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Consciousness, Unconsciousness, Supreme Consciousness

Everything is just a metaphor for something that is already there. All words are just indicators to arrive at something that already exists. All metaphors are just pointers to reach to something that is already there. The whole reality is like a jigsaw puzzle. The whole reality is broken into pieces. And life is a game to arrange these pieces into one unbroken oneness. All the divisions are just for the sake of a better understanding. And all the understanding should lead to an existential experience. We don’t believe in gravity any more. We don’t believe in electricity any more. These are scientifically proven things today. Electricity and gravity are experimentally proven by the scientists. And therefore we no longer believe them to exist. We in fact know them to exist. And there is no need for a belief any more. Just like how the objective scientists are dividing the whole objective universe into various components, the subjective scientists or mystics have also divided the whole inner universe into its various constituents and components. And they found that in their existential experience there is no division. There is only oneness. There is no division from the side of reality. All divisions are just ours. The divisions are created from our side. The mind creates divisions to integrate with the whole. And the whole purpose of the divisions is to lead to the existential experience of oneness. The scientists divide the reality objectively and the mystics divide the reality subjectively. There are two kinds of minds - scientific and spiritual. And both the approaches of the mind are scientific but their directions are diagonally opposite. One mind is looking outside for the outer objects. And the other mind is looking for the inner objects called the thoughts. The science is an outer path and spirituality is an inner path. Science is trying for an objective unification and spirituality is trying for a subjective unification. Science is experimental and spirituality is experiential. In this process of unification a mystic divides the whole reality into Consciousness, Unconsciousness, and Supreme-Consciousness.   

Let us understand this division by way of an example. Let us assume that the unconsciousness is like a darkness. Unconsciousness means the one that is not yet known. It can also be termed as our ignorance. Also assume that the consciousness is like the light. It can also be termed as our knowledge or wisdom. It means a method of knowing. It means a process of knowing. Light is a method of knowing the darkness. Consciousness is a means to peep into the unconsciousness. I can not know what is there in a dark room unless I bring in the light. In the absence of the light I may stumble upon various objects in the dark room and get hurt. Thomas Edison has not discovered the light. He has invented the incandescent bulb. The light is already there hidden in the creation. He helped the light manifest objectively through the incandescent bulb. This was his creation. This was his invention. He was a great genius. There is no second thought about that. He brought in the light in the darkness of our objective world. He helped us light-up the darkness of our objective world. The Vedas, Upanishads, and the
Buddhas are talking about an inner light to remove the inner darkness. In spite of the light outside we stumble upon sometimes. In spite of the light outside we make accidents. In spite of all knowledge of the science we bombarded Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We have to also assume things for something called the inner darkness. Don’t say why we have to assume things? We never ask this question to our Mathematics teacher. To learn Mathematics we have to assume certain things. 

The Vedas and Upanishads term this inner darkness as Ego or “Ahankara”. How to disperse this inner darkness then? This is also a pertinent question. This question may arise any time. Let it arise. If the question has not arisen yet then there is no problem. Just enjoy your life and move on. There is no need to worry at all. It is only for those who have asked this question. It is only for those who have this question on hand.  

Let us assume that there is an inner darkness. This inner darkness is termed as unconsciousness. This inner darkness can be removed by bringing in the inner light. This bringing in of the inner light is termed as consciousness. And just a small light can disperse the darkness of more than thousands of years. It does not matter how big is the darkness. It does not matter how big is the unconsciousness. It may be an accumulation of millions of lives. It also does not matter how small is the consciousness. It does not matter how small is the light. A small candle of light can light-up thousands of big candles. And it may still does not lose light. This is the power of light. This is the power of the consciousness. And this is the power of knowledge and wisdom.