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What is Truth?

posted Jun 8, 2013, 10:51 PM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Oct 1, 2013, 11:11 AM ]

Truth is beyond words
. It is beyond time. In this sense it is ancient. It is the experience of a non-duality. Truth is transcendental. It is the experience of the state of a spiritual singularity. What is transcendence? It is going beyond the duality. All duality is a relativity. Relativity is not reality and reality is not relativity. Truth is transcending relativity. The first duality is space-time curvature. This is a part of the outer universe. This is an objective reality. What is the measuring rod? The light is the measuring rod. Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity can be of immense help to know the objective relativity. The second duality is the space-time curvature of the mind. This is that inner universe. And what is the measuring rod? A pure thought is a measuring rod. The Vedas and Upanishads which are the eternal resources of Advaita can be of an immense help to know the subjective relativity and then to experience the absolute truth as it is. Truth or reality means to transcend the objective relativity and subjective relativity. The absolute truth is beyond the objective relativity and subjective relativity

Truth is One. This “One” does not mean a numeric one. It only means that the truth is non-dual. It means it is beyond duality. It means it is transcendental. One means the existential experience of Oneness. It is the experience of the union. It is just like how a dew drop from a lotus petal slips into a pond and becomes one with the pond. This merging is one. It is just like how a river falls into an ocean, merges with the ocean, and becomes one with the ocean. What is then left out is only the ocean. The experience of this merging and becoming one is Oneness. It is in this sense the truth is One.

Truth is eternal. It was same to my parents. It was same to me. It will be the same to my son. And it will be same to anybody, anywhere, and anytime. Truth can be experienced but can not be expressed. Truth can be known but can not be made into a knowledge. Truth can be known but can not be described. Truth can be realized but can not be given. Truth can be seen but can not be said. Truth can be smelt like the pleasant fragrance of a flower. Truth can be felt like the taste of a delicious fruit. It can never be given like a chocolate or an ice cream. But yes, it can be shared. The method can be shared. The way can be shared. The approach can be shared. The path can be shared. Because spirituality is a science of experiencing the truth. Anybody who is promising you that the truth can be given is a fake. Anybody who is assuring you that the truth can be given is a sham. Truth is non-negotiable. Please beware !!

Mission and Vision

posted Jul 24, 2012, 3:56 AM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Jan 22, 2014, 11:22 PM ]

What is Mission and Vision? Neither an individual nor an organization can move forward in life without a proper mission and vision. Mission and vision is like a navigator for the growth of an individual and an organization. All mission is only for a vision. There is no purpose of a mission without accomplishing a vision. And the whole objective of a vision is to see the invisible. If mission is an action then vision is a strategy. A strategy is nothing but a long-term action plan that changes the very direction and outlook of an individual and an organization. If vision is a process then mission is a sub-process. If vision is a task then mission is a sub-task. If mission is a path then vision is a goal. A mission is an action for that goal called the vision. If mission is a beginning then vision is the end of that beginning. If mission is a means then vision is an end. The ultimate objective of a vision is to see the invisible - the very core of our being. This is called divine vision. And enlightenment is the existential experience of that divine vision. So the need for a mission and a vision is to see that we do not lose sight of the greater purpose of life.

If you ask me what is your business and who are your customers? Then my answer is very simple: I am in a business of enlightenment and my vision is to see that the whole of humanity is enlightened. And to me, business simply means being busy with. So I am always busy with enlightenment. There is nothing called customers when it comes to enlightenment. Every human being is a center of God or Divinity. Every human being is a reflection of the same divine. It is everybodys birthright to be enlightened. And it is nobodys copyright to give enlightenment. I just try to be a catalyst and a change agent in that whole process. That is all !! Nothing less and nothing more. This is my business. And this is my passion, mission, and vision. Please remember that the vision has to be very big. And whether it is possible or not, the vision has to be unthinkable and unimaginable. The vision is in fact a far bigger dream. And all dreams can be realized. The mission and vision statements should become the key drivers for all our actions. The mission and vision statements should act as catalysts for all our actions. The vision is first, mission is second, and an action is third. And all our strategies should be aligned to achieve the vision.

The following quotes of great ones can be the best examples of Mission and Vision statements: 
  • MissionA journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao Tzu, Taoist Master of Ancient China 
  • VisionA fish in a water is not thirsty. Kabir, Mystic Poet of India 

What is Success?

posted Nov 26, 2011, 11:15 PM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Jun 15, 2014, 10:01 AM ]

Each one expects to be successful and nobody wants to be a failure
. Is true success possible without a failure? I dont think so. Failure is a transition to success. Failure has seeds of success embedded within it. To be truly successful one has to accept failure. One can transcend both only when both success and failure are accepted with equanimity. A small child falls innumerable times before he stands up straight. This is how he learns to walk and run. Why do we first of all create this dichotomy of success and failure? Why this division? The moment we divide things, delusion starts. The moment we divide things, duality starts. The moment we divide life, conflict starts. This is quiet obvious. The moment you condition yourself, confusion and chaos takes control of your being. The moment you confine yourself, you go far away from your consciousness. The moment you divide and create a boundary around you, the boundless and the infinite goes far away from you. 

A straight line has no crests and no troughs and hence lacks height and depth. It is very static, flat, and shallow. Whereas a wave has equal number of crests and troughs and hence has height and depth. The wave is dynamic and not static. Therefore, a straight line is static and a wave is dynamic. A straight line can also mean a dead-end and death. And a wave could also mean life. Are you wondering how? Just look into the pulse of our life. We have watched this in many hospitals. And when the machine shows a straight line of the pulse it means a death. And as long as the line moves as a wave it means life. The whole of life is like a perfect wave with equal number of crests and troughs. The truth and reality is a transcendental thing and is like an open circle, which is neither a straight line nor a wave. The whole creation is like a perfect wave embedded in a perfect circle. The only reason why quantum science is rich and dynamic is because it accepts both the particle and wave dimension of the objective reality. What is the solution then? What is the way then? The only way is to accept life as it is without any division and live. 

Just look at a seed. It has to go beneath the earth to sprout and become a tree to bear flowers and fruits. This is the only way to live life. Just be organic and natural and dont be synthetic. And from the seed state to a flowering state there is no division in the creation. All divisions are of the finite mind. The mind can not live without dividing things. This is the very nature of the mind. The moment we bring in awareness and consciousness to this situation the dividing mind disappears and we instantly enter into a territory that is boundless and infinite. This is where the Buddhas and Mystics have been saying that our true being is like an infinite circle that neither has a center nor a circumference. And each one of us is like a concurrent circle on this infinite circle. Our center is already connected to this infinite circle. And this infinite circle is divine. And our success is nothing but the existential experience of the merging of our circle and our center with the divine center and the divine circle. And this is our true success.
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How to choose Leadership?

posted Oct 29, 2011, 4:26 AM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated May 31, 2013, 10:02 PM ]

Life is a continuous opening of opportunities. It throws open before us ample choices. And leadership is also one such choice. It is in fact a choice-less choice. Choosing things sometimes in life is as difficult as choosing leadership. First and foremost thing about leadership is that it is a great responsibility. It is being responsive and responsible. Leadership is not possible in isolation and therefore it has a great meaning only in context and relation. 

How to choose leadership is a basic question? Let us ponder on these alternatives and possibilities. Responsive leadership is better than reactive leadership. Proactive leadership is better than reactive leadership and responsive leadership. Balanced and total leadership is far better than reactive, responsive and proactive leadership. Enlightened Leadership is a leadership of transcendence. It simply means that there are no more divisions. It emerges out of immense responsibility and freedom. 

The greatest example of leadership and follower-ship is of the Sun and the Sunflower. Just look and observe the sunflower very patiently. The sunflower moves around itself 360 degrees facing the Sun in absolute sync with the movement of the Sun. In the evening when the sun is set the sunflower is also set and bow down its face. The whole phenomenon is as if the Sun and the Sunflower are both going to bed and take rest so that they are back again fresh and energetic for the next day's journey. The whole relationship is that of trust and transparency. 

It is a relationship of shared vision and shared sensitivity. The Sunflower has no meaning without the Sun. And the Sun too has no meaning without the Sunflower. They can not live independently. They coexist together. They are dependent on each other. The Sun is as much dependent on the Sunflower as the Sunflower is dependent on the Sun

Three Idiots

posted Oct 22, 2011, 4:37 AM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated May 31, 2013, 11:59 PM ]

What is my career? What should I do? What should I pursue? There has always been this constant confusion in all of us. There are so many professions and vocations but nobody really knows what is true for us? If you ask others we get into more confusion rather. To whom to ask? How to know? There is no one answer. Each one gives his own answer. This is a great dilemma in life when it comes to careers. Sometimes the mind turns into a madhouse. 

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To me we should do what ultimately interests us. We must pursue where our hurt beats. We must do what we love to do. And we must love what we always wanted to do. But in this whole process we must also observe and understand our mind. The mind is a great trick. It doesn't tick on any one. It continuously moves like a pendulum. Sometimes it tells us to do this. Sometimes it tells us to do that. When we start doing a particular thing it says that this is not for us. It moves from there and takes us to something else. It never stays on one single thing. This is the nature of the mind. We must also understand this nature of the mind. Then there is a possibility that we can focus on what we always wanted to do. Observing this nature of the mind helps us to concentrate, focus and crystallize. This helps us in making a single pointed focus. And this gives us a right direction. Adolf Hitler wanted to become a painter and an artist. But just see he became a stupid dictator. His mind must have deluded him by saying that there is no value in being a painter. It does not take you on a power trip. Albert Einstein was asked what would he like to be if God gives him one more life? He said that he would like to become a plumber. Where from this idea has come to him? Probably from his father and his childhood. His father was a plumber. During his childhood he played with mud and water with his father. He must have enjoyed this game. This became a part of his subconscious. He must have loved all this as a child. When he became a scientist he saw that all his learning as scientist was moving towards destruction and nothing was really contributing towards creation. Rabindranath Tagore was one of the greatest poets and writers. But he too was not happy inside. He was always saying that he could not create the ultimate poetry or the ultimate song. He constantly felt that something is missing and some gap is yet to be filled. This was also the dilemma of many of the geniuses who walked on this earth. I feel that there is no need to worry on this. We must also understand that dissatisfaction is a way to fulfillment and creation. I think this wandering mind tells us to explore everything in life and understand the whole of life so that we do not repent, and blame anybody or anything. Somewhere J.Krishnamurti puts this perspective very clearly and says, "You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it. That is why you must read, that is why you must look at the skies, that is why you must sing and dance, and write poems, and suffer and understand, for all that is life".

When we categorize all the professions of the world, they all broadly fall into these three: Objective Reality, Fictional Reality, and Subjective Reality. These are the three idiots of our life. Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, etc., they all fall in the first category. Philosophers, Writers, Poets, Sculptors, Singers, Dancers, Actors, Painters, etc., they all fall in the second category. Mystics, Religious people, Enlightened ones and Awakened ones, Buddhas they all fall into the third category. The first category of people are intellectual people. The second category of people are emotional people. And the third category are trying to strike something beyond both. They are trying to be transcendental. All these categories are not to be compared at all. This is a journey of life. There is no need for a comparison and evaluation. This is again a faculty of the mind to compare, evaluate and judge. We must recognize our interests and the flow of our inner energies. We should be open and keep on moving in our life. Life is not a tight-water compartment but is a continuously moving and changing river of opportunities. Even our own real interests are keep on changing in life. Nobody knows our ultimate destiny. Let us be open and move with the flow of life keeping in mind and equally respecting these three idiots. 

The path of objective reality should lead us to a creative science, the path of fictional reality should lead us to a creative imagination, and the path of subjective reality should lead us to a creative religion. And we must love and enjoy the whole journey of life.

I have tried to present the story of three idiots in the form of a Presentation. This is just an attempt to find a different perspective to the story in the form of a film. Please take it sportively and don't take it very seriously. It is in the form of 9 slides. The slide show presentation is as above. 

The Confusion : Slide 2 

  • What is my Career?
  • What is my Profession?
  • Where is my Success?
  • What is my Destiny?
  • The whole life seems to be an utter confusion.
  • Where is the answer?
  • Who has the answer?

Great Expectations : Slide 3

  • Expectations are many and from many.
  • Doctor father wants the son to be an Engineer. 
  • Engineer father wants the son to be a Doctor.
  • Whose life is it anyway? - Father's or Son's.
  • Child is father of man. ~ William Wordsworth.

The Three Idiots : Slide 4

  • Mind is Active, Passive and Balanced.
  • Mind is Masculine, Feminine and Balance.
  • Mind is Shiva, Shakti and Eklinga (Union of Two).
  • Three Gunas: Rajas, Tamas and Satva.
  • Three Tatvas: Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.
  • The churning of the three results into Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram.

The Churning : Slide 5

  • Mind is made of three elements: Active, Passive and Balance.
  • They are called Rajas, Tamas and Satva.
  • Mind is Intellectual, Emotional and Transcendental.
  • The churning of these three elements results into stress and strain.

The Politician : Slide 6

  • There is a Politician in each one of us.
  • He comes in the form of ego and ignorance.
  • Accept the reality and don't be rigid.
  • Be open and explore.
  • Don't evaluate and judge without seeing both the sides.

Life of Love : Slide 7

  • She first comes in the form of a Mother.
  • She then comes in the form of a Sister.
  • She then comes in the form of a Beloved.
  • Shen then comes in the form of Knowledge and Wisdom.
  • She then becomes the very love of life and the life of love.

The Protagonist : Slide 8

  • He first comes in the form of Parents.
  • He then comes in the form of Teachers.
  • He then ultimately comes in the form of a Guru.
  • He is ultimately there and breathing in each one of us.
  • He will take care of us. There is no need to worry too much.
  • All is well and all will be well.

Enjoy the Journey : Slide 9

Appo Deepo Bhava!

posted Oct 22, 2011, 2:30 AM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Dec 19, 2015, 11:30 PM ]

Appo Deepo Bhava !! 

It was Buddha’s last day in this mortal world. He was leaving this world forever. Ananda was his cousin and also the closest disciple. He was crying and weeping. Ananda was not yet enlightened. He was saying Buddha, “You are a spiritual Guru and a beacon to me and all us on this journey of enlightenment. I know I am not yet enlightened. And I do not know about others. Now you are leaving us all. What will happen to us? What will happen to me? Who will show us the right way and the right path? Who will take me and guide me on this spiritual journey? The whole world and life was an utter darkness to us and you came in our life as our light and delight. Who will show us this light now?” Buddha just opened his eyes and said, “Appo Deepo Bhava”. He said, “Just be a light unto yourself. Nobody can give this light to you.” All Buddha’s have just pointed towards this light. They have only indicated towards this inner light. And this light is hidden in the heart and being of every being. It was their love and compassion for all of us. We all have to move towards this divine light that is hidden in each one of us. I wish this Diwali to help us all burst into love, light and laughter. Happy Diwali 2011.

Who is Shiva? What is Shivalinga? Who is Ganesha?

Mythology is rich with all these. And we have no idea as to what these figures are. Are these real ones? Are these facts? Are these just myths? Let us explore.

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Myth is not a Reality, and Reality is not a Myth 

Duality is at the heart of creation. Symmetry is at the heart of existence. Ekam, Advitium is the most misunderstood maxim of the Upanishads. Let us transcend.

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Effective Habits of Effective People

posted Oct 20, 2011, 1:07 AM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Jun 1, 2013, 12:24 AM ]

Good habit is better than a bad habit. There is no doubt about this. But no-habit is far better than any habit. Habit is a cultivated thing. Nature is not a habit. Nature's nature is not a habit. Nature is beyond the duality of good and bad. Who has divided you between good and bad? Nature's nature in Sanskrit is called Dharma. Our ultimate nature is Sachitananda - Truth, Bliss and Consciousness. We are all part of the nature. Our nature can not be different from the nature of the nature. Nature's nature is our nature. This is our Dharma. Being hot is not the habit of fire. It is her nature. Being cold is not the habit of ice. It is her nature. Being tasteless, odorless and still making us feel thirsty for is not the habit of water. It is her nature. The first habit may lead you to seventh or nth. Greatness can not be our habit. Greatness can not be cultivated. Greatness is revealed. Greatness is the grace of God. All our prayer is a benediction for revealing this greatness. Greatness has to be our nature. It is in fact our true and innate nature. How greatness can be our 8th habit? Habit is a forced upon thing. Only our inauthentic nature can be a habit. Something covering our true nature can be a habit. The true nature is already there hidden beneath the covering. And once uncovered, the true nature will overflow spontaneously. 

Yoga is an art of 8 (eight) steps to our ultimate goal. The 8th step is our destination and destiny. These are the steps: (1) Yam, (2) Niyam, (3) Asan, (4) Pranayam, (5) Pratyahar, (6) Dharana, (7) Dhyan, (8) Samadhi. But all these eight steps are not habits. These are the various mysteries of our being realized at each step. These 8 steps are the relative effectiveness of our total being at each stage. The 8th step is the highest effectiveness of our being. It is our peak performance. It is our zenith. But one has to move on this path of effectiveness step by step. One can neither overstep nor override the steps. One has to move rhythmically step by step. There is a symphony in the whole movement. It is not a running race. It is like a musical note. The last and the 8th step is to discover the inner music of life. This is a grace of God. It is called Samadhi. It is a state of trance. Samadhi is a Sanskrit word and the meaning is to find a solution. And what was the problem before the beginning of the journey? The problem was that of noise and disturbance. The problem was that of chaos and confusion. And this finally results into a cosmos. The whole journey was to move from duality to divinity. The whole journey was to move from confusion to clarity. The whole effort was to find the music of life. And this happens at the 8th step. This is our goal. This is our destiny. This is our greatness. But this is not an achievement. This is an outcome. This is a by-product. This is a culmination. This is a flowering. This is a grace of God. All greatness is a grace of God. And all our prayer is a benediction for this greatness.

The fragrance is hidden within the seed of the flower. The only condition is of the flowering of the flower. This is how the seed evolves into a flower. This flowering and fragrance is not the habit of the flower. Fragrance is the innate nature of the flower. It is already there hidden inside the darkness of the seed. It only requires an opportunity for its natural growth. We can not force a seed into a bud. We can not force open the bud into a flower. No, we can not apply any kind of force. It has to happen naturally. And this is the whole secret. We can't create our true nature. We can only discover our true nature which is already there hidden in the depth of our being. Knowing this or discovering this is a great joy and bliss. Realizing this or experiencing this is the grace of God. Helping us know this or helping us discover this is His greatness. All our prayer is a benediction for this Greatness. And a Guru becomes a catalytic agent on the path of this Greatness. 

We have to move from bad habits to good habits. And then we have to move from good habits to our true nature. Our true nature is neither good nor bad but beyond both and transcendental. Our true nature is a Sachitananda.

Body, Mind, and Soul

posted Oct 13, 2011, 10:03 PM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Dec 2, 2015, 8:49 PM ]

Body, Mind, and Soul

The outer is a reflection of the inner. If our outer is a reflection, then our inner is a reality. Our body is a reflection of our soul. If our body is a reflection, then our soul is a reality. If our soul is an essence, then our body is an effect. Our mind is composed of two spheres, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. The left mind says No and is an atheist. And the right mind says Yes and is a theist. The right mind is active and the left mind is passive. The right mind is objective and the left mind is subjective. The right mind is masculine (Shiva, Yang) in nature and the left mind is feminine (Shakti, Yin) in nature. These two minds are joined somewhere. And this union is a great mystery. The meeting point and unification of these two minds is a great mystery and miracle to the neuroscientists, neurobiologists, and neuropsychologists. If we represent the right mind say by +1 (plus one) and the left mind say by -1 (minus one), then the union of the two results into a number zero or Shunya

And this state of Shunya is a state of No-Mind. This state is called Samadhi or Transcendence. No-Mind does not mean absence of mind, but it means beyond mind or transcendence of mind. Transcendence simply means now there is no duality. It means going beyond the state of Dvaita (Duality) and reaching into a state of Advaita (Non-Duality). This is our soul and this is our reality. So the whole journey is to move from relativity to reality, and duality to non-duality. Relativity means duality and non-relativity means transcendence. Transcendence simply means that now there are no divisions. The witnessing consciousness has no divisions.

Active and passive minds are partial minds and partial realities. They are parts of our total mind. The objective mind is a part of our total mind or No-Mind. The objective mind can at the most lead us to the objective reality. The subjective mind is also a part of our total mind or No-Mind. And the subjective mind can at the most lead us to the subjective reality. The No-Mind is a part of our Soul, and the Soul is only a part of the Absolute. The absolute simply means that now there are no more divisions. It is the experience of a Spiritual Singularity. It is just like how a dew drop slips into an ocean, loses all its separate identity, and becomes one with the ocean. It is in this state, the sages of the Vedas and Upanishads proclaimed, Aham Brahmasmi.

According to the neurologists there is nothing called the mind. And according to them there is something called the brain. According to the psychologists there is something called the mind. And according to the mystics and Buddhas the mind is only in transition to the no-mind. The no-mind is like a bridge between the mind and the soul. The mind is nothing but a collection of ideas and concepts. It is just a collection of the memory of the past and the present. And only an open mind can lead us to a no-mind. Only an unprejudiced mind can lead us to the no-mind. Only an unbiased mind can lead us to the no-mind. The brain can not be defined in detail. As of now we have a very little knowledge of the working of the brain. Stephen Hawking gives an idea of the brain in his book, A Brief History of Time. He takes the example of a superconducting loop of a wire. If the current flows through this wire, it will continue to flow because there is no resistance. And on the other hand, if no current flows through this wire, the loop will continue without the current. We can label these two states as one with current and the other as without current. We can label these two states as One” and Zero.

There is nothing that really dies, neither the Body nor the Soul !!

There is nothing that really dies. We can not even kill or destroy an electron. The body dies is only a wrong perspective. Everything is getting transformed and nothing is getting destroyed. Every electron is in the process of attaining to Enlightenment. Every string is in the process of moving to Supreme Consciousness. All power is for a prayer. All energy is for enlightenment. All desire is to move towards divinity. And from the body to the being we are in transition. 

Just take a small example of a computer. The computer is composed of two major components - hardware and software. And this computer is connected to a big computer called the Server. If the client is a small computer then the server is a big computer. And all this has come out of nothing. There was a time when there was no computer. And everything is continuously changing. The hardware is changing and the software is also changing. And both are changing for each other. New software can not work on an old hardware. And a new hardware is of no use for an old software. They both are changing. They both are together. They are inseparable. They are intertwined. They both together make the computer. 

Our individual being is like the computer. The hardware is like our body and the software is like our mind. The server is like the Cosmic Body, and the software on the server is like a Cosmic Mind. And they all are changing for each other. Old mind is not suitable for a new body. And an old body is unfit for a new mind. The body and mind are inseparable. They both are changing. And they both are connected to the soul. 


The body is a gross mind and the mind is a subtle body. And they both are connected with the cosmic body and the cosmic mind. And the soul is not a body. It is a no-body and, therefore, it is unchanging. Our individual soul is connected with the cosmic soul. Neither our soul is changing nor the cosmic soul is changing. And Enlightenment is nothing but the experience of this soul while we are alive in our body. The body and mind are keep on changing and transforming till enlightenment happens. Therefore, the body and the mind are keep on taking birth. We do not come on this planet only once. No, this is not the perspective of the Eastern religions. We keep on coming on this planet earth again and again till enlightenment happens. This is the insight of all the Eastern religions.

The memory of the brain also functions in this way. And the computer memory also functions in this way. And the information in the brain or the computer is stored in one of the two states. We can label the two states of the human brain as one with thoughts and the other as without thoughts. We can label the mind as one with concepts and the other as without concepts. A brain has a capacity to store and archive various concepts, ideas, philosophies, and experiences. And when we identify ourselves with a particular concept or an idea, a mind is created. And when a mind has an experience of its own, the idea or a concept loses its meaning and the mind attains to a different state. The no-mind is a mind that does not depend on beliefs, ideas, and concepts. The no-mind grows on understanding and experience. A thoughtless state of the mind is also a state of the mind. And this state is a state of the No-Mind. And this state of the No-Mind is possible only through Dhyana or Meditation. And the by-product of the state of the No-Mind is silence. And in a silent state of the mind we can experience the soul. And this is a center of our being. This is a point of Spiritual Singularity. And this experience is divine. The center of our being is also a center of the Cosmic Being. And the by-product of this experience is an infinite bliss. This is the state of a Sachitananda

According to neurology the brain is a 2.5 pound jelly-like substance that has more than 100 plus billion neurons. And all these neurons are continuously forming a network, same like how we all are creating networks in the web through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. We can not even reckon the number of this networking. The neurologists say that this number is more than the number of known particles in the whole universe. And all these neurons are sharing information continuously. And this networking gives rise to different states of the mind. Just take the example of a jigsaw puzzle that we play. There is one normal and ordered state and many random states. And when we achieve the normal or ordered state with all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle we win the game. And we feel happy when we achieve this state and win the game. The same is the case with the mind and the brain. There is one ordered state and many random states. And that one single ordered state is called a Spiritual Singularity. In Ashtanga Yoga, sage Patanjali terms this state as Samadhi, a state of tranquility and transcendence. The mind has to pass through various perceptions to attain to this state. There are various perceptions of the body and the consciousness. The various bodies are - waking body, sleeping body (dreaming body and dreamless body), drugged body, and an awakened body. And the various states of the consciousness are - waking consciousness, sleeping consciousness (dreaming consciousness and dreamless consciousness), drugged consciousness, and an awakened consciousness. The mind has to pass through the perceptions of all these bodies to know and experience the Supreme Consciousness. The by-product of this experience is the state of a Sachitananda. The purpose of including the drugged consciousness is because in the west there is a misconception that this awakened state is attained through the drugs. And they have many drugs. Anybody who is telling you that this state can be attained through the drugs is a charlatan. He is a sham. Please never believe in all this. This is dangerous. This is just a hallucination. And this is not enlightenment. Therefore, there is no need to pass through the perceptions of a drugged consciousness to experience the Supreme Consciousness.   

Love of Writing

posted Oct 12, 2011, 7:50 AM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Jun 1, 2013, 1:48 AM ]

All writing is an expression of our thoughts and emotions. Experience has come first and expressions have come much later. Our emotions and thoughts are very ancient. The words to express them are very modern. We are not here to play with our thoughts and emotions. No, that is not true writing. We are here to express our natural and authentic thoughts and emotions. This is creative writing. Now that is what I call the love of writing. 

Big B is 69 and I am on Cloud 9!

posted Oct 11, 2011, 2:54 AM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Jun 1, 2013, 1:55 AM ]

Today is Big B's Birth Day. He is 69 today but I am on cloud 9. He is a real inspiration to many for his aura and energy. He still rules the Bollywood. Those who were before him have left the scene and those who have come after him have also left the scene. But he is still active and awesome. This number 69 is really a very mystical and mysterious number. This is a unique number. This number indicates the sex appeal of an individual. He is 69 but is still sexy. This is a very spiritual number because even if you turn it in any direction it represents the same number. In the entire 360 degree rotation it gives us the same number. It is exactly like the Yin and Yang symbol of Taoism. It is like the Shiva and Shakti symbol of ancient India. It is an indication of being stable and composed. I think at this stage he is at his optimum living. And this I call a quantum living. Many many happy returns of the day Sexy Sam. Long live Big B. Budha Hoga Tera Baap. The whole world loves you Big B :)

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