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Change is Eternal

It was Charles Darwin who said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change. This must be true when it comes to the species. Where are the Dinosaurs today? They have become extinct from the existence. What is happening to the Tigers? They are also on the journey of their extinction. Hardly a thousand plus are left. One day they will also disappear the same way the Dinosaurs have. What is the reason? They are not ready to change with the change that is taking place in their ecosystem. They are rigid and against the change. They are not able to cope with the change. Who is the King of the jungle today? Obviously, the Tiger ! What will happen once the tigers have become extinct? Who is going to be the next King of the Jungle? Who is the next strongest animal after the Tiger? The next King of the Jungle would be the Elephant. When compared to the Tiger the Elephant is totally a different animal. First and foremost, it is a vegetarian animal. That means it can be our wrong belief to think that only non-vegetarian food can give us strength. This could also mean that if we are living with some wrong beliefs they could become dangerous to our survival. This appears to be true logically. Where are all our Kings and Emperors? Where are they today? Only four kings are left in the pack of 52 playing cards. And do you know what? One of them looks like a queen. If you dont believe me, please look at them closely next time while playing the cards. One can not remain an emperor forever. Kings become beggars and beggars become Kings. And sometimes the Kings and the Emperors disappear forever. The whole history has taken note of this. This is how the whole life is. Life is very mysterious. Who can predict the end of endless change of things? That means we cant cling to our wrong beliefs, wrong notions and wrong ideas. That means we can not hold on to one specific idea forever. This is the very nature of change. 

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It is said that in the event of a nuclear explosion, the last species to survive will be the cockroaches. This looks surprising to us but it is a fact. All species including the human life will be extinct except the cockroaches. That means it is a very clear indication that if the human species are to survive, the nuclear explosion and the nuclear proliferation is not desirable. That means for the survival and prosperity of the humanity, any kind of violence is unwarranted. It becomes counter productive. It becomes antithesis to our existence. That means only peace could be the most desirable choice. Vince Lombardi says, “Lifes battles dont always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can. Please remember, the man who thinks. That means a thought is a very important thing. That means a thinking process is very important. That means contemplation is very important. That means meditation is very important. That means wisdom is very important. A thought precedes wisdom and the wisdom succeeds the thought. That means if change is a choice, that change is possible only to those who can think wisely. That means survival is possible to the wisest. That means change is possible to those who can think and ponder. That means the change is for the wisest. There is a hidden wisdom in what the existence is telling us through the cockroaches. What is that wisdom? The existence is telling us that the cockroaches are more wiser than the human beings. What the existence telling us is that our own creation, the nuclear weapons, is going against ourselves. It is our own destruction. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the good examples. The cockroaches are telling us that the human life will be at stake and not the very source of life itself. Knowing this life eternal will be a part of our change and a part of our wisdom. That means the creation of our nuclear weapons is going against our very survival. Our very survival and existence is in a great danger. That is, our own creation is becoming our own destruction. That means violence of any kind is not a wisdom. That means our own current belief of wisdom is going against our very survival. Hence a change !! This is where Jonas Salk talks about the survival of the wisest.

Change is Individual !!

There was a bright young man. He was just 30 years old. He wanted to change the whole World. He tried his best. He worked hard. But he could not change the World. He was now 40 years old. And he almost lost 10 years in changing the World. He has now decided to change his own Country instead of changing the whole World. He again works hard for this. But nothing really changes. He again fails. He has almost lost another 10 years in this process. He is now 50 years old. He now decides to change a State within his own Country instead of changing the whole Country. He works very hard on this endeavour too. But unfortunately he fails on this venture too. He is now 60 years old. He lost another precious 10 years of his life. He now decides to change his District within his own State. He tries his bit here too. He works very hard but of vain. He fails again. He loses another 10 years in this. He is now 70 years old. Now he decides to change his City. He again tries very hard for this change. But he fails again. He again loses another 10 years in the whole process of change. He is now 80 years old. Now he decides to change his own Family. He again works very hard for this. He again fails. He loses another 10 years of his life in this process of change. He is very old now. And he is frustrated too. He has failed at everything. All dream of changing the whole world has come to an end. He is now 90 years old. He is at the very fag end of his life. Now he takes on a new dream. He wants to change Himself. He wants to change his own Self. Will he succeed? 

The point is not that. The point is not of a failure or a success. The point is of finding a right goal. Now he found his right goal. It does not matter if he fails. It is a beautiful journey even if he fails. All change is Individual. You can change only if you want to. And nothing can change if you don’t want to. And ultimately the real change is an inner change and not an outer change. I can change my clothes. But this is not an indication of my inner change. The real change has to happen from within. You can not change the collective. The collective is just a set of individuals. The collective changes as a consequence of an individual change. And at the heart of everything is a change that is individual.

Do you know? Between a man and a butterfly there is necessarily a great barrier. And that barrier is of transition. And that transition is called a metamorphosis. It is a rebirth. A caterpillar changes to a butterfly, but a man becomes an animal again. I think this is where Charles Dickens says, “I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free. Monkey to Man is an evolution, and a Man to New-Man is a revolution. Man to New-Man is that possible change. Man to New-Man is that choice. This choice of change is something new and exciting. Change for the good. Change for the growth. Change for the better. Change for the new. Change for the change. Change for the new birth and new life. In the Upanishads they call us “Dwij. Dwij means twice born. One is the physical birth that has already happened through the parents. And the other is the metaphorical birth. Something old in us dies and something new is born again. Old beliefs die. Old concepts die. Old dogmas die. Old thoughts die. Old principles die. Old convictions die. Old resolutions die. Old philosophies die. And this gives place for something new in us. All change is giving birth to something new in us. Have you ever seen a snake coming out of its old skin? It slips out of its old skin and comes into a new one. It looks afresh, new and rejuvenated. To me this is what is exactly meant by the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. His crucifixion is a great metaphor for this change. That means, we will have to crucify all that is old in us. All the past has to die to give birth to something new. The resurrection is possible only through this crucifixion. The ignorance has to be crucified to give birth to wisdom. And Jesus carrying his cross means each one of us has to carry his own responsibility. Jesus carrying his cross is a great metaphor for taking this responsibility for change. And each one has to carry this responsibility of change. This responsibility can not be passed on to somebody. And each one owns it. All change is for the new dawn. All change is for the rising sun. All change is for the new fortunes. All change is part of the nature. Everything is changing and everything is moving. Everything is changing except the change itself. All change and movement is resting on a far bigger principle called the changeless or the eternal. The wheel is moving on its axle which is eternally at rest and relaxation. Just look at the galaxies? The scientists say that they are flying apart. Just look at the cosmos? It is ever expanding. The scientists even say that it is accelerating. Our body is changing. Our mind is changing. Our thoughts are changing. But our soul is eternally at rest. Let us move from the ever changing to the ever changeless. Let us welcome this change. Let us not confront this change. Let us not say no to this change. Let us be part of this change. All change is a choice between the old and the new. Let us be the catalysts of this change. And let us be the change agents of this choice. 

Managing and Implementing Change

Managing and implementing change is a corporate diagnosis for a complete overhaul of the corporate culture. It is peeping into the whole organization as an organic and non-linear entity and finding out ways and means to remove the Butterfly Effect from the very root so that performance and productivity can be set on an auto-growth path. It can be implemented at basically three levels: Individuals, Teams, and the Organization as a whole. The implementation of change at individuals helps in making powerful individuals. The implementation of change at the Team level helps an organization in making powerful Teams. And implementing change at the Organization level helps in making powerful Organizations. Effective leadership leads to effective and powerful Individuals. Effective and powerful individuals make effective and powerful Teams. Effective and powerful teams make an effective and powerful organization. This is the power of change management. Changing methods, changing policies, changing procedures, changing attitudes and changing aptitudes is the result of an effective leadership. The net result of all this change is powerful and performing individuals and teams. The net effect of all this is the result of organizations which are performing at optimum productivity. This is what is called a quantum jump to Quantum Performance.

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Harold Wilson says, 
“He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemeteryEnlightened Leadership is a vision and an action for leading this change. Change is individual and change is collective. Change is outer and change is inner. Change is within and change is without. It is inside out and not outside in. I can change my clothes and look like a gentleman. I can wear saffron clothes and look and act like a spiritual person. A change within and without can be like a double-edged sword. The mind is like a mirror and it divides the world between the seen and the seer. It creates a duality. The seen and the seer are not two different things. And true spirituality can help us bridge this gap. The one that changes the outer and the inner is a true change. Let us be a part of this change. And change is eternal !!