Happiness is the key to success !!

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What is Success? Albert Schweitzer says, “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful”. This is really a very beautiful quote. Success is not only the result of what we are actually doing. But it is also the result of how we are doing. The state of doing is very important. The state of our mind is very important. But what we all generally think about success is that it is just the result of doing something. For many of us the general definition of success is that it is the end-result of doing something. Effort and outcome, hard-work and success do not necessarily bear only a linear relationship. Doing and hard-work is a necessary thing but not the “only thing”. Something ‘more’ is also needed. In our ordinary way of doing we become goal oriented and forget about the very act of doing and the joy in doing. And doing something becomes just a duty or an obligation to do that act somehow. The whole quality of the act speaks everything. The activity only becomes a duty. It becomes just an obligation. It becomes goal oriented and future oriented. It also becomes fear oriented. We then start projecting and looking into a far away thing called the outcome which is yet to happen. We lose focus in doing and start daydreaming. We forget doing and and start thinking on the result of the doing. We become nervous and anxious. Our focus changes from here-now to something in the future. Our whole energy, awareness, and consciousness is not “here and now” but “there and then”. The very doing does not become the joy but the favourable outcome of that doing, which is yet to happen. Our joy depends only on the favourable outcome. And the present joy, that is, the joy in the doing is postponed. That means, the doing becomes a drag. The doing becomes monotonous. The doing becomes a boredom. We also start daydreaming. And we start daydreaming about the result which is far away into the future. And this event is yet to come. It hasn’t yet arrived. And in doing this the very joy in doing the act is lost. The real joy is in the waiting. And this joy is possible only on the happening of a favourable outcome. This way we never live in the moment, and the whole enthusiasm and joy is postponed till the future event called the “success” has happened. Now, this event has not yet happened. And anything can happen. There is every possibility that it may bring a failure. The outcome is not in our hand, it has always been uncertain. 

One of the greatest scientists, Werner Heisenberg, has proved scientifically to the whole world the “uncertainty principle”. This principle is very well known to the world of objective science today. If the effort is not in the moment, then the outcome can never be a choice but only a chance and a probability. Success has to be a most probable thing. We can not go with success as a certain thing. It is said that Thomas Edison has failed many times before inventing the incandescent light. And he looked at every failure as a stepping stone towards the success. We only focus on one aspect of doing while doing things. We only think on “what we are doing” and we never think on “how we are doing”. There are these two dimensions to doing, “what we are doing” and “how we are doing”. But we only focus on the first and forget about the second. The real success is possible only when the very doing becomes a joy and celebration. And when the doing becomes a joy and celebration, why to bother about the outcome? Anyway the outcome is not in our hand. And what is there in our hand is only the doing. Therefore, let the doing be better. Let the action be better. Let the doing be joyful. Let the doing be out of happiness. Let the action be a joy and celebration. And this is possible only when the very doing becomes a joy and a celebration. This is exactly why Krishna’s “Karma Yoga” is a totally different dimension of an action. Krishna talks about “Nishkam Karma Yoga” in the Bhagavad Geeta. This is called the Yoga of doing but without concerning about the fruits of the doing. It is called a doing without the presence of a doer. This is little difficult to understand and digest. We have never heard such a thing. And hence it is not acceptable to us. When the doer is no more, the doing becomes divine. For example, while eating the food we don’t think whether the food that we are eating will give us health or not. And while eating the food if we keep on thinking about the health then we will never be able to eat the food properly. What we can do is, we can eat the food properly, we can chew the food properly, and we can eat the food lovingly and joyfully. And true health is possible only when I combine “What the food I am eating” with “How the food I am eating”. It means doing without the presence of the doer. It means the doer is totally disappeared in his doing. The action is total when the doer has disappeared in his doing. The doer and the doing are not two separate things. The whole process has become one. This way the doer has become one with his doing. There is no separate doer to think and speculate on the outcome and hence the action has become total. Now there is no separation possible between the doer and the doing. 

The real success is an outcome of “What we do” and “How we do”. The very doing is a joy and celebration. The doing “energy” has transformed into “ecstasy”. The doing has become the being. The “Happiness Quotient” is an important ingredient for success. “Doing Lovingly” and “Doing Happily” are the two most important ingredients to success. Unless you feel happy and joyful in doing what you are doing, you can never be successful in a real sense. It is the quality of the efforts that lead to the quality of the end results. It is the quality of the inputs that lead to the quality of the output. We all know the maxim called GIGO, “Garbage in and garbage out”. This is the first test. The second test is that the output should always be more than the input. The end result has to be always more than the initial efforts. We always say in management parlance, “doing more with less”. That’s why in management we discovered a principle called “Synergy”. The principle of Synergy is a situation where two plus two become five. Synergy is a miracle of management science. It is a principle of scalability at the level of management. According to this principle the collective output is more than the sum of the individual outputs. As the world is moving towards globalization this principle can become a boon for management productivity and performance. And just imagine about the collective productivity and performance when every individual is working at his optimum “Happiness Quotient”. And this principle when truly practiced at the workplace can keep the “Principle of diminishing value of returns” and make a way to the “Principle of accelerating value of returns”. And this has to happen at the workplace. And this has to happen at the shop floor. If this is not so, then all the businesses in the world and all the economies of the world will crumble one day. All the Executives, Managers, and CEOs will only get pink slips. When we work with a high “Happiness Quotient”, our self-esteem goes-up, our stress levels come down, and our individual productivity and performance goes-up. Please remember that only happy people give more productivity. The CEO of the organization can become an Alchemist. He can make this happen at the workplace. 

Let our doing be a dedication. Let our journey be our joy. Let our creativity be our consciousness. Let our actions be a result of the synergy of our whole being - the body, mind, heart and soul. The only mantra that will tick at the workplace is “Creativity and Innovation”. Osho says, “Creativity is a quality that we give to every activity that we do”. Our creativity should not be restricted to any activity in particular. Not only “what we do” is important but “how we do” is also very important. The way we do the activity has to be qualitative and creative. This is where Shiv Khera says, “Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently”. This in fact is his patented statement. Yes, the winners have to do things differently. They have to think out of the box and be innovative and creative. 

The quality of our doing is very important. It is not that only painting is creative or only singing can be creative. No? Any activity can be creative. Even cooking can be creative. Mopping a floor can be creative. Watering the plants in a garden can be creative. It all depends on our thinking and awareness. It all depends on our feeling and consciousness. It is the awareness and consciousness that we give to the activity that enhances its quality. It enhances the quality of what we are doing. 

We all say, “Work is worship”. Let our workplace be place of worship. Let the Karmakshetra (place of action) become a Dharmakshetra (place of devotion). Let the journey be a joy. Let the action be a devotion. And let the destination be our destiny.