New Mind and New Man

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Matter and mind, materialism and spiritualism, have always been the eternal issues that have bothered philosophers, thinkers, scientists and theologists. Is matter same as mind? Is materialism same as spiritualism? Are the body, mind and soul same? Are these just concepts or thoughts? Is there any connection between them? Let us delve deep into these issues and see if there is any connection and try to arrive at some conclusion. 

The scientists have tried to know the constituents of the whole universe. They have found that the whole universe is composed of three major things, that is, matter, dark matter, and dark energy. The so called matter that we think we know is only 2% of the whole universe. The dark matter is to the tune of 3% and the dark energy is to the tune of 95%. Albert Einstein has called this dark energy as cosmological constant in his general theory of relativity. He thought that the universe is static and has later realized his mistake after the Big Bang theory that the universe is continuously expanding. As per the scientists the universe is in fact accelerating. In the last 300 to 400 years of science we have only tried to know the matter to its depth. The whole effort was to know the nature of the matter. In this process the scientists have dived deep into the matter to its smallest particles called the atoms. Earlier we thought that the atom is the smallest indivisible particle of matter. Our quest did not stop here and we have further gone to its smallest particles called the electrons, protons, and neutrons. These are the smallest indivisible particles and are called the basic building blocks of the matter. These particles can further be sub-divided but their life is so short that they again come back to the state of these three basic particles. The electronics are negatively charged particles and are revolving around the nucleus with almost the speed of light. The protons are the positively charged particles and are contained within the nucleus. The neutrons are neutrally charged particles and the same are also contained within the nucleus. The nucleus is a thick core at the very center of the atom. The nucleus is a very tiny thick core at the center and the rest of the matter is an empty space in which the electrons are revolving around the nucleus. 

Body, Mind, and Soul

The outer is a reflection of the inner. If our outer is a reflection then our inner is a reality. Our body is a reflection of our soul. If our body is a reflection then our soul is a reality.

Our mind is composed of two spheres, the left and the right. The left mind says No and is an atheist. And the right mind says Yes and is a theist. The right mind is active and the left mind is passive. The right mind is objective and the left mind is subjective. The right mind is masculine in nature and the left mind is feminine in nature. And these two minds are joined somewhere. This union is a great mystery. The meeting point and unification of these two minds is a great mystery and miracle to the neuroscientists, neurobiologists, and neuropsychologists. If we represent the right mind say by +1 (plus one) and the left mind say by -1 (minus one), then the union of the two results into a number zero or Shunya.

This state of Shunya is a state of No-Mind. This state is called Samadhi or Transcendence. No-Mind does not mean absence of mind, but it means beyond mind or transcendence of mind. And transcendence simply means that now there is no duality. It means going beyond the state of Dvaita” (Duality) and reaching into a state of Advaita” (Non-Duality). This is our soul and is our reality. So the whole journey is to move from relativity to reality and duality to non-duality

Active and passive minds are partial minds and partial realities. They are parts of our total mind. The objective mind is a part of our total mind or No-Mind. The objective mind can at the most lead us to the objective reality. The subjective mind is also a part of our total mind or No-Mind. The subjective mind can at the most lead us to the subjective reality. No-Mind is a part of our Soul and the Soul is only a part of the Absolute. The absolute simply means that now there are no divisions. It is just like how a dew drop slips into an ocean, loses all its separate identity, and becomes one with the ocean. It is in this state the sages of the Vedas and Upanishads proclaimed, Aham Brahmasmi
As one moves from the periphery of the matter to its center the power increases. The protons are more powerful than the electrons, and the neutrons are more powerful than the electrons and protons. The scientists have also found that the further division of these particles is also possible. But the life of these smallest particles is so short that in no time they come back together to their basic division of electrons, protons, and neutrons. The further division of the atom, though possible, becomes meaningless. Why cant then these particles get attracted and collide together? If this was the normal case, then the whole matter would have been disintegrated. The scientists have found that there is a unifying and balancing force that keeps the atom intact and together. The scientists have also tried to know the nature of the electrons. Their perception was that if they could know the nature of the electron, then they could know the very nature of the matter. Neils Bohr and Heisenberg have further conducted experiments to know the nature of the electrons. Heisenberg has proved to the world that the electron has a dual behavior, that is, it behaves both as a particle and a wave. It has a quantum behaviour. It has also been observed that the electrons are so sheepish in their nature that if we try to observe them, then they will change their direction or behavior. This has led to the beginning of a new physics called the quantum physics or high energy physics. The conclusion is that the behavior of the electron is dual, that it is both a particle and a wave, and the nature of the electron is mysterious. And If these electrons are hurled and bombarded at each other they release a very high energy. The atom bombs and the nuclear bombs are the results of these experiments. The conclusion was that all matter is energy, and all energy is matter. The matter and energy are inter-convertible. The matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. 

To me, the whole thinking of the scientists was political and was just a power trip to gain power over the matter. The whole purpose, objective, and motive was to capture the matter in their hands. What is the result? Nothing is there in their hands really. That is why Albert Einstein has said that the whole creation is a chance probability. He has in fact said that the God has played dice with the universe. I just love what Neils Bohr has said to him in response. He said, Dont tell God what to do?. And later on Albert Einstein got convinced with the results of Neils Bohr and Heisenberg and said that God does not play dice with the universe. We can at the most convert the matter into energy and use the energy either for good purposes or bad purposes. And this choice is always ours. If we misuse the hidden and latent power of matter, the whole planet can become a Hiroshima or Nagasaki within minutes. And within minutes this whole earth which is live and breathing can become a dead planet. Who knows there might have been life on moon and mars? What is the guarantee that some crackpot might not have destroyed it by nuclear bombs? The experiments for a possible life on moon and mars may reveal this in the near future. What will Stephen Hawkins do by discovering newer homes, if the same crackpots are going to be born on those new planets? What is the guarantee that the same madness will not be created there? And even if we are capable of destroying the whole planet it will not be a destruction. It will not be our great achievement or success. Let us remember the fundamental principle that matter can neither be created nor destroyed. It will go against our very basic scientific finding and premise. We will simply destroy the life and make this planet a dead one. Will this be our goal or objective? Have we all come here only for this purpose? Albert Einstein has said, Those who thoughtlessly make use of the miracles of science and technology, without understanding more about them than a cow eating plants understands about botany, should be ashamed of themselves

The Buddhas, Mystics and Zen Masters have a totally different take on this. They have also been saying that we are both the body and the soul together. Our body and soul are an integrated whole and inseparable. Our body is not only a physical body but also a quantum body and a spiritual body. The soul is our inner body and the body is our outer soul. The body is like the hardware and the soul is like the software. The body is the gross part and the soul is the subtle part of the same phenomenon called the life. The matter is gross, the body is subtle, and the soul is the subtlest. That is why we need to be extremely sensitive to feel the soul in our being. Albert Einstein says, The concept of a soul without a body seems to me to be empty and devoid of meaning. Yes, he is absolutely right. The soul is very much lying inside the body but latent, potential, and unconscious. It is yet to be surfaced and yet to be realized. The matter to mind is Gods creation. It is natures creation. It is the creation of the existence. The God has done his creation and finished his job. His job is over and there is no need for him to do anything further. Yes, the old religious scriptures are right that he has created the whole creation in just six days and now resting. It must be true and without any doubt. And everybody needs a rest after six days of working. After working tooth and nail for six days one has to rest on the seventh day. And the seventh day must be a Sunday. And the Sunday has to be a holiday. Otherwise who will give him a leave? Sunday means a Sunny Day (Suns Day). He must be relaxing on a warm sand on a sea beach on Sunday. He is also a human being like us and he also gets tired. He also gets a weekend after six days of hard working. He must also relax after a great job. His job is over. Now it is our turn. The next job is ours. The next responsibility lies with us. 

Matter to man is His responsibility and He has finished with it. Man to New-man is our responsibility. The existence has created us but we have not created the existence within us. The nature has created us but we have not created the nature within us. The God has created us but we have failed to create the God within us. We have to create Him in our being. We have to realize Him in our being. And this is absolutely our choice and our responsibility. The Big Bang to our Body was His responsibility and the Body to Buddhahood is our journey and our responsibility. Matter to Mind was His responsibility, and Mind to No-Mind is our responsibility. Matter to Man was His responsibility and Man to New-Man is our responsibility. And this is just not possible with our existing mind. Albert Einstein says, We cant solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. I think he is absolutely right that we need a new mind and a new thinking to solve such problems. And existing mind is just a very small portion of our total being. The scientists, doctors, and psychologists say that we use only 10% to 15% of our mind and the rest remains unused and untapped. And this so called mind, which is so powerful, is less than 2% of our total being. The mind is only a small portion of our total being. We have not even seen the power of our total being. And to know the power of our being we have to know our no-mind first and our so called mind is a big barrier to know our no-mind. We dont even have a glimpse of the power of our no-mind. We dont even know the power of now and the power of our silence. We cant even think and imagine the power of our consciousness and super-consciousness. The mind is a barrier, the no-mind is a way, and the consciousness is a door to our super-consciousness

The whole creation, both inner and outer, is always composed of three layers. That is, known, unknown, and unknowable. The components of the outer creation, which is the body of the whole creation, can be divided into matter, dark matter, and dark energy. And out of this whole pie, we all know what we know today. Not even that 2% matter. The very intricacy and the nature of the matter is mysterious. When will we then know the other two bigger zones, that is, the dark matter and the dark energy? The journey of 400 years of science is already over. Are the scientists waiting for eternity this way? And similarly, when we try to know the components of our inner, we come to know that it is also composed of three layers. That is, seen, unseen, and unseeable. We can see our body which is the body of the unseen and unseeable. And as we go further deeper in our being we come to know that the journey becomes some sort of a metaphor. The situation is similar to that of the metaphysics. We cant see our thoughts and emotions exactly the way we see our body. And our thoughts travel faster than the light. As we go further deeper we can feel the silence of our inner being but we can not catch hold of it the way we can catch hold of our actions, thoughts, and emotions. We can at the most feel, experience, and realize it in the innermost core of our being. The existential experience and realization of the stillness of our inner being is our soul. It does not matter what we call it. Whether we call it soul, self, no-self, Tao or Dhamma. Whatever name that we wish to give it. All the names are of that nothingness. All the names are of that unseeable. All the names are of that formless. All the names are of the nameless. That is why Lao Tzu says in the Tao Te Ching that the Tao has no name but just for the sake he calls it the Tao. And he further says that the Tao can not be said, and the moment it is said it is not the absolute Tao. That is why in the ancient Indian tradition all names are of the nameless, and all forms are of the formless. Everything is a part of that nothingness. Buddha called that nothingness as Nirvana. The experience of this nothingness is divine. And this nothingness has always been there. It is immortal. It is deathless. It is eternal. It is neither born nor will ever die. It neither has a beginning nor an end. It is Anadi and Ananta. This beginningless and endless Brahma.