revealing this greatness. Greatness has to be our nature. It is in fact our true and innate nature. How greatness can be our 8th habit? Habit is a forced upon thing. Only our inauthentic nature can be a habit. Something covering our true nature can be a habit. The true nature is already there hidden beneath the covering. And once uncovered, the true nature will overflow spontaneously. 

Yoga is an art of 8 (eight) steps to our ultimate goal. The 8th step is our destination and destiny. These are the steps: (1) Yam, (2) Niyam, (3) Asan, (4) Pranayam, (5) Pratyahar, (6) Dharana, (7) Dhyan, (8) Samadhi. But all these eight steps are not habits. These are the various mysteries of our being realized at each step. These 8 steps are the relative effectiveness of our total being at each stage. The 8th step is the highest effectiveness of our being. It is our peak performance. It is our zenith. But one has to move on this path of effectiveness step by step. One can neither overstep nor override the steps. One has to move rhythmically step by step. There is a symphony in the whole movement. It is not a running race. It is like a musical note. The last and the 8th step is to discover the inner music of life. This is a grace of God. It is called Samadhi. It is a state of trance. Samadhi is a Sanskrit word and the meaning is to find a solution. And what was the problem before the beginning of the journey? The problem was that of noise and disturbance. The problem was that of chaos and confusion. And this finally results into a cosmos. The whole journey was to move from duality to divinity. The whole journey was to move from confusion to clarity. The whole effort was to find the music of life. And this happens at the 8th step. This is our goal. This is our destiny. This is our greatness. But this is not an achievement. This is an outcome. This is a by-product. This is a culmination. This is a flowering. This is a grace of God. All greatness is a grace of God. And all our prayer is a benediction for this greatness.

The fragrance is hidden within the seed of the flower. The only condition is of the flowering of the flower. This is how the seed evolves into a flower. This flowering and fragrance is not the habit of the flower. Fragrance is the innate nature of the flower. It is already there hidden inside the darkness of the seed. It only requires an opportunity for its natural growth. We can not force a seed into a bud. We can not force open the bud into a flower. No, we can not apply any kind of force. It has to happen naturally. And this is the whole secret. We can't create our true nature. We can only discover our true nature which is already there hidden in the depth of our being. Knowing this or discovering this is a great joy and bliss. Realizing this or experiencing this is the grace of God. Helping us know this or helping us discover this is His greatness. All our prayer is a benediction for this Greatness. And a Guru becomes a catalytic agent on the path of this Greatness. 

We have to move from bad habits to good habits. And then we have to move from good habits to our true nature. Our true nature is neither good nor bad but beyond both and transcendental. Our true nature is a Sachitananda.