Two goals - A Catalyst and a Change Agent

There are two goals possible to every human being. One goal is that of being a butterfly. A butterfly is a true Buddha. A butterfly is a right symbol for an enlightened being. He is a true mystic. Perhaps he has experienced everything that is possible in this life. He has experienced the ultimate experience in this life. But he keeps the experience to himself. He keeps the mystery to himself. He does not want to share it with anybody in the outside world. He is happy and joyous in his own life. He lives as if this whole life is everything to him. He lives every moment in eternity and in the here-now. He is so blissful and ecstatic that you can not even imagine. No one can reckon his joy, his bliss and his ecstasy except he himself. He is walking on the face of the earth like a small innocent child but with full of awareness and consciousness. He is fully aware of his consciousness and he is fully conscious of his awareness. He is just celebrating every moment of his life. To him life is an eternal celebration. He takes full responsibility for his personal change and personal victory. He struggles and sees to it that it happens. This becomes his wish fulfillment and a dream come true. 

It is just like what they say in the management parlance. They say, "If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can, you are right". 

He takes every responsibility for his inner change and goes through the entire process of inner engineering. And out of immense patience and waiting it happens. He finally attains to the ultimate freedom. Yes! One day it has to happen and it happens. Jut to create courage, confidence and inspiration in others he says, "Yes! You can". Just watch the entire life cycle of a butterfly. How it moves from an egg to a caterpillar to a cocoon and finally to a joyful fluttering butterfly. The egg represents a latent potentiality. To transform the same to its actuality is taking the whole responsibility of walking on that journey and making it happen. In one sense each one is a potential Buddha. A child is a Buddha un-awakened and a Buddha is a child awakened. The difference is only of awareness and consciousness and nothing more and nothing less.

The Upanishads have said that the whole existence or universe means the Brahmand. Brahma literally means huge, gigantic, infinite, ever expansive and eternal. The universe has emerged out of the non-universe. The existence has emerged out of the non-existence. The one that has always been there and is eternal is called Brahma. The one that is transcendental and eternal. The one that is neither born nor will ever die. The universe is like a flower holding hundreds of potential seeds. These seeds have all the latent potentiality to become flowers. The scientist say that in the beginning there was nothing and it was all emptiness. All of a sudden there was a huge explosion and out of this explosion the universe is born. That is how the Big Bang theory explains the creation of the universe. And out of this universe we are born. If the universe is a big set then we are a small set. But with a huge difference. When the universe has exploded outside, it has also imploded in us simultaneously. We are also nothing less than the universe. The ocean is a drop of many drops and a drop is also an ocean in the drop. Everything that is there in the outside universe is also there in all of us in some way. We are all nothing less than a miniature universe. But this is only a latent potentiality. We are all immensely capable of that ultimate happening. We also have a capability to explode into our inner, ever growing, expansive and infinite consciousness. This stage is our flowering consciousness. The potential seed has ultimately flowered in its ultimate flowering consciousness. This is the explosion of our consciousness. The by-product of this explosion is immense joy and bliss. This is our nature. The real meaning of the word Religion is our true and innate nature. The Sanskrit word for Religion is Dharma. Dharma means our innate nature. What is our innate nature? Our innate and inner nature is happiness and bliss. We are just happiness and bliss and cannot be anything otherwise. That's why the Upanishads keep on reminding again and again that you are Sat-Chit-Anand. That is, you are Truth, Bliss and Consciousness. Just think of a seed when it flowers. The by-product of its flowering is the fragrance. The moment it flowers, the fragrance emerges and spreads. Where was it? It was hidden in the same seed. It was deep inside, not yet grown and unconscious. It is a by-product of the flowering process and now it is no more in the hands of the flower. Once it emerges it spreads and expands. Same is the case with all of us. When we explode in our Consciousness, the by-product is immense joy, happiness, bliss, clarity and awareness. Our consciousness now does not stop there, it spreads and manifests in many of its other forms like love, compassion, friendliness, togetherness, oneness. 

The very meaning of the word Universe is 'one verse'. That is, one single song. The very objective of this Universe is, we all sing this one song in togetherness. This is being one with yourself and the Universe. For the first time not only you have become one with yourself but you have also become one with the whole Universe. That is why the Upanishads keep on reminding us again and gain that we are Brahma. The Upanishads say, "Aham Brahmasmi". Meaning, I am Brahma and I can not be anything otherwise. You are that ever growing, expansive and infinite consciousness. It is our inner nature. We can only be that which we are made-of. We are all actually made-up of that stuff called consciousness. This is our ultimate possibility. This is our ultimate victory. This is what I call a personal victory. Never forget what Socrates says, "Know Thyself". This has to be our "first-best". Rest all-bests and our second-bests can be seen later. 

A Butterfly represents our Personal Victory. 

The Butterfly is a unique spiritual symbol of personal change and personal success. But will you stop there at your personal victory or think of moving further from there? Even if you do not move and remain with this experience it is enough unto itself. But if you dare to share the same experience with others then you can try to move on to your next goal. If you really wish you can extend that leadership further for many others, then it is worth trying for. This is what is my vision of Enlightened Leadership. Let us keep in mind always what Benjamin Disraeli says. He says, "we are not creatures of circumstance; we are creators of circumstance". If we have created a mess out there it is we who are responsible and nobody else. It is not that God will come tomorrow and correct the whole thing. If He really has to do something He will have to do it through us. He has no other way. If we have trust in ourselves and in Him then He can help us change or at the most He can undo or redo the whole thing. I don't think he believes in the philosophy of undoing and redoing. Let us not blame Him and take the full responsibility on our shoulders. You have to just believe in yourself and have little courage and move on. 

So our next goal in that direction is to extend ourselves from being just Catalysts and try becoming Change Agents. Moving further from being just a catalyst and trying to become a Help, a Coach, a Change Agent is a difficult and an uphill task. It is a greatest challenge. Its a great challenge to extend our joy, happiness and bliss and trying to share it with other friends. This is where I call a Mystic becoming a Master. A Catalyst becoming a Change Agent. Do you know how a catalyst functions? Just imagine this case. There is Hydrogen and Oxygen in abundance in the atmosphere. Why doesn't then these two come together and form water? All of the atmosphere will be water. It will be all water everywhere. The whole earth will be under water. No? But it does not happen that way. There is a mystery behind this chemical reaction or equation. The Hydrogen and oxygen can come together to form water only in the presence of electricity. This chemical reaction is possible only in the presence of electricity. In the presence of electricity these two compounds come together to form water. This presence of electricity under which the reaction takes place, the scientists call it a catalyst. The catalyst helps the reaction to take place. The two compounds under go change in the presence of electricity. But there another mystery to it. That is the catalyst does not under go any change before and after the reaction. Similarly, the same is the case with the reverse reaction. There is water in abundance on earth. There are many oceans and rivers. Why does all the water then do not become Hydrogen and Oxygen. The same is the case even here. The water can not be split into its basic constituents without the help of the catalyst again. That is water can split into Hydrogen and Oxygen only in the presence of electricity. The electricity will again act like a catalyst here. Here again the catalyst does not under go any change neither before nor after the reaction. Here again the presence of electricity acts like a catalyst. A catalyst helps the reaction to take place. Same is the case with a teacher or a spiritual master. This is exactly why Buddha says, "Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared". From being a Mystic to a Master is again a greatest and toughest journey. A mystic has attained to the cosmic joy and there is absolutely nothing lacking. But it is being individualistic. In the sense that you are keeping your inner success, personal victory to just to yourself and not helping others to become successful and victorious. Do you know what is the greatest obstacle here? The Mystic is under an impression that he can not impart the same to anybody. He feels that he has no skill to impart the same to others and hence he remains silent. The difference is his non-participation. His non-collaboration. He only believes in his presence. This also creates another wrong notion in him that is, "since he can not impart the skill nobody else is capable of imparting the same to others". This becomes his biggest bottleneck. And he remains just to himself. He remains 100% himself. He does not lack anything in himself. Let me again repeat this very categorically and caution. He keeps his 1000-petaled lotus experience to himself. And that immensely valuable experience dies in him without it being shared with others. The only difference is of sharing and imparting with others. 

Just imagine a case of honeybees creating honey. Thousands of honeybees collect nectar from various flowers and strive together and collaborate together to create honey for others. Creation of natural honey is one of the greatest supply chain processes that is happening in the nature. It is one of the greatest "value chain" ever created. Let we put whatever efforts, we will not be able to create the same honey in any modern robotic factory. Even if we use any kind of technology, we will not be able to get the same natural honey that is created by the honeybees. This is one of the greatest examples of creating a natural "value". Creating honey is a "value creation" to them. The whole process of creating the honey by the honeybees is a greatest and most complex process of creating a "value". Just think, they not only create it for themselves but they create it for others. They create it less for themselves but more for others. We always talk about the creator of the Universe. We always ask, "Who is the creator of the World?" But we seldom try to create ourselves anything. Let me say this very categorically that the future world does not belong to the competitors but to the creators and innovators. Innovation is of the pure mind and creation is of the pure heart. Competition means creating a "Red Ocean". Creation and innovation means creating a "Blue Ocean". In competition all our energies are focussed on the other. And in creation and innovation all our energies are fully focussed on ourself and not the other. The difference is huge. In 2500 years of past history, we have fought 5000 wars. Every time a Blue Ocean is created, it turns into a Red Ocean sooner or later. It appears that an "Eternal Blue Ocean" is a far distant dream. It is said that 40 years from now at least 40% of the corporations in the present Fortune 500 list will vanish and disappear forever. The Buddhas and the Sages of the Upanishads have always talked about creating a Heaven on earth. Creating an Eternal Blue Ocean means creating this Heaven on earth. Being creative is being next to existence. Being creative is being next to God. Being creative is being next to Godliness. So a Master is a greatest creator. If the Mystic is a great creator, the Master is the greatest creator because he creates many. A Mystic creates himself whereas a Master creates himself and many others. This is the only difference between a mystic and a master, if there is any difference. If a Catalyst is a great creator of a change then a Change Agent is a greatest creator of many such changes. Because the change is taking place everywhere by many. The new change takes the form of a change anywhere, anytime and by anybody. Who would not like to be a part of this change? My strong belief is that each one feels for this change. A Mystic is a value creator and a Master is a value multiplier. If being a Mystic or a Catalyst is a Personal Victory then being a Master or a Change Agent is a Professional Victory. To me, a honeybee is a symbol for being a Master or a Change Agent. The Butterfly is a metaphor for the Mystic and the Honeybee is a metaphor for the Master. Creation of natural Honey by the Honeybees in the nature is one of the greatest phenomenon of team-spirit and team-work. We must all learn the spirit of team work from the Honeybees. Do you know what is the word "TEAM" stands for? It stands for: Together Everyone Achieves More. 

A Honeybee represents our Professional Victory. 

Our ultimate goal has to be creation of that sweet honey. We are all habituated in saying, "Its all Money Honey". We have all become copy cats. We have all been part of a rat race. This is all coming from the ugly past. It is all coming from our past programing. Instead of that let us practice saying, "Honey is Money, Honey". Let this come from the bottom of our heart. Let it be the part of our inner voice. It just requires a small mind-shift. Just a small paradigm shift and the whole thing starts changing. Just a small gestalt and we see a great transformation taking place within us. Unless this inner change, inner transformation takes place there is no possibility of being the creators. We all have to work together, collaborate together to create peace and harmony. Individual peace is different from collective peace. But the collective is not possible unless the individual happens. Professional Victory is not possible unless Personal Victory happens. Let us be the part of that first goal first and then move forward for the second goal. Its all possible. You have to just say with full courage and commitment that it is possible. Let us move from individual change to collective change. Let us move from individual action to global action. 

Yes! You are absolutely right. If you think you can, you can. And if you think positive, you can never go wrong. 

All change is part of nature. Everything is changing and everything is moving. All change and movement is resting on a far bigger principle called the changeless or eternal. The wheel is moving on its axle which is eternally at rest. Look at the galaxies. Scientists say that they are flying apart. Look at the cosmos it is ever expanding. Our body is changing. Our mind is changing. Our thoughts are changing. But our soul is eternally at rest. Everything is changing and moving except the change itself. Let us not confront this change but be part of this change. Because change is eternal and we can't stop this change.