What is Spiritual Leadership?

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Why the Divisions?

When you feel for money, it is Business Leadership. When you feel for Science and Technology, it is Technology Leadership. When you feel for your People, it is Social Leadership. And finally when you feel for your own true Self, and feel for the same spirit within everybody and everywhere, it is Spiritual Leadership. That is why the main goal of Enlightened Leadership is to help secularize all religions, socialize all businesses, remove all technological barriers, and spiritualize all our personal lives. The whole purpose of Enlightened Leadership is to give birth to an organization that bridges all boundaries between business goals, social goals, and spiritual goals. The whole organization with the help of technology should enable people achieve all these goals. What is the goal of any organization? The only goal is of Peak Productivity and Peak Performance. The technology should only be an enabler under the vision of Enlightened Leadership

The Churning of the Opposites

A person may be very rich. He may own many businesses. He may be a business tycoon. But still he may not be happy inside. This has happened to many kings and emperors in the past. Ashoka the Great was an emperor but was still not happy. Something was still missing deep down in his own being. Buddha was a prince and the only inheritor of the whole kingdom of his father. But he was still not happy with the outward riches. His being was hankering deep down for something else - something deeper, something beyond. When he became an enlightened being and a real Buddha, many kings have followed him. King Janaka was a great king of his own time. But he was still unhappy with all his outward richness. Something inside was still missing. The gap was still there. This is how he meets Ashtavakra and makes him his Spiritual Guru. Ashtavakra was just a boy before him. But he makes Ashtavakra his spiritual teacher and one day on his own becomes an Enlightened King. In the recent history this has happened to King Chatrapati Shivaji. His spiritual guru Samartha Ramdas gives him that inner fulfillment. And as a consequence he emerges as a different king. Today in India he is very popularly known as ‘The King who knows. He is very popular in India by this name. Similar thing has happened to many businessmen in the past. During the time of Buddha this has happened to many Businessmen and Kings of his time. And many followed him for his wisdom, awareness and compassion. This may still happen to a millionaire or a billionaire even today. This may happen to any business tycoon today. The thing is, you may have Money but you may not have Moksha. You may have Money but you may not have Mantra. The money can become the Mantra, but it is not the ultimate Mantra. You may have Dollars but you may not have Dhamma. The gap between moksha and money, the gap between dhamma and dollars, and the gap between the inner and the outer creates the tension. And the whole tension is the missing of the opposite. Either the Yin is missing the Yang or the Yang is missing the Yin. Either Shiva is missing Shakti or the Shakti is missing the Shiva. Only oneness gives the ultimate fulfillment. And enlightenment bridges this gap.

The Union of Shiva and Shakti

Somebody may be highly acceptable socially but may not be truly happy inside. Because the social acceptability may be just a borrowed or a bought out thing. Look at the present social status of some businessmen and politicians. All borrowed and bought-out. The social acceptability is not the real one. The social acceptability is not like that of Mother Teresa. It is not like that of Mahatma Gandhi. It is not like that of Nelson Mandela. It may not be like that of Martin Luther King. It may not be like that of Lech Walesa. It may not be like that of Anna Hazare. When it is not real that means something is still missing. All that is borrowed and bought out is not real and is phony. We all need to figure out that missing link. In the supply chain parlance the missing link is the most weakest link. Just look at the whole business game. If there is a demand, somebody will fulfill that demand. A business is nothing but the fulfillment of that demand for a value. And if more money is needed, somebody can even manipulate this demand and supply gap. And a great business can be created in order to fulfill this gap. And you dont have to bother about the law of the land. The law of the land is Caveat Emptor. Let the buyer beware is the law of the land. It appears that demand and supply are the eternal twins of any business. It is just like how Yin and Yang, and Shiva and Shakti are the eternal forces and dualistic manifestations of that one cosmic energy. We can manipulate the demand and supply forces in an economy. This is the worst that can happen in a business and an economy. But we dont have the capability to manipulate the cosmic forces - Yin and Yang, Shiva and Shakti. And in case we are able to manipulate these with the help our science and technology then there can only be a holocaust and a disaster.

The CEO can be an Alchemist

Some businesses today have realized the importance of a social advantage. Look at Facebook. It is a $35 billion dollar worth social networking business today. Yahoo has already been bought by Microsoft for some $30 plus billion dollars. The products, technologies and businesses are slowly becoming social. Look at Google. It is an innovative and emerging technology organization. It is a de facto search engine of the whole world-wide-web. Google has also promised to embed a social layer in all their products. I have heard that Google is going to bring a social revolution called 'Google Me'. I think if there is anyone who can do this, it is Google. Social networking is a next layer to all existing businesses. Social revolution or social acceptability simply means that the people in large numbers are hooked on to the products, technologies, ideas, philosophies and organizations for the sheer joy of being together and growing together. This is how blogs and internet are becoming more and more relevant for the present and the future products, markets and businesses. Some companies are naming a famous social figure as their ombudsman. A great company like Wal-Mart has done this. Social revolution or social acceptability is going to be the next big thing. Even scientists are approaching people and communities for their new scientific projects. They are not approaching the Governments any longer but they are approaching the people, NGOs and social communities. Even science is also becoming a social thing slowly. I was once working with an MNC. And my MD used to say very categorically that the business profit is not just a spreadsheet or power-point presentation. It is not just a simulation based on some historical data. It is not simply a numerical projection of revenue and costs. It is more than creating a strong bonding and social relationships with employees, suppliers, and customers. He used to say that a business is more like a social and psychological phenomenon. If any business has to be successful in the future, it has to become a great social revolution. The whole chemistry and alchemy has to work somehow and there is no other way. The CEO has to be an Alchemist

Buddhahood is our True Nature

When the scientists peeped into the atomic and sub-atomic world what they have discovered is a totally mysterious thing. The whole thing going on there is a great mystery. The ultimate discovery is that the electron is not only a particle but a wave too. The electron has a dual behavior. It has a quantum behavior. That is, it is both a particle and a wave at the same time. This is the nature of the matter. This is the discovery of the metaphysical world. The ultimate discovery is that the electron, proton, neutron, nucleus, empty space, mass, energy and various forces are not different things. They are just illusions of our finite mind. They are the different perceptions of the same reality. And the mystery is that the whole thing is just one interconnectedness. The duality, difference and plurality is only a perception of the mind and an illusion. The scientists and technologists today are trying to bring this mystery in our everyday life by taking the advantage of the mysterious nature of matter. Niels Bohr, a great scientist, has said it long back that the matter can behave mysteriously. It has all the characteristics of behaving in that way. Werner Heisenberg proved experimentally before the whole world this quantum behavior of matter, this mysterious nature of matter. The Buddhas and Zen Masters and the Enlightened Ones have always been saying that we all are both a body and soul together. The body is our exteriority and the soul is our interiority. The body is our circumference and the soul is our very center. The body is like the hardware and the soul is like the software. The body is only a perception and Buddhahood is our true inner reality. The body is our particle nature and Buddhahood is our wave nature. Buddhahood is nothing but the experience of the oneness of the body and the soul. Buddhahood is nothing but the experience of the oneness of our own Being and the Cosmic Being. 

Three States of Matter

There are three states of matter: Analogous, Digital, and Quantum.

Just look at the revolution going on in the digital and information technology world. The scientists and technologists are trying to bring the quantum behavior of matter in our everyday digital gadgets. The whole challenge is to bring that quantum efficiency to the gadgets. Look at the revolution the gadgets have gone through. The first stage was linear or analogous. The second stage is binary or digital. We have broken these two barriers of the matter. We are able to capitalize and take advantage of the two strengths of the matter that is linear and digital. But the third state of the matter is yet far and beyond. That is, the quantum efficiency of matter is still far and beyond. This is not possible with the present matter called the germanium or silicon. The matter that gives us quantum efficiency is yet to discovered and innovated. This is a great challenge !! It is being said in the scientific community that the person who discovers the matter which can give us the quantum efficiency will be the next Tomas Edison. Out of this matter the quantum computers will evolve. And this will be possible one day. This will be the ultimate efficiency of matter. We have the quantum algebra but we do not have a gadget that can perform this calculation digitally. So, quantum computing has to evolve beyond the present silicon. The whole Silicon Valley one day will become a Quantum Valley. Quantum computing means a gadget, beyond silicon, that can store the information in a quantum state. This gives the digital gadget the ultimate efficiency. Quantum efficiency simply means that the binary divisions of information (that is ‘0’ and ‘1’) can be meant to be either ‘0’ or ‘1’ or both at the same time. This is a 360 degree state of the digit. This is a 360 degree state of the memory. This is not possible today with the present silicon. This third state of the matter can be possible in the future because the dual behavior of electron is the most fundamental property of the matter. Therefore, this can be a possibility. 

Enlightened Vision

I wish to correlate this possibility with one mythological legend that happened in India. This legend is part of the epic Ramayana. Rama and his army had to cross the ocean. But how to cross the ocean was a big challenge? Except building a floating bridge there was no other way. They had one architect and his name was Nala. Only Nala had this skill. He was an expert and he possessed this rare skill. He created the blocks of some matter which when dipped in water will float in the ocean after writing Ram on them. This skill and trade secret was known only to him. He was the Technology Architect for this cause at that time. He did not reveal the secret to the masses and the entire army. He simply said, “If you love Ram and have deep trust in him then just write Ram on these blocks and dip them in the ocean to construct the bridge across the ocean and I assure you that because of your love and trust in Ram these blocks will float in the ocean. He actually merged his technological vision with Ramas Enlightened Vision. In the management parlance this is called alignment of goals with the vision. This is how Ram Setu or Adams Bridge was built and came into existence. This way with the help of all a great social and spiritual revolution was brought under Ramas Enlightened Leadership. So anything can be possible if there is a right vision and right action to make that vision possible. Shiv Khera says that a vision without action is a hallucination. I am very confident and hopeful that the quantum efficiency of matter will be possible in the future. The present matter can be transformed. The technology architects will have to figure out the ways and means. This alchemy may come true in the future. Some organizations like IBM, Intel and others are already working in this direction to break this quantum barrier. We have already broken the sound barrier. And one day this quantum barrier will also be broken. 

Inner Transformation

Therefore, to attain to the quantum or optimum efficiency of matter we have to move from linear and binary to quantum. To attain the third state we have to transcend the first two states. Quantum efficiency of matter means the ability to achieve the optimum efficiency of matter. We will then be in a position to do far better operations with the quantum computers. We will be able to do far better predictions. We will be able to predict monsoons. We will be able to predict natural disasters much in advance. And many more unimaginable things are possible. This stage will be the ultimate transformation of the matter. So these are the three states of matter : linear, digital, and quantum. The quantum state is the third state of matter and an optimum efficiency state. But this state will only be helpful for the mechanical world of things. It only means that it will help us use these gadgets for our better living. But who will use these gadgets? And for what purpose? These are the questions of utmost importance. The computers are nothing but the extensions of our mind. The missiles and rockets are nothing but the extension of our hands. The microscopes and telescopes are nothing but the extension of our eyes. The ultimate robots will be our own extensions for doing many more things more efficiently and effectively. Japan is already experimenting with the use of basic robots in our daily living but in a very positive and progressive way. But all these achievements should ultimately facilitate us in our real growth and better living. All these achievements should be life affirmative. They should never go against the nature. All these technological achievements and advancements should conform to the nature and not result in becoming anti-nature. They should complement nature. The achievement of quantum mechanics will be a great breakthrough over classical physics. It is enough to be classical and traditional. We have to invent new ways and new means of doing things in a better fashion. The classical, conventional, and traditional approach will not help us for long. The ‘Control C and Control V factor can not take us farther. Let us think beyond. Let us give some pressure to our minds. Our mind can stretch infinitely. This is where Upanishads proclaim Aham Brahmasmi. But this is fine when it comes to the mechanical world of matter. What about the human beings? What about the organizations? We are all working and interacting with other fellow human beings through the medium of these organizations. This human being, this individual and his organization should also be a subject matter of change and transformation. When the matter can be transformed to this state, why not an individual and the organizations? All organizations and the whole society are made-up of these individuals. The electrons, protons and neutrons are the building blocks of matter. In the same way, individual human beings are the building blocks of a family, community, society, organizations, nations, and the whole world. What about these individual human beings? What about these organizations? The transformation of matter should go hand in hand with the transformation of the individuals and the organizations. To me, IT does not mean only Information Technology but it also means an Inner Transformation and an Inner Tranquility.

Three States of a Society

There are three states of a society: Business, Social, and Spiritual.

Henry Ford says, A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. It should also make individuals and individual leaders. And it should create leaders who can see far beyond into the future. And we must also understand that a leader who does not create better leaders is not a great leader. Leadership should be like a game of relay. The Torch of Leadership and the Light of Leadership should keep on moving from one better hand to other better hands. And also, it should be a distributed leadership. Even some kings in the past have strongly believed in meritocracy. When they found that a prince in heir is not capable and efficient, the affairs of the state have been handed over to the more efficient, effective and capable. So, there are three layers to an organization. These are : Business, Social, and Spiritual. The business goal is nothing but the economic and survival aspect. The profitability is an enduring aspect. That is, the business and the organization needs to grow continuously. But all this is the result of better products, better processes, better individuals and better relationships with employees, suppliers, and customers. The whole landscape of business is fast changing. The businesses and products are transcending this basic layer and becoming more and more social. The economies of scale will be an idea of the past. The new idea will be a social scaling of a business and an organization. The new idea is moving from only a Transactional Leadership to a Transnational and Transformational Leadership. The organizations can no longer be classical, conventional, traditional, and dynastic in their approaches. They need to be dynamic and not dynastic in their styles and approaches. They have to move from the concept of diminishing rate of returns to the concept of accelerating rate of returns. There is a third state to be achieved and that is being Spiritual. The existing organizations and individuals have to transform and transcend these two basic layers to become better and effective individuals and organizations. They have to be the organizations of the future. According to me, the organizations that are planning to move on this path, and those which are actually moving on this path are called New Organizations

Three States of an Individual

There are three states of a human being as an individual: Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual.

When it comes to an individual, again there are three layers. And an individual is a basic building block of the whole society. The three layers in the life of an individual are: Body, Mind and Soul. The individual needs to transcend the first two layers to become Spiritual. This state is the optimum and quantum efficiency state of an individual. What is quantum efficiency when it comes to an individual? It means he is more and more meditative. It means he is more and more aware. It means he is more and more conscious. It means he is more and more a witness. It means he is more and more a loving and compassionate individual. He is not just a part of the memory. He uses his body, mind, and heart for all innovation and creativity. And at the same time does not lose his balance and equanimity. And he celebrates his work and life. He will be more creative and innovative rather than simply being ambitious and competitive. He would be in a far better position to balance his work and life. He will not find conflict between the two. He would be silent, centered, meditative, loving and compassionate. The work will be a worship to him. The Karma will be a Dharma to him. The Work-place will be a Worship-place to him. The journey will be a joy to him. The celebration will be a consciousness to him. His destiny will be his ultimate destination. His soul will be his goal. And his goal will be his soul. He will simply celebrate every moment of his life as a gift of God. Sachitananda will be his true nature. This third state is possible for every individual. It is in fact everybodys birthright. The paradise lost can be reclaimed. Buddha has always been saying that Buddhahood is everybodys birth right. And everybody is a born Buddha. Many Buddhas and Zen masters have always been saying this. Osho has been saying this again and again throughout all his talks and discourses. Many enlightened ones have given different names to this state. Rama and Krishna called it Sthitaprajnya. Buddha calls it Nirvana. Patanjali calls it Samadhi. Osho calls it a state of No-Mind. This state is a state of infinite joy, happiness, bliss, and celebration.

The Matter

Let us peep into the matter. The scientist say that the matter is made of three elements. And these are electrons, protons, and neutrons. These three elements are the basic building blocks of the matter. The electrons are orbiting in the outermost orbit of the atom. The electrons are negatively charged particles. They represent the periphery of the atom. The electrons represent the circumference of the atom. Then comes the center or the core of the atom. The center or the core of the atom is called the nucleus. In the center of the nucleus are the protons and neutrons. The protons are positively charged particles. And the neutrons are the neutrally charged particles. The center of the atom, that is the nucleus, contains the protons and neutrons. The nucleus is the center of the atom. As we move from the circumference to the center the power increases. The core of the atom is an enormous power center. The protons are more powerful than the electrons. And the neutrons are more powerful than the electrons and protons. The story of the atom is still a mystery. We do not yet fully understand the mystery of the atom.

The Man

We do not know how but in some mysterious way the existence transforms the matter to man. Let us peep into the atomic structure of this man called the human being. Let us call this as a psychic structure and not an atomic structure. In the outermost orbit of the psychic structure of man are orbiting the negative thoughts and negative emotions. This layer is the periphery of the human being. This is the circumference of the human being. And the layer below this is a layer of positive thoughts and positive emotions. And a layer further below this is a state of silence. The silence is neither positive nor negative. And in a silent state of our being we experience the soul. And this experience is called Enlightenment. And the power of our being increases as we move towards the center of our being. The positive thoughts and positive emotions are more powerful than the negative thoughts and negative emotions. The silent state is even more powerful than the negative thoughts and negative emotions, and the positive thoughts and positive emotions. The very center of our being is an infinite power center of love and empathy. This center of our being is called the soul. The first layer is called the Tamas. The second layer is called the Rajas. And the third layer is called the Satva. 

The New Man

The churning of these three layers results into a cosmic and spiritual being. And in the process, these three layers are further transformed into Satyam, Shivam, and Sundaram. And this is the state of a spiritual being. The spiritual being is the most natural man ever possible on the earth. He is utterly natural like a child but with full of innocence, intuition, and intelligence. This man is called a New Man.  

The Spiritual Being and Cosmic Being does not mean a Super-human. No. He is the most natural man. He is the one who has utterly become one with the nature. He has become one with the whole. He does not divide his being between this world and the other world. The division is only a perception. The duality is a perception. The non-duality is a reality. Just look at the ocean. There are three states. One state is that the ocean is turbulent. The waves are colliding with each other and making a noise. We can clearly see the waves as separate from the ocean. The waves and the ocean look separate. This separateness is only a perception. Take the second state of the ocean. There are times when the ocean is silent. There is no collision of the waves. And there is no noise also. The ocean is serene and silent. It appears as if the waves and the ocean have merged into each other and became one. The waves have dissolved into the ocean. It is a silent state of the ocean. There is no noise but only silence. And also think of another state. There are waves in the ocean but there is no noise. They are moving but there is no collision. The waves are moving with a synchronicity. The movement appears like a music. The waves flow in a melody. There is a symphony. There is a movement and there is no noise. There is a movement and also there is a melody. This is the third state. This state is like the state of a Cosmic Being.

The same is the case with the ocean of our mind. The mind is like a factory that produces thoughts. In the ocean of the mind the thoughts are floating. The thoughts are like the waves. The waves of thoughts are of many kinds. There are negative thoughts. There are positive thoughts. There are neutral thoughts. These thoughts collide with each other like the collision of the waves in the ocean. This collision creates a stress and strain in the ocean of the mind. This clash of thoughts gives rise to many problems in the form of worry, anxiety, stress, tension, jealousy, longing, regret, guilt, etc. And also, there are times when we have a glimpse of the silent state of the mind. This happens sometimes when we have woken-up from our sleep. This happens sometimes when we look at the sunrise or the sunset. This happens sometimes when we look at the rains. This happens sometimes when we look at the beautiful rainbow. This happens sometimes when we watch the small children playing. This happens sometimes when we are sitting alone in a garden under the shade of a tree. And these are very rare moments. But they give only a glimpse of the silent state of the mind. These moments are for a short time. And what is lacking is a permanent state? This is possible when we silently watch the activity of our mind. The silent watching of the mind is called Dhyana or Meditation. But the watching has to be without any categorization. Dont tag. Dont categorize. Dont say good. Dont say bad either. Simply watch !! And watch passively. This watching grows and grows. This becomes witnessing. And in the process of witnessing, a silent state of the mind is attained. In this silent state of the mind, the utility and futility of the turbulent state of the mind is recognized. This leads to a third state. Now there is a synchronicity. There is a music. There is a melody. There is a symphony. The thoughts are still and there is no noise. The earlier mind which was a like a chatter-box becomes like a musical instrument. The chaotic mind becomes a cosmic mind. The outcome of this mind is a melody. The mind has two states. One state was creating a noise. The other is creating a melody. The witnessing state of the mind takes over. The thoughts are still moving but they have lost their impact on our consciousness. The consciousness is pure and without any content and contamination. All the thoughts have dissolved in the consciousness. The witnessing mind eventually becomes a pure consciousness or Shuddha Chetana. This state is most blissful. This state is our true nature. This is the state of a Sachitananda. That is, the one who has attained to Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss.

We have again become like a child. There is innocence but with full of awareness and consciousness. This is the birth of a New Man. The New Man is gifted with three God given skills - Innocence, Intuition, and Intelligence. Let us not forget the anecdote that had happened in the life of Jesus Christ. Somebody asks Jesus Christ as to who can inherit the kingdom of God that he talks about. Jesus Christ picks-up a child and says, “The one who is like a child. Please understand what he says very clearly. He says, “The one who is like a child. He says one who is like a child and not the child. The difference between a Buddha and the child is that of the degree of awareness and consciousness. Buddha has again become like a child but with full of awareness and consciousness. 

Let us take a quantum leap to our quantum consciousness. Hey look !! The New Man has already arrived !! What a new dawn?