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Mission, Vision, and Values

Before coming to the mission, vision and values statement, let me share with you how this portal has actually come into existence. I think when we understand the evolution, we understand the very purpose behind the evolution. This is my strong understanding. When we understand Gods creation, we understand God’s intention. There must be a vision behind the creation. One day I was just thinking if I can really create anything. I have no money and I have no capital. I am neither a capitalist nor a technologist. What the hell can I create? But one thing was very sure and certain and that is, I can think and imagine. And Albert Einstein says that imagination is more powerful than knowledge. He also says, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. An idea is born. But can I put this idea into an action? Let me see ! I was pondering, contemplating and meditating on this. One thing hit me very hard. What is it that we do day in and day out? What is it that we do every moment of our life? Every moment of our life we move from ‘No to ‘Yes and sometimes from ‘Yes to ‘No’. We move from indecision to decision. We move from unconsciousness to consciousness. We move from darkness to light. We move from ignorance to knowledge. The same is the case with the world of computers and information technology. The geeks and nerds would agree with me. The whole working of the computers and the movement of the information through them is a continuous and simultaneous ‘On and ‘Off thing. The digital information signal is a continuous and simultaneous move from 1 and 0‘On is creation and Off is non-creation. ‘On is information and Off is no-information. ‘On is life of information and ‘Off is death of information. On and off is a breathing of the computer. It is just like how we breath in and breath out every moment to be alive. According to Tantra breathing in is life and breathing out is death. Each moment of our life we decide and we choose. Please let me make it very clear that our indecision is also our decision. Our ignorance is also our decision. Our ignorance is also our choice. So basically we have no other choice but to choose and decide every moment of our life as to what is good for us. In this process we move from one thought to another. We move from one concept to another. We move from one philosophy to another. We move from one value to another. We continuously analyze, rationalize, synthesize and choose what is good and better for us. We basically move from one choice to another. Choice and only choice becomes our choice-less choice. This is our true nature. In the ancient Indian context this is called duality. This way we take initiation, we take lead and we take responsibility to decide what is good and what is better for us. This way we try to find out what is actually stored for us. This way we lead our own lives. It seems the ultimate guiding light is somewhere deep within us. And eventually, if we are successful in leading our own lives, we may try to see if this can be helpful to others. This is what our parents, brothers, teachers, bosses and Gurus are doing. This is 100% true both for our personal and professional lives. Vow ! Leadership !! An idea is born. 

What did I do next? I went straight on
Google and typed the word Leadership. My God ! It gave me 110 million links. Google is a great Guru really. I am a great fan of Google. All the kudos to the guys working out there in Google day in and day out and creating best of the technologies and tools for the whole world. Google is a great Guru because Google is innovative and creative. G for Genius, G for Guru and G for God. Oh my God !! God is genius because God is a great Guru. Most of the time during the whole day and night I do only two things: I giggle and I Google. I giggle just to know why I Google. May be I am crazy. Then I started searching and moving from one link to another on this topic called “Leadership. Millions of links and still growing. Such a vast is the world wide web. And this space is growing every moment by leaps and bounds. It is like the cosmos. This whole world wide web is actually a digital representation of our minds and thoughts. It is a gigantic network of our thoughts in digital action. It is a digital nervous system of the whole world. The whole world wide web is actually moving our thoughts @ the speed of light. I was a bit perplexed and astonished too. In the sense that the idea, the product, the value that I was looking for already exists in millions of links. What the hell? What a competition? What is it that I can do to be different? In the corporate parlance it is called “Creating a differentiation. And they say that differentiation is a key and a winning edge. Differentiation is a leadership edge. How can I be different from the rest of the competition? This seems to be the whole strategy of all the organizations in the world. Sometimes this idea becomes stronger and stronger that we are actually not buying any products or services but we are actually buying values. We dont exchange prices. But we do actually exchange values. Old values die and new values come into existence. The whole competition is that the old values fight with the new values. Our whole focus has to be in creating and innovating new values rather than creating a competition. Leadership simply means to be always ahead of the competition. Creating and innovating new values means creating blue oceans. The whole world wide web is actually a content. The whole purpose of the information technology is actually to move this content. It looks really very strange how everything comes out of nothingness. Upanishads say that everything comes out of nothingness and eventually everything moves into nothingness. Buddha called it Nirvana. Our content is basically our intent. Our intent is our content. Our content can never be creative unless our intent is intuitive and imaginative. One of the objectives of Enlightened Leadership is to fulfill this intent of contentment. I just love the following quote of the unknown: 

Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have. 

While surfing thousands of links on leadership, I realized that leadership is a great responsibility and a great choice towards finding new answers, new solutions and new meanings to various challenges that the new world is facing everyday. Everything is fast changing. And all change is part of nature. We must also change and never go against this change. We must change our old thoughts and old philosophies. We must change our old values. We must also create new values. Change from negative thoughts to extremely positive ones. Move from negative emotions to extremely positive ones. For every negative thought and negative emotion coming up, immediately put forth an extremely positive one to confront and conquer. Believe me YOU will win and it will be your ultimate victory. Everything is changing except the change itself. Let us not confront this change but be a part of this change. The Dhammapada says: 

No one whose thoughts are only of this world can be a follower of the awakened. All things in this world are changing, but enlightenment remains forever. 

# 1 Site in Google Search

Enlightened Leadership is a # 1 Site in Google Search Results. Just within a period of eight months “Enlightened Leadership occupies its position in the very first page of the Google search results. It is not only on the first page of the Google search results but it is also a FIRST link from the very top. Thank you Google Bot and Thank you Google Crawler. Thank you viewers and thank you readers. What a technology? Seeing is believing

Every leadership will always give rise to another critical issue. Leadership is okay but the real issue is, what kind of leadership? This takes us to the other dimension of leadership. That is, the type of leadership or the quality of leadership. The quality of leadership is an important dimension. Right? Leadership is only a noun to me. All nouns are useless and dead without the right adjective before them. The critical issue is: Is it Rama or Ravana? Rama is nothing but an Enlightened Ravana. So I am more interested in the right adjective. There can not be any greater quality than being spiritual. Then I started contemplating and meditating on this quality of leadership. In a split of a second another thought flashed. Enlightenment! Vow !! This word appears to be a mysterious one. Enlightenment indicates a far greater awareness, a higher consciousness, and a deeper understanding of anything and everything. A new value emerged. Enlightened Leadership !! Yes, absolutely a new value. Buddha is a word that is not indicating only of Gautama Siddhartha. Buddha simply means an enlightened one. Buddha simply means an awakened one. It can be anybody. If one can make that choice, it can be you, me or anybody. Buddhahood or enlightenment is everybodys birthright and it is nobodys copyright. I again went on Google and searched for Enlightened Leadership. This again gave me 0.26 million links in the digital space. What a great competition? That is really a good sign. A healthy competition is always a good thing. Otherwise no better thing is ever going to be possible. No better idea will ever emerge. No better value will ever come into existence. But the whole gestalt has to be of creation and innovation and not of competition. Competition is an old adage. Creation is a new thing. If anything has to stay and sustain, it has to be absolutely fresh and new. Competition always gives rise to a Red Ocean whereas creation and innovation gives rise to a Blue Ocean. Our ultimate goal has to be to create a Blue Ocean. This is the vision of Enlightened Leadership

The idea of Enlightened Leadership slowly started taking shape in my mind and heart. Nothingness is not just nothingness. Something always comes out of nothingness. Nothingness is formless. And some form always comes out of the formless. It seems nothingness has always been empty and full at the same time. I have always been a professional Supply Chain Specialist. The objective of a supply chain specialist is not only to fulfill a demand but also to create a demand. I always strongly believed in lean manufacturing, just-in-time, and six sigma philosophy. That is how I gave a new meaning and new outlook to the whole world of SCM - Supply Chain Management. To me SCM means to Source, Create, and Market. Thats it. It is short, sweet, and sexy. I wanted to manufacture my product, Enlightened Leadership, as fast as I can. I quickly sourced my raw material, that is, my words and thoughts. Then I created the product with deep contemplation and meditation. And then started marketing and distributing the product by shipping it in the digital space at the speed of light and its absolutely free. Free !! Of course and without any taxes. This product, thought, idea, philosophy or value is very much before you now. And this idea is fast traveling in the digital space @ the speed of thought. And these thoughts are being propelled and accelerated by the internet @ the speed of light. Albert Einstein says that nothing travels faster than light. This is a theory of objective reality. Thoughts travel more faster than light. This is a theory of subjective reality. And consciousness does not travel anywhere. There is no place for it to travel. It is everything and everywhere. This is where Buddha says, Appo Deepo Bhava, be a light unto yourself. This philosophy of Enlightened Leadership is also growing every moment and every second by leaps and bounds. I am of this strong belief that if anything has to stay and sustain, it has to be absolutely new, afresh, lively, innovative, and creative. I am basically of this conviction that anything that is built on the foundations of a wrong philosophy will crumble sooner or later. And anything that is innovative and creative will win the test of time. It is said that in the next 40 years at least 40% of the present Fortune 500 companies will vanish and disappear forever. I am all for the eternal present and the eternal future. I dont care about the dead past. That is why my whole emphasis is NOW and in the moment and not then. Now and in the moment is my domain. It is NOW and HERE and not THEN and THERE. If the NOW has any value, it will take care of its own future. A better value will emerge out of it on its own accord. But the focus and emphasis has to be in the present always. The idea is very much before YOU to judge and find any value in it. This is my small effort in that direction. This is my MISSION and this is my passion. This is my action and this is my VISION. This is my faith, this is my VALUE, and this is my dream. And this is my truth. Enlightened Leadership is a vision of Total Leadership. In India they say Dur Drishti, meaning distant vision. And the Upanishads talk of Divya Drishti, meaning divine vision. The ultimate vision is that of the Divine Vision. That is, the Divine Vision is the Distant Vision. And the purpose of all vision is to see the invisible.

The mission of Enlightened Leadership is to: 
  • Help individuals unlock their hidden untapped energies and take a quantum leap to attain to their true potential. 
  • Help individuals grow in personal change and personal mastery. 
  • Train, educate and help organizations and its people in performance management, productivity, motivation, and leadership through value based programs and workshops.
The mission of Enlightened Leadership is five dimensional (M power 5, M^5): Educating, Enhancing, Energizing, Enchanting, and Enlightening.

The vision of Enlightened Leadership is to: 
  • Help individuals in personal change and management. 
  • Help individuals in personal and professional mastery. 
  • Help people and organizations in becoming productive, innovative, and creative resources of the society and the whole world at large.
The ultimate vision is to be the most admired Enlightened Leadership portal and web-resource in the whole world wide web. We have a two dimensional (V square, V^2) vision of being Local and Global. And the ultimate vision is of being “Glocal. To be Glocal means to be a unique blend of being local and global. The whole endeavor is to explain the leadership concepts and philosophy as India-centric and also globally relevant. 
The value statement of Enlightened Leadership is to: 
  • Create values that will help individuals and organizations to become catalysts and change agents of the new society and the new world. 
  • Help individuals and organizations to work towards greater responsibility, higher awareness, and unlimited freedom. 
  • Help individuals and organizations to secularize all our religions, socialize all our businesses, remove all technological barriers, and be spiritual in all our personal and professional lives. 
  • Help and participate in creating and also being a part of a new world, new humanity, and new religion
  • Help individuals, organizations, societies, communities and nations in moving towards, and building a common theme and framework for one world, one humanity, and one religion.
The ultimate value of Enlightened Leadership is three dimensional (V cube, V^3): Trust, Transparency, and Truth.

Let us contemplate and meditate on the following saying of Buddha:
All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him.

Therefore, the ultimate vision of Enligtened Leadership is to, LEARN TO LEAD AND LEAD TO LEARN BETTER. The ultimate goal is of a better leadership and Enlightened Leadership. The ultimate goal is of a better living and Enlightened Living. And the ultimate goal is of a better world and an Enlightened World.