Enlightened Leadership Quotient

We all exist at four levels: Body, Mind and Heart. The fourth is called the Being. In the ancient Indian scriptures it is called 'Turiya'. It simply means the fourth. The fourth is our very center. It has no other name. We can use many names to indicate the fourth. We can call it the soul. We can call it the self. This is the very center of our being. The three layers are: Physical, Intellectual and Emotional. The fourth, the very center, is spiritual. The body is only an outer layer. The body is only a periphery of the inner. Body and mind are not two different things. In fact we perceive them as two different things. If our body is a macroscopic thing, then our mind is a microscopic thing. If our body is gross, then our mind is subtle. In other words, our body is a gross-mind and our mind is a subtle-body. The body is only an outer cover or a shell. Beneath the cover lies the subtle body, the mind. And below the mind lies a further subtle layer of the heart. And the very center of our being is the soul or the self. Spirituality is a path of diving deep in our own inner being. It is a process of experiencing the whole being at these three levels. It is an inner journey. It is an inner process of change and transformation. It is the process of a qualitative change. Enlightenment is the experience the center of our being. Enlightenment is the experience of the soul. Spirituality is a world that is endless. It begins but it has no end. It begins from the Body, which is a periphery of our center. We again come back into the world after the enlightenment but as different human beings. There is a lot of difference between the 'before' and the 'after'. The 'before' was without enlightenment and the 'after' is with the enlightenment. This difference is infinite. But this difference is subjective. This difference can not be measured. This difference can only be felt within your own inner being. It is an inner journey and an inner experience.    

Just look at a coconut. The hard cover or the shell is only the periphery of the coconut. The subtle, sensible and sweet part is deep inside. As we go deep inside, it is more subtle and sweet too. In a similar way take the example of any other fruit, say an orange. The orange peel is only an outer layer. The sweetness of the orange is much deep inside. Below the peel lies the sweetness of the orange. The existence has worked intelligently so that the outer exists only to protect the inner. The outer exists only to safeguard and preserve the inner. Therefore, our body is nothing but an outer protection of the inner soul. The body and soul are not two different and separable things. We are body and soul together, as one integrated being. The further deeper or subtle layers of our body are the mind and the heart. It becomes further difficult to understand and experience the deeper mysteries of these two layers. In the mind we exist at the level of our thoughts. And in the heart we exist at the level of our emotions. Our thoughts are like the waves floating in the ocean. There are both positive and negative thoughts. The ocean appears stormy and turbulent when the stormy waves are colliding with each other and making lot of noise. The same ocean appears calm and settled when the stormy waves disappear. The mind is in stress and tension when there is a clash of thoughts in the mind. The mind becomes calm, composed and peaceful when the mind is free from the collision of thoughts. Negative thoughts create more stress and positive thoughts create less stress. When we are in positive thoughts the whole journey of life appears to be safe and smooth. We feel confident of sailing through the journey of life. We are sure of the boat to reach the other shore of the ocean. We have started our journey from one shore and we are now absolutely sure of reaching the other shore. The mind is now clear and has a clarity. The mind is now calm and has no confusion. Therefore, a peaceful mind is a mind of clear vision. The same is the story of our emotions. The emotions in our heart are like the clouds in the sky. The emotions are floating around here and there in the sky of the heart. Just look into the word 'emotion'. The very word emotion is indicative of something that has a motion. The sky called the heart is full of clouds called the emotions. The skies are not clear. The skies are cloudy. Just like how the mind sees the collision of the positive and negative thoughts, in the same way the heart also sees the collision of the positive and negative emotions. We feel tensed and stressed out when our being is full of negative thoughts and negative emotions. This causes burn out and fatigue. Do you know how thunder happens? It happens when a positive cloud comes in contact with a negative cloud. And the same thunder is also responsible for the formation of an ozone layer in the atmosphere. This ozone layer protects us from the harmful and hazardous radiations of the sun. We face a similar thunder in our heart when the positive emotions come in contact with our negative emotions. We experience deeper love and compassion in our heart when it is devoid of negative emotions. When we are angry inside, the same anger surfaces on the body level. And when we are full of love and compassion, the same thing also reflects at our body level. So our body has two layers, one the intellectual layer and the other emotional layer. 

Purifying the thoughts or the intellectual layer is what I call “Intellectual Quotient”. And purifying the emotions or the emotional layer is what I call “Emotional Quotient”. When our intellectual quotient and emotional quotient are in synch and in harmony we experience much greater joy, happiness and bliss in our being. Some psychologists called it a "peak experience". Self enhancement, self knowledge or self actualization is a point of our peak experience. Some call it an omega point. Here in this state we are exactly at the very centre of our being. This centre is our soul. When you are at the very centre of your being, you are at the very centre of the whole existence. We all basically exist at these four layers. One, at body layer, two, at mind layer, three, at heart layer, and four, at spiritual level. That is the physical layer, intellectual layer, emotional layer and spiritual layer. So in our one
physical body there are three more bodies - the intellectual body, the emotional body and the spiritual body. This is how we exist at four levels: action,
thinking, feeling and being. The whole spiritual journey is moving from the outer physical action to thinking to feeling and finally to our being. The Enlightened Quotient or the Spiritual Quotient (SQ) is the sum of our Intellectual Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ). It is just from the point of view of only mathematical expression. Let me just caution that it is not simply a mathematical sum, it is far more beyond that. It is not just an algebraic and mathematical sum. It is rather more organic, natural and conscious phenomenon. 

Spiritual Quotient = Intellectual Quotient + Emotional Quotient 

SQ = IQ + EQ 

SQ is our Happiness Quotient 

Spiritual Quotient

Physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual are not four different compartments. Body is physical. Mind is intellectual. Heart is emotional. The mind should speak what the heart feels. And the body should do what the mind and heart say. Spirituality simply means all these three - the body (physical quotient), the mind (intellectual quotient), the heart (emotional quotient) are in sync with each other and there is absolutely no gap. This oneness is our true being. This is Spirituality. Spiritual Quotient means our Happiness Quotient. Spirituality is the index of our true happiness. Therefore, our Spiritual Quotient (SQ) is the sum of our Intellectual Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ).
Mathematically, SQ = IQ + EQ.
Spiritual Quotient is basically our happiness quotient, which simply means the more happy we are, the more spiritual we are. Taking a lead towards attaining to this very Spiritual Quotient is what I call an Enlightened Leadership. Our body is only an outer protective mechanism. Had there been no outer layer like this, the inner layers would have dried down and died. The most subtle and delicate layers are much deeper and inside. The journey to transform these layers is more sensitive and complicated. Just hypothetically draw a bigger circle and call it a body layer, draw another circle within it and call it a mind layer and further draw another small circle within it and call it a heart layer and the very center of all these concentric circles is your very soul. The very center of our being is our soul. 

In the Zen tradition the Zen Masters have called it a circle of Zen, an enso. The Zen symbol "supreme" is an "enso", a circle of enlightenment. It is a circle of vast space and infinite emptiness. A Zen student asked the Zen Master Isan for a gatha expressing enlightenment. Isan refused saying, "It is right in front of your face, why should I express it in brush and ink?" The student not satisfied with the answer then asked Kyozan, another Zen Master, for something substantial and concrete. Kyozan drew a circle on a piece of paper, and said, "Thinking about this and then understanding it is second best; not thinking about it and understanding it is third best." He did not say anything about what is the first best. Nothing can really be said about that "first best". The first best has always been elusive and fleeting. It can only be meditated upon and experienced. It can only be our existential experience. We are that vast circle of infinite emptiness, lacking nothing; nothing less and nothing more. Zen Masters and all Buddhas have always indicated that you are that center. 

The outer is only a reflection of our inner. From the outer to the inner and from the inner to the very center of our being is our ultimate Goal.