You can never divide Me

You and Me - The Eternal Twins

In the beginning there was He. 
He was alone and nobody. 
He wanted to play and needed somebody. 
He then created You and Me. 
Because He loves you and me. 
Thus life began with you and me. 
You became somebody and somebody became me. 
In the end there will be only He and nobody. 
Because, somebody will become nobody. 
Because, you and me will become He. 
If you are not you and me is not me, 
If you are not in me and me is not in you, 
If He is not in you and He is not in me, 
Then we are not one but many. 
The truth is, you are in me and me in you. 
The truth is, He is in me and He is in you. 
Thus plays He, the game of perfection. 
Because you and me are his reflection. 
In the end comes the endless end. 
To begin the beginning He puts an end. 
Thus begins a new journey of life. 
You and me start another new life.
Can you divide me? Can I divide you? I think this can never be possible. Let us try a small mathematical puzzle. Let us try to prove whether 'You' can divide 'Me'. 

Let us suppose, 'You' divides 'Me'. Let us express it mathematically. That is: You / Me (You divided by Me). If this is true then it can never be equal to 'We'. If this is true then 'You' can never divide 'Me' because it can never be equal to 'We'. If you are able to divide me, that means you are stronger and I am weak. This is a 'You' win and 'I' lose situation. This is either a Win-Lose or Lose-Win proposition. 

Let us suppose, 'You' deducts 'Me'. Let us express this mathematically. That is: You - Me (You minus Me). If this is true then it can never be equal to 'We'. If you are able to deduct me, that means I am weak and you are stronger. This is again a 'You' win 'I' lose situation. This again can either be a Win-Lose or Lose-Win proposition. 

Let us suppose, 'You' multiply 'Me'. Let us express this also mathematically. That is: You (x) Me (You multiplied by Me). If this is true then it can never be equal to 'We'. If you can multiply me, it only means you are more powerful than me. That means the power is with you. You can always withdraw this power and make me powerless. This is again a 'You' win and 'I' lose situation. This too can either be a Win-Lose or Lose-Win proposition. 

Let us suppose, 'You' adds 'Me'. Let us express this mathematically. That is: You (+) Me (You plus Me). If this can be made possible, then it is a great miracle. If you are able to add me and I am able to add you, there can not be a greater miracle than this. Then it will always be equal to 'We'. You plus Me must always be equal to We. This should be the end objective. If you are able to add me, that means we both think in the same way. If I am able to add you, it means we both think in the same way. There is an old saying, "Birds of a feather flock together". The ultimate possibility is that, I can either add you or you can add me. This is the most beautiful thing because it is an individual freedom. Therefore, please use your individual wisdom and freedom to add me @ Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Do you know one of the greatest mysteries of our relationships? Two opposite sexes attract. Two opposite poles attract. Two opposite particles attract. That is electrons and protons attract. But two opposite thoughts don't attract. Two opposite views don't attract. Two opposite philosophies don't attract. This is a greatest mystery of all relationships. Two opposite sexes may attract bodily but they will never attract philosophically unless their thinking and viewpoints are similar. Their bodies may attract but their minds don't attract. Their bodies may attract but their spirits don't attract. That is why we try to be friendly with those who are friendly with us. That means like minds attract, like philosophies attract and like spirits attract because ultimately the soul within all bodies is one. It is a common center of all bodies in the whole Universe. Do you know what does that mean when we say two bodies in one soul? Lovers have always been saying two bodies in one soul. It only means that the bodies are sexually different but spiritually they are one. Your soul and my soul is singular and undivided. That is the only reason why thousands of people sitting in a meditation hall and meditating have felt one and became one. That oneness is the result of the meditation. So the soul of YOU, ME and WE is one and the same. Think of an example. There are thousands and thousands of ponds, lakes and rivers on the surface of the earth and they are all moving towards the ocean. The rivers are many but the ocean is one. Let us go to the depth of all these. We find the same source. The source of we all, that is the soul is one and the same. The essence has always been one. The essence of everything is one and this very source is called Divinity. That is why to me God is like a circle that neither has a center nor a periphery. Because in an infinite circle every point is a center. Your center, my center and the center of God are not different points. We all have a common center. That is why we are all one and not many. The truth is: One in all and all in one!

All 'Lose-Win' or 'Win-Lose' propositions are 'Lose-Lose' propositions to me. Only 'Win-Win' proposition is a true proposition to me. Therefore, You + Me = We. This is an universal truth and this is a real power. Because, this is always a 'Win-Win' proposition. 

Existence is only one, it only reflects into many. It only mirrors into many. Truth or reality is one but manifests into many. The non-dual and transcendental reality manifests into duality. The singularity manifests into plurality. But the essence or the center point of all plurality is the same center point of the singularity. 'You' and 'Me' are not different but one reality. 'We' are not different from each other. We may be different in our bodies and minds. We may be different in our thoughts and philosophies. But 'We' are all 'One' spiritually. We are all made-up of the same Consciousness. The differentiation, distinction and discrimination is only an illusion. It is only an illusion or perception of our finite minds. Just one candle brought before a mirror, which has been cut into different angles, reflects that one candle into many. Why can't the same thing be true with the existence? The truth is that the same singular reality is mirroring into many. Even the Quantum Physics holds this truth. The greatest discovery of the quantum physics is that the Universe can neither be continuous, that is infinitely divisible, nor discrete or discontinuous, that is made up of finite, indivisible parts. Light is now proved to be having a dual nature, behaving sometimes as a particle or photon (discrete), and at other times like a wave (continuous). This has a scientific evidence. Spiritual evidence has always been existing from time immemorial. All Vedas and Upanishads speak of this eternal truth. All Buddhas of the past and all Buddhas of the present have always been saying the same thing. They have always been saying that our bodies and minds are apparently discrete (plural) but our soul is a continuous (singular) reality. Quantum physicists have now been saying that all matter, electrons, protons, neutrons and forces are all one and the same. It is a different perception of the same reality. It is a different dimension of the same truth. Buddhas have always been saying that our bodies, minds and soul are one and the same thing. It is only because of the illusion of our finite minds that they appear to be different. This is only apparently true and not in reality. That is why I have a small proposal to the entire world through the medium of this Enlightened Leadership

Let us, therefore, secularize all our religions, socialize all our businesses, remove all technological barriers and spiritualize all our personal and professional
lives. 'You', 'Me' and 'We' are the most powerful and mysterious words. They have great esoteric meanings. Do you really know what do they actually mean? Let me decipher and decode. It is nothing less than the Da Vinci Code: 

'You' means : Your own uniqueness. Being yourself is your own uniqueness. 
'Me' means : My Education, My Experience and My Enlightenment. 
'We' means : Whole Education, Whole Experience and the Whole Enlightened. 

I think this is the moment when the whole existence for the first time in its entire creation will have a belly laughter. It has flowered. It has arrived. It has fulfilled its very objective. It has reached home. The whole becomes divine one day. It is not that the whole is not divine at this very moment. What I mean to say is that the whole humanity will realize this truth one day. The whole humanity one day will be an 'Enlightened Humanity'.

Hope you liked my above poem. I strongly believe that 'You' likes 'Me'. I think they are the eternal lovers: Would you still like to know who is dividing us? And what is dividing us? Please visit: Who is dividing you and what is dividing you?