Enlightened Leadership is a “Total Leadership”

Enlightened Leadership is a leadership of totality. It is a holistic approach to problem solving. Its fundamental basis is being more organic, natural, and existential. It is not made up of an empty stuff. It is not a buzz word. It is not a jargon. It is more realistic, relevant, and practical. It is not lopsided. The whole creation or existence is made up of two opposing energies, one complementing the other. It is something like a coin having two sides. A coin means two sides, that is, heads and tails together. The coin can not exist with one side. This is just not possible. The moment we say they are opposite sides, there is bound to be a conflict. And if we say they are compensatory then there is bound to be co-operation and creation. The reality always manifests in a Quantum Principle. One of the very basic rules of existence is that when there is competition, there is only conflict, non-cooperation, and destruction. Competition leads to conflict and chaos. One of the biggest obstacles to creativity is competition. Competition breeds conflict, and synergy leads to creativity. Competition means to continuously fight within the red ocean in order to survive, sustain, and maintain a leadership position. The moment a blue ocean is created, it is heading towards a red ocean. And sooner or later the same rat race and competition enters and the blue ocean turns into a red ocean. The future world does not belong to the competitors but to the creators. Creation and innovation is possible only when the two opposing energies co-operate, complement, and become friends. Competition leads to enmity and creation leads to friendship. Omega Point or Peak Performance simply means the two opposing energies have fused, synced, and have become one. Omega Point means a point of optimum productivity and optimum performance. 

In Chinese philosophy the whole existence or creation is represented by a symbol called Yin and Yang. These are two complementing energies. The union of these two is what is called Chi, in Chinese Mythology. It is one energy but manifests as a Quantum Principle. And same is the case with the Hindu Mythology. The whole existence is made of two complementing energies called the Shiva and Shakti. The union of these two energies is called the Ekalinga. It is one energy but manifests as a Quantum Principle. These are two complementing energies or forces which are interconnected and interdependent. The whole creation is made up of these two energies or forces. These two are passive and active forces. These two are feminine and masculine energies. They can only exist together and they can not exist in separation. It is their nature to be in togetherness. It is their nature to be in oneness. Can we think of a race of only men or only women? A race with only men or only women would disappear in a single generation. The whole life grows and progresses only with the help of these two forces. Every advance is complemented by a retreat and every rise is compensated by a fall. An organization to grow and progress continuously, all the forces and resources in the organization have to be mapped in such a way that they complement, co-operate, and compensate with each other. Even in Sanskrit the whole creation is called Parasparam Abhyantaha. It is in Sanskrit and when translated it means, interdependent on each other and interconnected with each other we live in some way or the other. If there is a conflict or chaos in an organization it simply means various forces and resources within the organization are at loggerheads. And such an organization is bound to doom sooner or later. The conclusion of the quantum theory and string theory is also the same that the Universe is an unbroken wholeness. The Universe is neither discrete nor continuous. It is now called a Participative Universe. It is an inter-dependent, inter-twined, inter-related, and inter-connected Universe. We are integrated parts of one whole and one entity. The quantum physics has for the first time revealed a far greater insight that we can never behave as distinct and separate entities. This only speaks of our narrow and rigid view. The working of the individuals as silos in a family, society, or an organization contributes to the Butterfly Effect. We all, therefore, must take a quantum leap and try to understand that truth. 

It reminds me of a small story to illustrate my vision of total leadership. The story moves like this: Once upon a time there were two beggars. They were making their living on begging and were staying in their respective huts in a forest near by a village. Begging in the village separately was their profession. They were rivals and enemies of each other. They were cut-throat competitors. They were resorting to all kinds of strategies to increase their customer base and market share. Each one was aggressively fighting to increase his own market share. Their only goal was, how to become more richer than the other? And how to do this more faster than the other? Going in the same village everyday and begging for their booty was like a war for them. They were using all tactics possible to kill the other and become more successful. Each was using all possible strategies to tarnish the brand image of the other. One day as usual they made their next days action plan in the night before going to bed. And for the purpose of the next days battle each one made his best plan to win over the other. But unfortunately the very next day early in the morning fire broke out in the forest in which they were staying. It was a wild fire and it was almost certain that it would engulf the whole forest. The fire was fast spreading. Both the beggars were making all efforts to escape from the forest and save their lives. But they could not escape. Because, one beggar was crippled and the other was blind. The crippled beggar could see the places where the fire has yet not spread but could not run. The blind beggar could run but could not see the places in the forest where the fire has not yet spread. Still in the forest there were some places where there was no fire and they could easily escape. Time was very short and the fire was fast spreading the whole forest. For the first time in their whole life they completely forgot about their enmity and became friends. For the first time they both decided to complement and fuse their individual strengths and core competencies and fight the situation together as friends and save their lives. Both of them have agreed for a Combined Strategy. This was their ultimate Blue Ocean Strategy. It was a do or die situation. It was their Eternal Blue Ocean Strategy. The crippled beggars strength was that he could see but could not run. The blind beggars strength was that he could run but could not see. Their combined strategy was that the blind beggar would hold the crippled beggar on his shoulders and they both will run out of the forest together as one person. The blind beggar would run and the crippled beggar would show the places where the fire has yet not spread. This way by fusing their individual strengths they could run out of the forest together as one individual and could save their lives. And for the first time they have understood the strength of their friendship and togetherness. And this truth was an insight and enlightenment for them. And then they both became friends forever. 

Enlightened leadership to me is a leadership of totality. It is a leadership of vision and action together. Because, all vision without action is hallucination, and all action without vision is blind. The vision without action is like the crippled beggar. He could see but could not run. He had a vision but without any action. Similarly, action without vision is like the blind beggar. He could run but could not see. He had action but without any vision. Anything that is half is lopsided and unstable. It is certain to fall and doom. That is why it is said that an untruth is better than half-truth. And half-truth is very dangerous. A leadership to succeed has to be total. A vision to become a reality has to be total and not crippled. So, the need of the hour is to have a Total Leadership and my philosophy of Enlightened Leadership is a vision of a total leadership. That is, it is a leadership of both a vision and an action together. All action is for a better vision, and all vision is for a better action. Its a leadership of peak performance. It is a leadership of dynamic action. It is a leadership of better vision and better action. It is a leadership of meditative action.