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Power of Spiritual Oneness !!

This is a small number crunching exercise. This is for all those little Pythagoreans. We have all learnt the concept of raising a number to a power in our mathematics classes in our childhood, but somehow, missed the mystery. Let us watch the following:


 21 = 2, 22 = 4, 23 = 8, and so on .....

 41/2 = 2, 81/3 = 2, 161/4 = 2, and so on .....

 2-1 = 1/2, 2-2 = 1/4, 2-3 = 1/8, and so on .....

What does this concept of raising a number to a power indicates? It indicates that when we raise a number to a power it again gives us some other number, either big or small, depending on the number it is raised by. That is, the power of that number is either increased or decreased, depending on the power of the number raised by. And this is an external power or outer power because it depends on the power of that outer number.

Let us also look at the following possibility: 

20 = 1 (One, Universal Number, Unity or Oneness) 

The above indicates that if a number is raised to a power of zero (Shunya, a metaphysical void), the result is 1. The result is one, unity or oneness. This
one, unity or oneness is a divine number. Even in Mathematics this number One is considered as an Universal Number. That is, if we are raised to the power of Shunya or nothingness, we become one, a unity or oneness. This is the result of an inner power and not an external or outer power. That is, if we attain to the inner power, we become one with the Universe or we simply become Universal. This one or oneness is not a numerical number. This is an existential experience of our inner being. It is the experience of a state when all the numbers of our mind (all divisions) have been dissolved and disappeared and what is really left behind is that indivisible, invisible, infinite and ever expanding state of Brahma. The number One is only a metaphor to indicate this experience. This inner silence, inner song, inner symphony, inner rhythm, and inner order of our being is ultimately One and indivisible. This is that transcendental state. It is a state of Shunya, Samadhi, Nirvana or Nothingness. It is the state of a Spiritual Singularity. And this is a state of ultimate bliss or Ananda. This has been called by the Buddhas and the Upanishads as One or Advaita. Advaita means non-dual. It means now there is nothing like two. This experience is not in a numeric sense really but in a Nirvanic sense. We are all numeric in our minds, thoughts, dogmas, and philosophies. But we are all Nirvanic when it comes to our no-mind, silence, serenity, beauty, and order. This experience is Nirvanic because it is a part of our Soul. This is the reason why all the numbers are divine to Pythagoras. Even the whole Universe is a divine number to him. To him all the mathematical numbers have come from this infinite number. To him, he himself is a number coming out of this one Universal divine number. We are all numeric, discrete, different, and plural only in our bodies, minds, thoughts, dogmas, and philosophies. But we are all Nirvanic, singular, continuous, One, indivisible in our spirits. This is the power of that spiritual Oneness. This is really not our outer power but our inner power. And all power is for the prayer. All prayer is for the experience of this Oneness. And the inner prayer makes that miracle possible. 

All our numbers are between zero (Shunnya) and infinity (Ananta). All numbers are just temporal. And zero (0and infinity (are not numbers. They are two aspects of a single reality. They are two concepts. The reality is One (Non-dual) and manifests into two dimensions, that is, zero (Shunnya) and infinity (Ananta). The number zero means a number that is as small as possible. How much small? Well, nobody has seen such a small number. The scientists also talk of a Physical Singularity. It is a point in space-time at which the space-time curvature becomes infinite. It is a smallest object of infinite gravity and infinite density. Well, nobody has seen and observed this point of singularity. It can not be experimented and observed. It is just a hypothesis of a Big Bang theory. And it is a part of Albert Einsteins theory of relativity. And from this point of singularity the universe has emerged and is continuously expanding. According to the scientists it is not only expanding but accelerating. This is what we call the universe. It is so big that we do not know how big it is. And we simply use the word infinity and the symbol ∞ to indicate this vastness. And when we ask the scientists as to where the universe is expanding, they say that it is expanding into nothingness. The universe has emerged from nothingness and is again expanding into nothingness. And this nothingness can not be expressed mathematically. This nothingness can only be experienced in our inner being. And Buddha called the experience of this nothingness as Nirvana. The Upanishads give a very beautiful definition of Nothingness. They say, when we add something to nothingness what remains behind is nothingness, and when we remove something from nothingness what remains behind is nothingness

What is zero and and what is infinity? This is little difficult. They are not two different things. Just take this example and contemplate and meditate on this. Take the example of a house that has an entry in the front and also has an exit in the back of the house. And also assume that the whole house is surrounded by an open space. The entry to the house is like zero, a beginning. And the exit to the house is like infinity. And the open space surrounding this house is like nothingness. This house can be expanded into many rooms and floors. And we can name these rooms as 1, 2, 3, 4, ...., n. I am sure that this example can make the understanding of these two concepts - zero (0) and infinity () simple.     

A number is a particle dimension of the same reality and Nirvana is a wave dimension of the same reality. But this has to become ones individual existential experience. The reality is one and manifests into different dimensions. A number is an objective dimension and Nirvana is a subjective dimension. Nirvana is an experience of Spiritual Singularity. It is not experimental and it is experiential. It can not be experiemented and observed but it can be experienced and witnessed. The key thing on the path of objective reality is observation and the key thing on the path of subjective reality is witnessing. The objective universe is what we see and observe outside and the inner universe is what we see and witness inside. And Spiritual Singularity is a point in the inner space-time at which the inner space-time curvature becomes infinite.  

Let us take another example of Mathematics. This example is of “Limits”. Let us say f(x) is a function of x. And let this function be 1/x. The limit of this function is that as x tends towards (0), 1/x tends towards (). And in Mathematics this is called “Limits” because you can never become zero and hence you never become infinite, though they both mean the same thing. It is something like a dog trying to catch hold of its own tail. This situation never comes because the dog always fails. It never comes to a state of catching hold of its own tail, though the head and the tail are just two ends of the same dog. But when it comes to spirituality the situation is totally different. That is why the outer science and the inner science they never talk to each other. In the inner science the possibility is that we actually become that. We can actually experience the point of “Spiritual Singularity”. This is a state of being one with the divine. The experience of nothingness is divine. It is in this state the Upanishads proclaimed, “Aham Brahamasmi”. It is in this state the Upanishads proclaimed, “Tatvamasi”.

Thats why Kabir, the great mystic poet of India says, Ek Sadhe To Sab Sadhe, Nahin To Kuch Na Sadhe. When translated it means, When we attain to that One, we attain to everything, otherwise we dont attain to anything. That unity or oneness is universal. But there is a doubt and skepticism in the minds of physicists. Now they are talking about parallel universes. Now they are saying that it is no more a universe but a multiverse. According to this theory there are multiple universes like soap bubbles in a hyper space. They are like membranes. And they promise to prove this theory. And in this sense they are saying that the word universe is a misnomer. But according to the mystics and the sages of the Upanishads this is not the real meaning of the word universe. They have given a different meaning. Just look at a garland. There are so many flowers. And they are all tied together by one single invisible thread. Look at a song. There are many words and verses. And they are all tied together in one rhythm and one symphony. There are many letters, words, and verses and the whole song is tied together in one rhythm, symphony, and order. Let us look at the atomic and sub-atomic world. There are numerous atomic and sub-atomic particles. They have different masses and energies. There are many electronic orbits. There are many different forces acting and interacting within the whole atomic space. There is also a core called nucleus. This is a center of the whole atomic world. According to the quantum physicists the whole atom is one, singular, and atomic. All the divisions in the form of space, particles, masses, energies, velocities, and forces are only different dimensions and perceptions of the same reality which is one and singular. When we peep into the whole atomic world there is a unique order. The whole atom does not just get disintegrated. There is some order prevailing there. There is some rhythm, there is some harmony, and there is some symphony. The whole atomic world is tied together in an order. It is woven into a single verse. The same is the case when we look at the whole cosmos. There is an infinite space out there. There are millions and billions of planets, suns, stars, solar systems, and galaxies. There are many black holes too. And there must be many white holes too. All the galaxies are moving away at huge speeds. They are flying apart. They are in fact accelerating. And now as per the string theory there are multiverses like the soap bubbles. The space seems to be a hyperspace of many universes. And they all are existing in an order. There is some song and there is some symphony prevailing there. There is some music hidden there. They are all tied together in one single verse. There is some unity and oneness prevailing there. The whole universe does not just gets collapsed at once. It has its own law and regulation. It is not chaotic. It is not clumsy. It is not barbaric. It is not ugly. There is some beauty. There is some order and that can be seen and observed. Carl Sagan, one of the greatest cosmologists says, the whole cosmos is a dance of Shiva as Nataraja. The quantum physicists say that the whole cosmos is just an interconnectedness. It is One and an inseparable unity. The difference and unity are unthinkable and beyond our mind. The unity and oneness appears to be transcendental. The whole universe is like a web that is tied together by one common invisible thread called the internet. The string theory says that the whole cosmos is a single vibration of many vibrating strings of of different energies, different frequencies, and different wavelengths. It does not really matter from which perspective we look at the whole thing. The whole thing is just one song and one verse. And the whole thing is tied together with One invisible force. Even the scientists divide the whole existence into four different forces and they also say that there is one single invisisble force that is behind these four forces of nature. It is in this sense the whole is called by the Upanishads as Brahma or the Universe. And this one invisible force, law, order, or Tatva behind all this unity is called by the Buddha as Dhamma. And the same thing was called by Lao Tzu as Tao. What the Buddhas and Upanishads have actually been saying is that this song, this dance, this beauty, this rhythm, this symphony, and this order can be existentially experienced in our own inner being through Dhyana or Meditation. It is in this sense the Upanishads say that every individual is an Universe. And every individual is a Brahma. We all individuals are miniature universes in a hyperspace space called the life. And what is the biggest challenge? The biggest challenge is this: Can we all become a one song? Can we all become a single verse of a song? Can we experience the single invisible thread passing through all of us? Can the whole of humanity on the planet earth become a single song? Can the whole of humanity on the planet earth become a single verse? This is a biggest challenge. And the whole purpose of Spirituality is to discover this unity and Oneness

Let me share a small joke. One day a Zen student comes to a shop to buy something. He sees a bright young man at the shop and asks him as to who is he? And what does he do? The bright young man replies that he is a student of business and a small entrepreneur himself. And further says that he does business the whole day and tries to make 1+1=2 (One plus one equals two), and that is his profit. The young man then asks the Zen student, Even I have seen you many times in the Zen garden. You are sitting the whole day under the Bodhi-Tree and doing nothing. Who are you? And what do you do?. The Zen student replies to the young man saying, I am a student of Zen. I really do nothing under the Bodhi-Tree the whole day. This we call Zazen or meditation. What I do the whole day is try and solve 1+1=1 (One plus one equals One). This we call solving a Zen Koan. This is my business and this is my profit

Leadership, therefore, is our choice. There are two kinds of Mathematics. One is Numeric and the other is Nirvanic. Numeric means our Mind and Nirvanic means our Soul. When the mathematics is 1+1=2, then it is Business Leadership, and when the mathematics is 1+1=1, it is Spiritual Leadership. Pythagoras moves from Mathematics to Mystery. And Buddha moves from Numbers to Nirvana. The possibilities are endless. We can move from Business to Buddhahood. We can move from Numbers to Nirvana. And we can move from Dollars to Dhamma. The whole purpose of Spirituality is that it helps us create that Grand Unification Energy.

Albert Einstein says, As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to realityThe aim of all transactional leadership is Business Leadership and the aim of all transformational leadership is Spiritual Leadership.