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What is the Purpose of Life?

Many people ask, what is the objective of life? They always ask, what is the purpose of life? This is basically a wrong question. When I say a wrong question I don
t really mean that. In fact no question is wrong. All questions are right. Only the answers are either right or wrong. Life is really a big process of Q & A. If you see it from the side of life, what objective life can have? Life in itself is objective-less and purposeless. If you see it from the side of life it is purposeless. The very objective of life can at the most be more life, deeper life and richer life. What becomes most important then is to know what is our objective out of this life that has been made available to us by existence or God. Have we really attained to this life? Have we really become alive? Has our consciousness penetrated deep into our own life? Has our life become more richer and deeper? Are we in tune with our being? Have we become sensitive enough to feel the pulse of our life? Do we breath in harmony with the cosmos? Do we feel the pulse of the cosmos? Does our heart beat pulsate in tune with the heart beat of the whole Universe? Are we alive with the cosmos? These are the essential questions that we need to ask to actually know the objective of life and lifes objective for us. These are the inquiries that we need to make in order to know what is our objective out of this life. Our only objective is to attain to the juices of this life. Our objective is to attain to the music of this life. Our objective is to attain to the love of this life. Our objective is to attain to the life of love. Somebody has said, Lifes purpose is the Life of purpose. To me the very objective of LIFE is: Living intensely for Enlightenment. Enlightenment is the fulfillment of our life. It is the flowering of our life. This is the faith that we need to have in life. We need to trust life. Just remove that F and just remove that “For and see. Life would become a pure lie without any direction, purpose, and destiny. People also ask, is there life after death? To me, this is also a question from a wrong direction. My take on this is that if there is no life before death then it is 100% certain to have life after death. Enlightenment is our life enrichment. It is our life enhancement. It is our life fulfillment. It is trying to make our life rich within and without. 

There are four layers to our being. And they are: Doing, Thinking, Feeling, and Being. The existence has created us in such a way that we have to pass through all these four layers to know our real self. We have to move from one stage to the other. And there is no scope to override and overstep. We have to move from doing to thinking and to feeling. All our doing through the body is the manifestation or effect of our thinking and feeling. All our thinking and feeling reflects in our doing. Thinking is a part of our mind. Our mind produces thoughts. The movement of thoughts in the inner space of the mind create either tension or relaxation. Thoughts moving in the inner space of the mind can either be positive or negative. Negative thoughts create stress and tension. And positive thoughts create relaxation. Below the mind is a very subtle layer of emotions. The emotions send the signal to the mind. The feeling emotions of the heart fire signals to the mind through the neurons. The mind is a place where feelings are surfaced in the form of thoughts. The emotions moving in the heart are either negative or positive. Negative emotions transform and manifest into negative thoughts. And positive emotions transform and manifest into positive thoughts. Negative emotions create stress. And positive emotions create a state of feeling good. Positive thoughts give relaxation. And all that we do through our body is an effect of what we think and what we feel. And throughout our life we go through the churning of these thoughts and emotions. And with the help of Meditation or Dhyana we attain to a fourth stage called the “Being. Our real being has always been blissful and eternal. It has always been young and virgin. This territory has always been like the innocence of a child. In the silent state of our mind we experience our true being. And this being has always been blissful. The only difference between a Buddha and an innocent child is that of the degree of awareness and consciousness. Buddha is aware of his innocence whereas the child is unaware and unconscious of his innocence. The child has to pass through all these layers and finally become fully aware and conscious of his innocence. Now his innocence is not that of a child. It is innocence plus awareness. It is innocence plus consciousness. The whole difference is that of the degree of awareness and consciousness and this difference is infinite. The only difference between a Buddhu and the Buddha is that of Enlightenment. The mind of the Buddhu is filled with the darkness of ignorance and the mind of the Buddha is filled with the light of Enlightenment. And this difference is infinite. It is completing a full circle. It is arriving home. One has reached his goal. Now there is nowhere to go. This state is eternal. It is unborn and immortal. Nothing can be added to this state and nothing can be removed from this. It can only be known. It can only be felt. And it can only be experienced. Somebody asks Jesus Christ as to who can enter into the kingdom of his God. He says that only those who are like the children. He does not say children but he says those who are “like the children. Yes !! This land belongs to those who have become like a child again but with full of awareness and consciousness. It is innocence returned. It is innocence reclaimed. It is a reclamation of the lost territory. It is completion of a full cycle. It is a home coming. It is a gift of God. It is a “Prasada. In that very moment we are blessed. And the outcome and by-product of this state is infinite joy and happiness. This state the Upanishads called the state of a Sachitananda. Thats why the Upanishads have said that we are human beings in our physical form and we are also divine beings in our spiritual form. We have two dimensions: Physical and Spiritual. It is just like an electron which is both a particle and a wave at the same time. In the same way we are a human being in our physical form and also a divine being in our spiritual form at the same time. 

In our physical form we perceive that we are nothing more than a human being and we have lots of limitations. But a conscious person who is fully aware of his inner being is nothing less than a divine being. The seer or the God resides in the temple of our being. Physically it is God in its human form and spiritually it is the human in its divine form. The Upanishads proclaim and say, “Aham Brahmasmi. That is, we are nothing less than the Brahma. That is, we are that infinite consciousness. Our real nature is that being a Sachitananda. That is, we are truth, consciousness, and bliss. The whole existence is Divine. God or divinity means the whole existence, that is, the seen and the unseen both. God means existence and existence means God. There is no other separate God separate from the whole existence. The whole Universe is alive and breathing. It is a thinking and feeling Universe. The whole Universe is a life in itself. We are a small life within a big life. It is like a small program embedded in a big program. When truth or Sat exploded in the form of an Universe it has also imploded in us completely without any short-coming. The Upanishads call it “Brahmand, meaning an egg or seed of Brahma or the Universe. Brahma means huge, gigantic, infinite, and ever expanding. This is the nature of the Universe that it is infinite and ever expanding. Each human being is a small miniature Universe. It is like a small sphere in a big sphere. It is like a big sphere holding a small sphere. It is like a mother holding her child in her bosom with lots of love and care. We are like a small growing child in a mothers womb. If the whole Universe is a big flower then we all are like small potential seeds being hold together by the same flower. And the same possibility is there to all these small potential seeds. If they choose, if they wish, they can explode in their inner consciousness. The inner Big Bang is possible. The realization of the explosion of this inner consciousness is called Enlightenment. Enlightenment is the explosion of an Inner Light. Enlightenment means the illumination of the darkness of our unconsciousness with the explosion of the inner light. Osho says that enlightenment is a sudden opening to all the mysteries of life and remaining nothing. It is an ultimate bliss and benediction. The outcome of this enlightenment is that we are blessed with blissfulness. The joy, happiness, love and compassion is unbound and infinite. We have no other choice but to be grateful and have a deep gratitude towards God or existence. The other possibility is that we have no other option but to share it again with the whole existence. This is our choice and a choice-less choice. Our only purpose and objective is to flower in our own consciousness. This flowering is our true being. This is our innate nature. We cant add anything to our true nature. We can only realize and remember our true and innate nature.  

Let us just listen wholeheartedly to what Osho says, “To know that music is to know the soul. When a man comes to know his inner music within himself, he comes to know the soul; and when he comes to know the music hidden within the whole, he comes to know the divineThis is the only purpose of our life, if there is any purpose.