India, My Love!

Why India is always divided? India is always divided into many states and many languages. Are we diverse and divided or are we united and integrated? India is always struggling between many 'isms' - casteism, communalism, regionalism, etc. Are we many in one or one in many? Let us find out what is dividing us and who is dividing us? 

We have always been told and taught in our personal lives, in schools and colleges, and at work places to 'do more with less'. This applies to us not only in our personal lives but professional lives also. If this is not so, how can an individual grow then? If this is not so, how can a company grow? If this is not true, how can a nation or the whole world grow and prosper? And, If this is not so, what does growth mean then? More output with less input. More productivity with less input. More joy with less sorrow. More love with less agony. More motivation with less stress. If this is not so, all growth becomes impossible and meaningless. The end goal is that the output has to be always more than the input. This looks strange, isn't it? Is this possible? Is it scientific? Does it have an empirical evidence? Let's explore. 

We have always been forced to believe that there is no gain without any pain. We all say, "No pain, no gain". So the gain has to be always more than the pain, otherwise pain has no meaning. We have been taught all the above in our personal lives, management schools and workplaces under the background of a revolutionary management concept, 2+2=5 (two plus two equals five). This management concept is called 'Synergy'. It is a situation and state where the output is always more than the input. Is this just a concept? Is it just a jargon? Not really! This is a practical possibility. This is self evident in the very growth of life and nations. The whole evolution points towards this. If this is not true then the whole creation and the creator becomes meaningless. Then life and living becomes meaningless. Then living and loving becomes meaningless. Then loving and laughing becomes meaningless. Then joy and happiness is meaningless. The very possibility of all love, life and laughter is this mystery and miracle. 

The word 'Synergy' comes from the Greek word 'Synergia', meaning joint work and cooperative action. The principle of synergy is when the result is greater than the sum of the total parts. Synergy is created when things work in harmony or in concert together to create an outcome that is more than the sum of individual inputs. It is an interaction of two or more forces or agents whose combined effect is far greater than the sum of their individual effects. We must have all experienced, that when we are happy, our productivity goes up. When we are inspired and motivated our every day tasks become easy. Our difficulties turn into opportunities. The otherwise is also true. When we are stressed up, our productivity goes down. When our self esteem is low, our everyday tasks become difficult. Our whole journey of life becomes an uphill task. What happened? What chemistry taking place inside us? What alchemy? 

We are all made up of two complementary energies the 'positive' and the 'negative'. These two energies are not opposite to each other but they are complimentary to each other. They are compensating, complementing and completing each other. When we are engrossed in negative thoughts, we are stressed up and all our productivity goes down. The whole enthusiasm is lost. The same way, when we are engrossed in negative emotions, our productivity goes down. When we have a positive outlook or when we are in a positive framework of our mind, things become easy to us. When the negative energy inside us is positive the output doubles. (Positive) + (Positive) = 2 times Positive. The same is true in a negative sense too. When the positive energy inside us becomes negative, the productivity again is doubled, but in a negative sense or in a destructive manner. The whole productivity or output goes down. And instead of success, only failure comes to our hand. Let us also examine this principle medically. We all know that excessive smoking can cause lung cancer. We also know that excessive passive smoking can also cause lung cancer. That's why it is said that passive smoking is more dangerous than active smoking. That is the reason why smoking is banned at public places. As per the principle of synergy, active smoking and passive smoking together can cause lung cancer at a rate higher than the sum of individual active and passive smoking. 

If we really want a mathematical proof to this reality, even that is also possible. All the paradoxes of Zeno point towards this. All the mathematicians, logicians and philosophers of the world, from the time of Aristotle to till date, are not able to solve the paradoxes of Zeno. Many have criticized them and called them absurd without solving and understanding the true meaning of the paradoxes. There is a metaphor hidden into all those paradoxes. It needs to be decoded. It is like the 'Da Vinci Code'. According to Zeno and his teacher, the reality can never be divided. All attempts to divide the reality in any manner whatsoever is unscientific. How can we be plural? We all exist as one undivided entity. This is a universal truth from all the ages. The attempt of Zeno and his teacher through his paradoxes is like giving Zen Koans to the mathematicians. It is same like a Zen master gives a Zen Koan to his disciples. Zeno is a true Zen master. Let us discuss the paradoxes of Zeno some time later and not now. Let us examine the concept of synergy economically. The output of a team is always more than the sum of the individual outputs of all in the team. The whole concept of 'economies of scale' is also based on this concept of synergy. One single motivated manager can be more productive than one single demotivated manager or two demotivated managers. The output of two motivated managers is more than the sum of the output of two individual motivated managers. The same is true for a team work. The output or productivity of a team is much more than the sum of individual outputs of all the team members. That's why to me TEAM means: Together Everyone Achieves More. 

The same principle holds good for all the software companies. All software companies are working on the same concept. All software is a big community effort. All BPOs and KPOs are working on the same concept. Look at all the collaborative tools being made available by the software companies. The whole concept is how we can all come together and collaborate. How our individual energies are fused to become cohesive without any hurdles. This is how the whole technology is bringing us all together face to face. The new name for internet is no more internet but inter-web. Today software communities are giving a tough challenge to a single big software company. Just look at Google. What a wonderful job it is doing. Google is a Genius and Google is a Guru. It is bringing information and transformation closer and closer.

Can the same principle be possible in sports? This is all true for all sports. Talk to any good sports person, he talks almost instantly of a greater team effort. For the sportsmen, all winning is a great team effort. Being sportive means we are ready to sacrifice our single individual goals when it comes to a collective and team goal. This attitude is what they call 'sportsmanship'. If the doubt still persists, we can go back and watch the movie 'Chak De' again. The whole concept of synergy is explained and experimented there. 

Even the concept of nuclear and hydrogen bomb is based on this concept. The explosion of nuclear energy is a fusion of these two material energies. Our very sun is a big nuclear reactor. These two opposite energies are fusing and burning there continuously and seamlessly. According to Chinese philosophy our whole creation is a flow of one single energy called 'Chi'. This single energy pervades the whole universe. But when this single energy manifests in creation, it manifests in its two opposing and complementary components called 'yin' and 'yang'. Yin is a positive and masculine component of that energy and yang is a negative or feminine part of that energy. Even the Chinese health sciences are explained on the basis of these two energies. When these two energies are balanced they are at its optimum point and we feel healthy. When they are imbalanced in some form or the other, we suffer illness. The balance of these two, the fusion of these two, the friendliness of these two, the cooperation of these two, the coordination of these two, the collaboration of these two, is an optimum point. It is a peak point. It is a zenith. This is a omega point. This is a point of highest excellence. This point gives us optimum health, optimum productivity and optimum happiness. It seems even God wants to work that way. His whole creativity speaks of his ways of working that way. The whole cosmos is a synergy. Have we ever bothered to know, what is the true meaning of the word Universe? It is made up of two words 'Uni', meaning one and 'Verse', meaning a song. The word universe actually means a single song. The whole universe is an interplay of these two energies. According to Carl Sagan, a great cosmologist, the whole cosmos is a dance of Shiva as Nataraja. This is really amazing and incredible, isn't it? 

When this is true for each and everything. When this is true for the whole creation. When this is true of God for His creation and creativity, why is it not true to India and we Indians? 

Why only in India things are divided on the basis of caste, community, region and religion? Why there is a continuous fight on these issues? There are fights even on the national anthem. Each state tries to work like an isolated nation and in a tight water compartment. The same is true for every individual, community and the whole nation at large. Why can't we all work in togetherness? Why can't we work in Synergy? Is 2+2=5 not possible really? We all know how to keep in sync our mobile phones with our laptops. We also know how to sync our laptops with the servers. But when it comes to national growth and prosperity, we are not on the same page. If synergy and harmony is not possible, then all the above illustrations are just hypothetical and imaginary. 

Let us try to find out, who is dividing us and what is dividing us. It seems to me, our own ignorance is dividing us all. A great education and understanding is needed in this direction. A coordinated effort is needed in this direction. Cooperative endeavor is needed from all quarters when it comes to national and global interests. The Brhadaranyaka Upanishad proclaims, "Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya". This is in Sanskrit and when translated means, "From darkness, lead me to light". What are the hurdles? Can we all keep aside our individual, self-centered goals when it comes to the growth and prosperity of the whole nation? Can we keep at bay our individual egos? Can we all look for a wise and mature leadership to lead the nation for a healthy and total growth? Can we look into a leadership that has a national and global vision? When we buy a thing we make sure that the stuff is good. We inquire all about its cost, quality and brand. We also look into the other competitor products. And then we make that well informed decision. Can we think of a similar approach when it comes to choosing our leaders and their parties? Can we peep into what is there on their agenda? Can we see their past record and performance? A politician who divides us on the basis of cast, community, region and religion is not a true leader. Can we keep this in mind in choosing our future leaders? Only this can ensure us in creating a better, united and integrated India. Even quantum physics has come to the conclusion that we can not divide the matter anymore. All matter is one single energy. Matter, mass, energy and force is just one and the same. They are just different perceptions of the same reality which is one. When matter can't be divided, how our minds can be divided? When our mind can't be divided, how our heart can be divided? How long can we live with negative thoughts and negative emotions? When our mind and heart can't be divided, how can our soul be divided? Our soul has always been undivided, one and eternal. Let us all work towards integrated and incredible India. I love my India, Do you?