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Science of Objective and Subjective - An Unification

Before we proceed as to how we can move on this journey of Enlightened Leadership, let us first try and understand as to how we are all made-up of. What is the stuff that we are contained of? We are all made up of Consciousness. If mater is made up of electrons, protons and neutrons, then we are made up of thoughts, emotions and silence. We all are made-up of awareness and consciousness. The electrons, protons and neutrons are the building blocks of the matter. In a similar way, our thoughts, emotions and silence are the building blocks of our awareness and consciousness. In the process of evolution of our consciousness, the same matter travels from the stage of matter to the stage of our mind and consciousness. 

The whole creation is made up of two worlds. The world of outer and the world of inner. The world of matter belongs to the science of outer or the objective science, and the world of consciousness belongs to the science of inner or the subjective science. Since there are two worlds there are two sciences. Outer science deals with the subject of matter and the inner science deals with the subject itself. The very subject becomes its object. In the world of objective science something else is there to experiment with. But in the world of inner science, only we and our own subjectivity is there to experiment and experience. The science that is dealing with the world of the outer I am calling it as Science and the science that is dealing with the world of inner I am calling it as Religion. In other words, I am calling the material science as the science of the Outer and spiritual science as the science of the Inner. We are outer and inner together. Our body appears to be on the outer and visible but our thoughts, emotions, tranquility, silence and soul are not visible like the body and appear to be somewhere deep inside us. They are at least not visible the way the body is visible. Science alone can not give answers to all the questions of our life. Science is not able to provide answers to all the mysteries of life. For example, science believes in proving everything in the laboratory through experiments. It is objective. If something is not proved, it is not part of the science. Science can not prove consciousness because it is not a thing, it is not an object. Everything has in fact come out of the consciousness. That is why science and scientists do not even believe that there is anything called consciousness. It is not even a part of their hypothesis. That means their science can not go beyond things. It can not go beyond matter. If our soul is proved in the laboratory by way of an experiment then the scientist becomes bigger than the soul. And the soul will become inferior to the scientist and his experiment. If we are able to prove soul in the laboratory, it will lose all its meaning and mystery. Then we can not call it soul but something else. Soul in its very general meaning means that it is not a thing. Doctors do not believe in anything called the heart. The word heart has come from the poets and not from the doctors. To doctors a heart is only one of the parts of the body. But to the poets, the heart is not simply a part of the body but something beyond. It may mean feelings, it may mean emotions and it mean love to them. The neurologists do not believe in anything called the mind. They believe in something called the brain. A psychologist on the other hand may believe in something called the mind. And a Buddha also knows that there is something called a No-Mind.

Science of Spirituality

There are two kinds of sciences: The objective science and the subjective science. The objective science is also called the outer science and the subjective science is also called the inner science. The objective science helps us to know the object of the subject and the subjective science helps us to know the subject of the object. The subjective science helps us to know the very subject, that is, our consciousness. The objective science helps us to know the body of the universe and the subjective science helps us to know the soul of the universe. The objective science also helps us to transform and beautify the object and the subjective science helps us to transform and beautify the subject. For example, an electron is not only a particle but also a wave. On a similar basis, the human being is not only a material body but also a spiritual body. If the soul is the essence then the body is the manifestation of the same essence called the soul. If the soul is the essence then the human body is the effect of that soul. If Brahma is the essence then the cosmos is the manifestation of the same Brahma. The universe is the body of the Brahma and the Brahma is the soul of the universe. If Brahma is the essence then the universe is the effect of that Brahma. The whole universe is actually a breathing, thinking and feeling universe. The Upanishads proclaimed: Aham Brahmasmi. It is in Sanskrit and when translated means that I am Brahma and I cannot be anything otherwise.

Let us look at the equation of Albert Einstein, E = MC2 (E equals MC square). 

This equation helps us to transform matter into energy. According to this equation matter and energy are inter-convertible. But this is useful for the objective world. What about the subjective, psychological, and spiritual world? The human being eats food and the body transforms this food into various dimensions of the life energy. This life energy in the human being manifests in various forms like anger, greed, lust, etc. These are lower forms of the life energy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any form of energy. Energy is neutral. Without energy we can never be able to live. The problem arises only when this energy becomes non-creative. Pure energy means consciousness. And impure energy means ego. The real spiritual question is, can this negative energy be transformed into love, compassion, and bliss? The real spiritual question is, can this ego be transformed into Enlightenment? Love, compassion, and bliss are the highest forms of the same energy. This is where I am talking about the theory of non-relativity or the theory of subjective reality. 

This I am also calling the Science of the Inner and representing it with a formula: C = EM2 (C equals EM square). 

In this equation ‘C’ means Consciousness, ‘E’ means the life energy in all its lower forms and ‘M’ is the velocity or intensity of Meditation. In the above equation ‘M’ is the constant of Meditation. To me, life energy in all its negative forms and lower forms is an ego. And with the help of this equation we can be able to transform the human life energy in all its lower and negative forms into consciousness. Meditative energy means consciousness. Pure energy means consciousness. Egoless energy means consciousness. This science I am calling the Science of the Inner or the Science of Spirituality. And I am calling my above equation and my above theory as the theory of Non-Relativity or the theory of subjective reality. Subjective reality simply means it is subject to our own inner existential experience

Albert Einsteins theory of relativity cannot go beyond objective duality (Dvaita) and cannot go beyond the objective truth. This can give us at the most objective reality. Relativity means duality (Dvaita) and Non-relativity means transcendence (Advaita). Dvaita means non-singular reality and Advaita means singular reality. And the Science of Spirituality or the Inner Science as discussed above helps us to go beyond relativity and duality. 

The Science of Spirituality helps us to know and experience the existential reality or the subjective truth or the absolute (Advaita).

There are some problems which only science can solve. Let this be very clear fundamentally and there is no second thought about it. Science can transform the outer. It can beautify the outer. It can give us all conveniences, all comforts and all luxuries in the outside world. But there are also some problems which can only be solved when we dive deep into our own being. What Albert Einstein can solve, Buddha can not solve, and what Buddha can solve, Albert Einstein can not solve. And Buddha knows the limitations of Albert Einstein that he is not able to go beyond the duality. Science can give comfort and convenience but science can not give inner joy, happiness and bliss. Let there be a very clear distinction between what is comfort and what is joy. Comfort is something created outside and joy is something created within. Comfort is objective and joy is subjective. There is every possibility that an emperor may be rich outwardly with lot of money and wealth but he may be a poor person within. He may be a poor spirit within. He may not be joyful and blissful within. Similarly, a beggar may be poor outwardly without any money and wealth but he may be extremely joyful inside. He may be very rich in his spirit. Being happy, joyful and blissful is our inner nature. Our true nature is Sachitananda. So, science is an objective search and religion is a subjective search. And enlightenment is the outcome of this subjective or inner search. Science is an outer journey of the matter and its mysteries and religion is an inner journey of the consciousness and its mysteries. I am calling Science the world of the outer and Religion the world of the inner. The objective science could not go beyond matter. It is quite obvious. The outer is the body of the universe and not the spirit of the universe. The scientists could not even conclude the mysteries of the matter. As per the scientists the whole Universe is made up of three constituents - matter, dark matter and dark energy. Matter is only about 2% of the whole pie, dark matter is about 3% and rest all is dark energy. Scientists have discovered that 95% of the constituent of the cosmos is invisible to our current methods of direct detection. Yet something else is holding the galaxies and galaxy clusters together and something else is causing the space to fly apart. Science is not in a position to explain this phenomena as yet. It appears to be absolutely mysterious. Up till now, for the last 3 to 4 hundred years, we have studied only matter and its mysteries. We are not even in a position to explain all the intricacies of the matter. Till date we are not in a position to explain the very nature and behavior of the electron, which is only one of the smallest particles of the same matter. Then what to say about the whole world of matter? By the way, this we are talking about the world of the “Outer. But what about the world of spirituality and consciousness? What about the world of the “Inner? The scientists do not even have a clue about the world of the inner and the science of the inner. The quantum physics could only conclude that an electron has a quantum behavior, a dual behavior. That, it is both a particle and a wave. The particle is local and it is here and there. Whereas the wave is de-local and it is everywhere. And the position of the electron is uncertain. That is what Heisenbergs Principle of Uncertainty talks about. That means the whole of objective science could not go beyond duality (dvaita, non-singular reality) of the matter. It still exists in duality and transcending duality (advaita, singular reality) is far beyond its domain. The mystics of the East and the sages of the Upanishads have also said a similar thing about our own individual being. They said that we are not only a body but a soul too. We are Body-Being. We too have a dual nature. Our body is like a particle and our soul is like a wave. Our physical body is here and there and our Soul is all pervasive. Our soul is everywhere. Transcendence simply means going beyond this duality and seeing it as our existential experience. This existential reality is the singular experience of our soul. All the sages and mystics are different in their bodies but their spiritual experience is the same. The American physicist J.R. Oppenheimer while describing the structure of probability clouds, sounds almost like a Zen Master: “If we ask, whether the position of the electron remains the same, we have to say no. If we ask, whether the position of an electron changes with the course of time, we have to say no. If we ask, whether the electron is in a state of rest, we have to say no. If we ask, whether the electron is in motion, we have to say no. Albert Einstein could not believe this view of Heisenberg and Niels Bohr. Albert Einsteins view was that God has played dice with the Universe. What he meant was that the Universe is an outcome of a chance and a probability. It is an outcome of randomness. I just love what Niels Bohr has said to Einstein. He said, “Einstein, dont tell God what to do?. I just love this statement of Niels Bohr. What he meant was that the whole creation must be Gods choice and not a chance or probability. I strongly feel that it must be His choice-less choice. He has no other choice but to do it this way or to be this way. It must be just His nature. Later on Albert Einstein has agreed and said, “Yes! God does not play dice with the Universe. And then he modified his theory of relativity. The outer world has its own science and the inner world also has its own science. Their workings are diametrically opposite. And there is no conflict and they complement and complete each other. The world of Science is the world of matter and energy. And the world of Religion is the world of energy and consciousness. Science is an outer religion, and religion is inner science. Science is a methodology to solve the problems of the outer world and religion is a methodology to solve the problems of the inner world. Let us say that true love is not arising in me. What the objective science can do in this? If we are not happy and joyous within, what can the objective science do? Just take the case of our hand, a palm. Look at the palm. It is just open and plain. Now hold an object with the same palm. All the fingers of the hand will have to come together, will have to clench to hold the object. To leave the object all the fingers of the palm will have to move away. Now try to hold the air that we breath with the same palm. Just try the same way we did for the object. What happened? The more we try the less air we collect in our palm. Let us try to hold the fist tight. What happened? All the air has gone. If we want to hold more air with same palm then we have to keep the palm utterly open. The more open it is, the more air is available. What happened? It is the same science but the objects are different. It is the same science but the ways are different. Since the objects are different the ways of holding the object are also different. Are these two situations not diametrically opposite? They are !! So, in the world of thoughts, emotions, feelings, love, compassion, and consciousness, how can we think in the same way as objective science thinks? We have no other way but to remain open and vulnerable in the world of religion and consciousness. How can we hold our mind with our hands? How can we hold our mind with our thoughts? How can we hold our soul with our mind? And how can we hold our soul with our mind, thoughts, concepts, dogmas and philosophies? To hold our consciousness more and more we have to keep the palm of our mind wide open. If the fingers of the mind, that is our thoughts, are clenching towards holding our consciousness as an object then the very object called the consciousness will move away from us. We can never be able to hold our consciousness as an object with the palm of our mind. We have no other option but to dissolve ourselves and become one with the consciousness. We have to keep our mind utterly open. We have to be utterly open and without any prejudice. This is the way of the religion. Except meditating, watching, witnessing and immensely waiting for that mystery to happen there is no other way. My only emphasis is that these two are two different sciences and they have two different approaches. And we have no other option but to choose. There is no other problem with the outer science except that it should not become dangerous to humanity. If we can avoid these dangers then there is nothing like an objective science. The ultimate goal of science has to be to make it a creative science. And the ultimate goal of religion has to be to make it a creative religion. The synthesis of a creative science and a creative religion can transform this mother earth into a heaven. This is what we have always been dreaming. 

Just for the sake of argument and explanation by way of an equation, I represent the Science of Outer by Albert Einsteins famous formula as under: 

E = MC2 (Theory of Relativity. Relativity means Duality) 

Albert Einstein says, Equations are more important to me, because politics is for the present, but an equation is something for eternity.

In the above equation, ‘E’ represents energy, ‘M’ represents mass and ‘C’ represents the velocity of light. As per this equation of Albert Einstein, matter and energy are inter-convertible. After the quantum physics, the whole science of physics is also called high energy physics. After this great equation there is nothing called matter now. Everything is energy. All matter is energy and all energy is matter. The whole existence is energy. And this energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Only one form of energy is transformed into other forms of energy. Matter, mass, particles, space, energy and forces are all one and the same, but different dimensions of the same reality which is one and eternal. It is only because of the perception of our mind that they all appear to be different. This is like an optical illusion. This is the illusion of our finite minds. And this is only a small story of the science of the outer. The above equation represents the theory of relativity. And the above equation can only lead us to the relative experiences and relative realities of the objective world. 

The scientists are not even aware what is inner. They do not even have a clue of the world of the inner and its dimensions and mysteries. The world of the inner belongs only to the Buddhas. This is a domain of the mystics. The mystics are the scientists of the inner world. If Albert Einstein is a Buddha of the world of matter and its mysteries, then Buddha is an Albert Einstein of the world of consciousness and its mysteries

Just for the sake of understanding and symbolic representation, I represent the world of the inner or Religion by way of my following formula: 

C = EM2 (Theory of Non-Relativity. Non-Relative means Non-dual. It means Transcendence”.) 

Our outer is our periphery. It is our circumference. It is momentary and fast changing. And our inner is our depth and also our very center. It is our very soul. It is in the moment and eternal. Our body is just our periphery. It is our circumference. Our body, mind, heart and soul are one and the same. They are different perceptions of the same reality which is always beyond and transcendental. It is only because of the perception of our limited minds that they appear to be different. This is the illusion of our finite minds. That is why Buddha used to say that our body is a door to our Buddhahood. Our energy is a door to our enlightenment. Our circumference is a door to our consciousness. To me the above equation represents the theory of non-relativity. It will lead us to the experiences of the subjective truth, the non-relative reality and also the absolute truth. But the moment it is expressed it becomes a relative truth. And whenever the Buddhas have spoken they have said that they are only speaking their own truth. The moment the absolute truth is spoken, the moment the absolute truth is expressed, it only becomes a relative truth. 

In my above equation, ‘C’ represents our consciousness, ‘E represents our energy and ‘M’ represents the velocity of meditation. It is a “Meditation Constant. Just like in the outer world or the world of science how matter can be converted into energy, the same way in the inner world or the world of religion, our inner energy can be transformed into our consciousness. Meditation is nothing but a methodology to transform our inner energy from its lower state to its higher state. Meditation is an “Alchemy. It is a process of energy transformation, moving the energy from its lower state to its higher state. It is a complete qualitative process. “Muladhar to “Sahasrar is the process of inner energy transformation. We eat food for our body. We also sleep to give rest to our body. We also do right exercises to keep our body fit and healthy. And we also try to breath fresh oxygen. Through these processes and through the other inner processes of the body the food energy is converted into other forms of life energy. As per Yoga this energy is lying latent in our body in the form of “Kundalini. This energy is lying latent in us like a serpent. “Kunda means in a coiled state. It is in a state of tension. It is in a potential state and ready to move. It is in a state ready to get transformed to a higher state. But anything can happen. There are two possibilities and nothing is certain. It can either take a positive form or it can take a negative form. And both the possibilities are possible. This energy in its lower state can be in the form of lust, greed, anger, jealousy, etc. And this energy in all its lower forms can be transformed into its higher forms like love, prayer, compassion, friendliness, etc. And this transformation is possible only through the process of Dhyana or Meditation. This is that inner methodology. Meditation is a method adopted by the inner scientists called the Buddhas. This method helps in transforming our energy in a lower state to its higher state. This is totally a different science and called the science of the inner. In this inner universe all our life energy in its many lower forms can be transformed into our consciousness. This is an inner alchemy. Consciousness is nothing but our energy in its purest form. When all the impurities are removed, our same energy becomes consciousness. This purest energy is called Shuddha Chetana. Our energy in the form of lust when transformed becomes love, greed becomes a great giving or charity, anger becomes Ahimsa or compassion and our jealousy becomes friendliness. But this is a process of inner transformation and an inner alchemy. It is an inner movement and dissolution of the lower energies. It is just like how in a fire test or an acid test gold in its impure form becomes a 24 carat gold, that is gold in its purest form. When gold in its impure form is passed through the fire test or acid test all the impurities are burnt and what is left out is the purest form of gold. In a similar way, when all our energies in their lower form pass through the process of Dhyana or Meditation, they are transformed into their purest forms. Our energy in its purest form is nothing but our Consciousness

This consciousness is nothing but our happiness quotient. It is an inner flowering. It is an inner growth. The joy and happiness is so much that it is in fact full and overflowing. The container, that is we, can no longer contain it. There is really no other option but to share it with others. The ultimate objective and goal of Enlightened Leadership is to share these skills. 

One of the greatest Psychiatrists, Carl Gustav Jung says, “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. So we have two choices - one is to go on the outer journey and know more and more about the outer, which helps us to know about our body, about our periphery, about the body of the whole Universe and not more than this. And the other choice is to dive deep in our own being and know more and more about our ouwn being. The consciousness is nothing but to know more and more about our own inner being. In the process the knower disappears in the unknown. In the process the individual being is dissolved in the cosmic being. And what is left is only pure knowing. And what is left out ultimately is only the unknown. And this becomes our true awareness and true consciousness. True awakening means to know and be our own consciousness. Truly awakened simply means that now I am fully conscious of my own awareness and also I am fully aware of my own consciousness. The scientists say that as we move deeper into the realm of the atom, the power increases. As we move from the electrons to protons and then to the neutrons the power increases. The highest power lies at the very center of the atom, the nucleus. In the same way the Buddhas, the scientists of the inner world, have also said that as we move from our body, the periphery of our being, to the inner realms, that is our thoughts and emotions and further down to the very center of our being, the power increases. At the very center of our being lies the highest power. Our consciuosness is of infinite power. Eckhart Tolle calls it the “Power of now. The Chinese philosophy talks about only one single energy pervading the whole Universe. They call it “Chi, the cosmic energy. And this same energy is moving in all our body too. It is the very essence, the very source of everything. Everything emanates from it and everything is absorbed by it. Lao Tzu calls it “Tao. Buddha calls it “Dhamma, our very nature, the very nature of the whole Universe, the very law of the whole creation. Enlightenment means, now we are fully conscious of our energies. You are fully aware of your own consciousness and you are fully conscious of your own awareness at the same time. In other words the meditative energy is our consciousness. For the first time in our life we are alive and conscious. We are full of awareness and full of consciousness. This is a greatest benediction. You are blessed and therefore find yourself blissful. Enlightenment is nothing but the expression of our inner joy and bliss. 

Albert Einstein
was very much interested in the service of humanity. He used to praise Mahatma Gandhi like anything. Some body asked him, which one he likes the most, whether science or service to humanity. Though he was very keen for the betterment of humanity, he said his energies are for science only and he loves to discover equations. He said that the equations serve for eternity. They serve the humanity for eternity. Hence his love for science and equations. He was one of the greatest scientists the world has ever seen. And see how his famous equation is serving the humanity till this age. I was just pondering whether any such equation is really possible to represent the world of inner science. Many Buddhas have come and said so many things but could not express it by way of a formula. To a Buddha all images, forms and words are not the truth. All thoughts, concepts and philosophies are not capable of expressing the truth. To a Buddha only the existential and wordless inner experience is a truth. To them the infinite inner silence and tranquility is the ultimate truth. And this truth can never be expressed but can only be experienced in the innermost core of our being. Albert Einsteins equation talks only about a relative objective truth. That is why it is called a theory of relativity. Nobody has actually seen the absolute truth. And nobody can see it. This is just impossible. Therefore, there is no question of expressing it completely. All our expressions are only partial expressions of that eternal truth. All our expressions are just small fragments of that eternal truth. All Buddhas have talked about the relative truth and left it to our own existential experience to know the absolute truth. The moment we bring out the truth in the open it instantly becomes an untruth or relative truth. It can never become an absolute truth. Thats why Lao Tzu keeps on saying that Tao can not be said and the moment it is said it becomes a Non-Tao. He says that the spoken Tao is not an eternal Tao. He writes it as a caution in the very first verse of the Tao Te Ching. In the very beginning he says, “Tao can never be spoken. The moment it is spoken it not an absolute Tao. He also further says, “The absolute truth has no name, but just for the sake I call it Tao. Therefore, I also thought that let us try to represent the inner world symbolically, in a relative way only and not absolutely. The absolute can never be defined. The absolute truth will always remain inexpressible, indefinable, unsay-able and unknowable. Even Albert Einstein used to say that he can see the fourth dimension of creation but he can not express it. All his science and mathematics fails there. Actually everyones mathematics fails there. The absolute can never be expressed or defined. But all our expressions can at least say this or point to this. This much can at least be said or expressed. How does it matter whether it is expressed in symbols or words? All the effort of the words, images, symbols, concepts, theories and philosophies is to bring closer to the existential experience. If they can at least serve this much purpose, then they have really served their very purpose. See, one thing is absolutely true about the ultimate truth that it can never be possible without going through meditation. So, meditation becomes an in-thing. It becomes an essential and most basic thing. Meditation is actually a Zing-thing. We can neither be conscious of our awareness nor can we be aware of our consciousness unless we move on the path of meditation. Hence, it was just my small effort to draw a relationship between our inner energies and our consciousness. Once our consciousness explodes in our inner being like a Big Bang then our inner energies can flow infinitely and multi-dimensionally. Our very consciousness becomes the love of our life. The whole purpose of this equation is just to point towards subjective relativity. The relativity can not be only objective but it also has to be subjective.

Many people ask, what is the objective of life? They always ask, what is the purpose of life? This is basically a wrong question. It is a right question but in a wrong direction. All questions are right and they are never wrong. Only the answers are either right or wrong. If you see it from the side of life, what objective life can have. Life in itself is objectiveless and purposeless. If you see it from the side of life it is purposeless. The very objective of life can at the most be more life, deeper life, and richer life. What becomes most important then is to know what is our objective out of this life that has been made available to us. Have we really attained to this life? Have we really become alive? Has our consciousness penetrated deep into our life? Has our life become more richer and deeper? Are we in tune with our being? Have we become sensitive enough to feel the pulse of our life? Do we breath in harmony with the cosmos? Do we feel the pulse of the cosmos? Does our heart beat pulsate in tune with the heart beat of the whole Universe? Are we alive with the cosmos? These are the essential questions that we need to ask to know the objective of life and lifes objective for us. These are the inquiries that we need to make in order to know what is our objective out of this life. Our only objective is to attain to the juices of this life. Our very objective is to attain to the music of this life. Our very objective is to attain to the love of life and the life of love. Somebody has said, “Lifes purpose is the Life of Purpose. To me the very objective of LIFE is: Living intensely for Enlightenment. Enlightenment is the fulfillment of our life. People also ask, is there life after death? To me, this is also a wrong question. My take on this is that if there is no life before death then it is 100% certain to have life after death. Enlightenment is our life enrichment. It is our life enhancement. It is our life fulfillment. It is trying to make our life rich within and without. And spirituality is our life engagement. There are four layers to our being, that is, doing, thinking, feeling, and being. The existence has created us in such a way that we have to pass through all these layers to know our real self. We have to move from one stage to the other. And there is no scope to override. We have to move from doing to thinking. And then from thinking to feeling. And finally move to our real being. The ultimate goal is our own being. Just see our body. We normally think that our eyes are seeing. No, this is not true. It is something like that there is a room and the room has a peeping whole and somebody is seeing through the peeping whole. Our body is like a room. And our eyes are like a window or a peeping whole of this room. Somebody is looking out from the very center of our being. It is not just our eyes looking outside. No, our whole being is looking outside. The very center of our being is looking outside through the eyes. That is why the sages have also been called as the seers. They are seeing from the very center of their being. This centering is called an inner eye. This is the very center of our being. At this center all the perceptions, formulations and duality of the mind comes to an end. There are no more two eyes and no more a duality. Only an inner eye and One eye. Now there is no duality and no delusion. Now there is no chaos, no confusion but only clarity. Now there is only consciousness ans confirmation. And this is called the Third Eye of Shiva. The by-product of the end of this duality is infinite happiness and ecstasy. Our real being has always been blissful and eternal. It has always been young and virgin. This territory has always been like the innocence of a child. The only difference between a Buddha and an innocent child is that of awareness and consciousness. Buddha is aware of his innocence whereas the child is unconscious of his innocence. The child has to pass through all these layers and finally become fully aware and conscious of his innocence. Now his innocence is not that of a child. It is innocence plus awareness. It is innocence plus consciousness. The whole difference is that of the degree of his awareness and consciousness and it is a much greater difference. It is completing a full circle. It is arriving home. One has reached his goal. Now there is nowhere to go. Somebody asks Jesus Christ as to who can enter into the kingdom of his God. He says only those who are like the children. Yes !! This land belongs to those who have become like a child again but with full of awareness and consciousness. It is innocence returned. It is reclamation of the lost territory. It is completion of a full cycle. It is a home coming. Thats why the Upanishads have said that we are human beings in our physical form and we are divine in our spiritual form. Just like the electron which is both a particle and a wave at the same time, in the same way we are a human being and also a divinity at the same time. In our physical form we perceive that we are nothing more than a human being and we have lots of limitations. But a conscious person who is fully aware of his inner being is nothing less than the divine. So the seer or the God resides in the temple of our being. Physically it is God in its human form and spiritually it is the human in its divine form. So the Upanishads say, “Aham Brahmasmi. You are Brahma, you are that infinite expansive consciousness. You are a Sachitananda, that is, you are truth, consciousness and bliss. The whole existence is divine. God or divinity means the whole existence, that is, the seen, the unseen, and the beyond. God means existence and existence means God. There is no other separate God, separate from the whole existence. The whole Universe is alive and breathing. It is a thinking and a feeling Universe. The whole Universe is a life in itself. We are a small life within a big life. It is a like a small program embedded in a big program. When truth or Sat exploded in the form of an Universe it has also imploded in us completely without any short-coming. The Upanishads call it Brahmand, meaning an egg or seed of Brahma or the Universe. Brahma means huge, gigantic, infinite and ever expanding. This is the nature of the Universe that it is infinite and ever expanding. So each human being is a small miniature Universe. It is like a small sphere in a big sphere. It is like a big sphere holding a small sphere. It is like a mother holding her child in her bosom with lots of love and care. We are like a small growing child in a mothers womb. If the whole Universe is a big flower then we all are like the small potential seeds being hold together by the same flower. And the same possibility is there to all these small potential seeds. If they choose, if they wish, they can explode in their inner consciousness. The inner Big Bang is possible. The inner explosion is possible. The explosion of this inner consciousness is called Enlightenment. It is like the blossoming of a flower. It is a sudden opening to all the mysteries of life and remaining nothing. It is an ultimate bliss and benediction. And when this enlightenment happens we are blessed and for the very first time in our entire life we feel immensely blissful. This is our choice, a choice-less choice, to flower in our own consciousness and to flower in our own being. Let us just listen wholheartedly to what Osho says:

To know that music is to know the soul. When a man comes to know his inner music within himself, he comes to know the soul; and when he comes to know the music hidden within the whole, he comes to know the divine.

The scientists are in search of a theory that should speak about the whole creation and it should also be expressed by way of a formula. Stephen Hawkins more particularly talks about the “Theory of everything. He says that the theory of everything when discovered should speak about the whole creation. The scientists are working only on the outer, whereas the whole creation is a science of inner and outer. The outer is an explosion and the inner is an implosion of the same reality. The outer is an explosion of the inner and the inner is an implosion of the outer. These two are diametrically opposite to each other in their methods and approaches. But together they are complete and complementing. The whole creation is made up of these two opposing and complementing forces. So, if the theory of everything is expressed tomorrow by way of a formula, it must be a summation of the science of outer and the science of inner. 

Theory of Everything = Science of Outer + Science of Inner. 

The human being has to be a great synthesis of these two worlds. These two worlds are like poles apart now. These two worlds are like an East and the West in him. They do not meet anywhere. The possibility seems distant. Individually, science has done enough harm to the nature. We can see the effects of global warming. We can also see other calamities and catastrophes. This way one day the whole planet will be destroyed and the entire human life will be extinct. It was asked to Albert Einstein, what he wish to become if one more life is made available to him. He said, “He would become a plumber. What a tragedy? What an apathy? He was also asked once, “What weapons will be used in the third world war?”. His answer was just astonishing. He said, “I do not know what weapons will be used in the third world war, but I am absolutely sure of what weapons will be used in the fourth world war - stones and spears. Science has to understand that it can not win over the nature. The very approach of science is suicidal. It can at the most destroy nature but can never beautify the nature. The purpose of science has to be to beautify and complement the nature. The whole existence is like a mother embracing this child planet. We all have been given an opportunity to experience the divine through this. If the science goes the way it is going now, it will only destroy the whole planet. Individually, even religions have done enough harm to the human life and the society. How can there be two religions? If truth is one, then religion also has to be one. How can there be two truths? Does this not sound unscientific and irreligious? If religions divide then they are not true-religions. How can “Religion be plural? If science destroys, then it is not a true-science. When an atom is indivisible, how can truth and religion be divisible? The atom has come out of the same truth. Even the Big Bang theory agrees that there was nothing in the beginning and everything has come out of the nothingness by way of an explosion. Buddha called this nothingness as “Nirvana. According to the scientists this explosion is that Big Bang. If the science is moving the way it is moving then the next possibility is a Big Crunch only. If nothingness is divine, how can something that has come out of this nothingness is not divine? If non-existence is divine, how can the existence that has come out of this non-existence is not divine? If the whole existence is divine, how come then the matter that has come out of the existence is not divine? If the matter is divine, how can the man who has evolved out of this matter is not divine? We are all material and spiritual at the same time. This is our quantum nature. It is only the perception of our mind that divides us into many. It is just like the prism that divides one light into seven bands. In the same way the prism of our mind divides one single reality into many. Our Mind divides and our intuitive mind or No-Mind integrates and unites. There is division in the mind but there is in-division in the no-mind. We are physical and spiritual at the same time. We are quantum in our nature. We are seen and unseen at the same time. Mind creates conflict and No-Mind creates peace. Mind creates confusion and No-Mind gives clarity and vision. When an electron can behave like a particle and a wave at the same time, why cant there be a similar possibility of a human being? He is a higher evolution of the same matter. We are matter and consciousness together. We are mind and no-mind together. We are body and soul together. We are inseparable twins. If the scientists do not think this way then this kind of thinking is highly unscientific. One great spiritual person has said, “It is an unthinkable difference and unity together. The difference and unity between the body and the soul is unthinkable. It is not part of the mind. It is beyond the mind. It is a part of the No-Mind. It is transcendental. Does the particle has the same nature as that of the wave? Does the wave has the same nature as that of the particle? They are polar opposite in their nature and behavior. Gautama Siddhartha evolves into Buddha. Rajneesh evolves into Osho. Their separation is infinite. The difference of the degree of their awareness and consciousness before and after is infinite. Their separation is infinite. Buddha says, “Religion means Dharma. Dharma is a Sanskrit word and is a very beautiful word. Dharma means our true nature, our innate nature. What is our true nature? Our true nature is joy, happiness and bliss. Our true nature is Sachitananda, that is, truth, consciousness and bliss. This is the definition of a true religion. This is being truly religious. 

The whole of humanity has to have one religion and one truth. If man has to prosper and grow, he has to be religiously scientific in the outer world and scientifically religious in the inner world. At this point the science is too scientific and in its extremity and the religions are too religious and also in its extremity. The scientists are fanatic in their scientific approaches and the religions are also fanatic in their religious approaches. Both have to stop at their fanaticism. There is no balance and they are lopsided. There can be a great fall if there is no balance, no symphony and no harmony between the two. Only in togetherness they can have harmony. Only in oneness they can have symphony. If Big Bang has happened then Big Crunch is not very far away. Can we stop ourselves from the Big Crunch? Let us please be conscious in all our actions and doings. There has to be a great synthesis between the science and the religion. There has to be a great synthesis between our Eastern and Western mind. There has to be a great synthesis between our Active-Mind and Passive-Mind. There has to be a great synthesis between our Yin and Yang energies. This approach may bridge the two worlds together. There is every possibility that the Earth can become a Heaven. Many have dreamt that way and let that dream come true. This can be a great challenge. Let us take this challenge and be true dreamers. Only this approach can create One World, One Humanity, and One Religion. Matter to Man and Man to New-Man is our actual journey. Matter to Man is the journey of the existence and Man to New-Man is our journey. This journey we have to carve out. The first journey our existence has fulfilled out of its intense desire to create us, whereas the second journey we have to fulfill out of our own wish and will. Our greatest dream is that wish fulfillment. Let us be the greatest dreamers. Monkey to Man is evolution, and Man to New-Man is revolution. 

This is how I draw two circles. One circle is that of the nature, that is, from matter to man. And the second circle is that of man to new-man. The first circle is evolution and the second circle is revolution. The difference is of just one letter “R”And that “R” means “Responsibility”. And this is our responsibility and not the responsibility of the nature, existence or God. The nature has created man but the man has yet not created the nature within him. God has created man but the man has yet not created the Divinity within him. This is our biggest responsibility, toughest challenge, and ultimate freedom too. This is in fact our ultimate choice. Let that be our choice-less choice, the only choice to be our true nature. And our true nature is being a Sachitanada.

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