10 Point Action Plan (To-Do) for Enlightened Leadership

Following is the 10 point action plan for Enlightened Leadership. Let this be everybody's and every-day's TO-DO things: 
  1. Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you. This will conserve lot of time and energy for our creativity. 
  2. Live and let others live. If you can extend yourself further, please help others live. Let this be a golden rule to create a better society to live and love. 
  3. Be always creative and imaginative. We all say that God is the greatest creator. By being creative we can at least be closer to him and participate in his creativity.
  4. Nature has not given us the mind to deceive others, but to protect ourselves and others from the deceivers. Make positive and creative use of this tiny and most powerful piece called 'Mind'. 
  5. Time is precious for both, you and others. Don't waste neither your nor anybody's time. Every day find some time for action, some time for relaxation and some time for contemplation. Because, all vision without action is hallucination and all action without vision is blind. 
  6. The past may be responsible for the present to some extent. But the present has a much bigger responsibility for the future. Let us not brood over the past. Let us undo the past. Let the future unfold out of a meaningful present. Let us create a meaningful present for a meaningful future. 
  7. Electrons, protons and neutrons are the building blocks of matter. In a similar way thoughts, emotions and silence are the building blocks of our consciousness. Let us create positive thoughts and positive emotions. When an electron can have such an enormous power, can you just imagine the power of our positive thoughts and positive emotions? 
  8. Never allow anybody to imprison your freedom. Do not let anybody encroach your soul. Let responsibility and freedom be our ultimate joy. 
  9. Our content is our intent. Unless our intent is intuitive our content can never be creative. Let all our content fulfill a dual objective. It should either create a contentment or a thirst for contentment in the individual. Then the content can really be said to be meaningful. 
  10. Any organization built on the foundations of a wrong philosophy is bound to collapse sooner or later. Let the ultimate objective of an organization be that of an organism. Every organization must create capabilities to fulfill both the subjective and objective needs of an individual in order to survive and sustain for long. Let this need fulfillment be a competitive advantage.
The process of learning, knowing and experiencing can happen at four levels:
  • Reading: One can access writings and books of awakened ones. Today the world-wide-web can be of a great help. There is so much good information available on Spirituality.
  • Listening: One can listen to the discourses of awakened ones. Both, audios and videos can be of a great help. Many websites and YouTube in particular can be of a great help.
  • Company: One can be in the company great friends and awakened ones. Spiritual Networking can be a beginning of that end.
  • Self-Study: Apart from the above, continuous self-study or Swadhyaya, and Dhyana or Meditation can be of immense help.