At last some good people in Indian politics

posted Jan 11, 2010, 8:10 AM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Jun 14, 2012, 1:25 PM ]
This is really a good news that at last some good people have started thinking of entering the Indian politics. This was lacking for a very long time now. When Baba Ramdev can transform the body and spirit of the people through the power of his Yoga, why can't he be able to transform the body and spirit of the entire Indian political system? Let us support some good causes. This is a good step in a right direction. What is economy and what is economic growth? What is GDP growth? And what is inflation? What about Roti, Kapda and Makan? What about poverty line? What about people below the poverty line? What about Dal Roti? The world statistics is that 98% of the world's wealth is with 2% of the people of the world. Similar is the case with India. More than 85% of the people of India earn less than Rs.85,000 per annum. Only 0.25% of the the entire population of India earns Rs.5 lacs and more per annum. Is this a parity or economic disparity? All the money generated by the economy and all the wealth generated by the economic growth falls in the hands of a very few. And the biggest resource called 'money' will always be short in majority of the hands, because it is only falling in the hands of a very few and in a very large quantity. If there is equilibrium between demand and supply who will pay the price? What is the value of the land when Adam and Eve have first walked on the earth? It must have been certainly without any value. 

My father used to say that the whole creation is made up of Panchabhutas and they are in such an abundance that nobody will ever be able to find them in shortage. But today all of them are up on sale. All these so called abundant natural resources are up for grab. Land is on sale, water is on sale, air is on sale, fire is on sale and space is on sale. If the same greed and environmental degradation continuous, we will soon have oxygen bottles like mineral water bottles and we will be paying VAT on the same. And there is a fraud and conspiracy in every class of asset. Very soon Gold, the last safe metal, will lose its shine. The prices of Gold will also be fluctuating like the prices of realty, crude, other commodities and equity shares. Every asset and resource is up on grab. International economic hit-men are on a hunt for susceptible nations. Various American banks have gone bankrupt. Big big corporations have gone bankrupt. A country like Iceland has gone bankrupt. And a powerful country like Russia is asking for an airbase in exchange of a bail out plan. Other countries like Greece, Austria and Ireland are on the way to bankruptcy. Greece is already on the $42 billion bail out plan from the European Union. It seems Greece has not listened to Socrates and forgotten his message. They have poisoned him instead. This is the state of affairs of the whole world. I doubt if there can ever be a situation of zero inflation. This state can never be achieved. Karl Marx has created all those economic laws but he himself was not aware of the price of the cigarettes that he was smoking. He was a chain smoker. It is very simple to keep on smoking and start thinking and philosophizing all that junk in the name of economy. This shortage of money will always gives rise to perennial inflation. Inflation, price rise, bankruptcies and poverty will be the eternal issues of various countries of the world. 

Let the self esteem of the people of India grow through Bharat Swabhiman. And let us support this cause in a very big way. We must understand one basic thing that good and new people should be given chances. Who knows it could be a far bigger deal in a longer run. Crores of India's black money is lying in other countries. Let us try to get this out for India's real growth. It is also a strange thing that we have always been talking about women's reservation or quota. But why? Pretty women, don't you think this talk and thought itself is a disgrace to women folk? There is a huge debate and opposition on this 33% quota. First of all, why are we talking about reservation? Why always men on top? Why not sometimes women on top? Let us experiment and experience this new change. Our Upanishads discovered a new word "Ardhanarishvara". This means half-man and half-woman. This is our structure. This is the structure of the whole creation. The whole creation is half masculine and half feminine. The whole creation is half Yin and half Yang. The whole creation itself is a perfect couple. Take the universal ratio of both the sexes. We will always find that it is almost half men and half women. Even if there is any small difference that is again because of our faults and not due to the fault of the nature. This is how nature balances itself. Nature itself means a perfect balance. Baba Ramdev is talking about 50% reservation to women. This sounds natural and universal. In India we have always been talking about women's Bill. Are we really interested in a women's bill? It always seems to me that we are interested only in women's Pill and not in women's Bill. Is any home possible without a woman? Is a man possible without a woman? How can a parliament be possible without equal women? 

Come on! you pretty women, fight. Fight for your right because this is an Universal sight. Can we please keep our Swabhiman? Let us work towards keeping our self esteem high by giving women their Universal right.