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One in All and All in One !!

The existence is really a mystery. We try to explain existence in various dimensions. But the mystery deepens further and still remains elusive. It still remains as a mystery. The very nature of existence is mysterious. It can never be explained conclusively. It can never be reduced into a knowledge. It can only be experienced and can never be explained in words. When it comes to the nature of the existence, all our words, concepts, and theories are just futile. Please understand that the dimensions come out of the dimensionless. The temporal comes out of the eternal. And the time comes out of the timelessness. Everything is relative objectively (E = MC^2) and also subjectively (C = EM^2). And this relative emerges out of the absolute. The relative is part of the mind and the non-relative is part of the no-mind. All plurality is part of the mind and the singularity is part of the no-mind. All divisions and dimensions of the existence are mere components and can never be represented as attributes of the existence. Even the sum of all is not the total. The only nature of existence is being mysterious. Mysterious simply means that it is beyond time and space. Mysterious simply means that it is beyond all words and expressions.
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Albert Einstein used to say that he can imagine the fourth dimension of the existence but can never be able to express it in the form of a text or formula. He is very right that the ultimate dimension of existence can never be expressed. It can only be experienced and can never be expressed. You may then ask, what is the purpose of all the expressions? The whole purpose of all expressions is just to tell that it can never be expressed. This is the utility and futility of all the expressions. In the ancient Indian tradition this fourth has been called as Turiya. It means simply the fourth. And all divisions are only up to the three.   

Someway matter moves to man. Someway existence moves to life. And this life gives us an ability to think, feel, experience, and express. All expressions are coming from our deep thinking and feeling. This thinking and feeling eventually leads to an experience. We just look at a flower in the morning and say, Wow !! How beautiful? We look at the sunrise and sunset and exclaim, Wow! How beautiful?” But truly speaking neither the exclamation (!) nor the question mark (?) can be explained conclusively. When it comes to our deep feelings, only two things are true. One, a genuine question. Two, an authentic existential experience in the form of an exclamation. Wow! Is this really true? The exclamation indicates a wordless existential experience. From one mystery called the existence emerges another mystery called the life. We can never exist without being relative. We can never be able to express without being relative. All expressions are relative. If there is no beloved how can one say, “I love you! I think this is just impossible. And just for this simple reason God divides himself into You and Me. This is how we share our experiences. The whole purpose of life is to experience and express this mystery. You and Me are mere reflections of this singularity called the God. The Plurality” is only a reflection of the Singularity. The Relative is only a reflection of the Non-Relative. The Duality is only a reflection of the the Non-Dual. And the absolute is transcendental. It is beyond time and space. It is beyond mind. The following poem is only a poetic expression of this Oneness !!
One in All and All in One !!
None in None. 
One in One.
One in None.
None in One.
One in Two.
Two in One.
One in Three.
Three in One.
One in Many. 
Many in One.
One in All.
All in One. 
That is You and that is Me !!

Myth is not a Reality, and Reality is not a Myth 

Duality is at the heart of creation. Symmetry is at the heart of existence. Ekam, Advitium is the most misunderstood maxim of the Upanishads. Let us transcend.