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Live Chat with God

I was waiting on my chat messenger to chat with my friend. I waited and waited. It was time to go back to sleep. It was mid of the night. And suddenly there was a buzzer. I could not believe my eyes. It was God on the other side. I felt so happy that for the first time in my life I am going to chat with God directly. I am thrilled and delighted to share the following conversation with God. I will be very happy if you could share this with everybody on the web and off the web. You can claim that it is your own live chat with God. I could hear a ringing sound. It was ringing and ringing. It was my morning alarm bell. I woke up. There was a smile on my face. I said to myself: What a great dream? 
Me: God, Can I see you? 
God: I am seeing through you. 
Me: Where can I see you? 
God: You can see me in everything. 
Me: Can I chat with you? 
God: You are already chatting with me. 
Me: How can I talk to you? 
God: You can talk to me through prayer. 
Me: How can I listen to you? 
God: You can listen to me through meditation
Me: What are you? 
God: I am everything. And I am nothing too. 
Me: Why have you created poverty? 
God: I have created you and not poverty. 
Me: Why have you created sadness? 
God: To help you understand happiness
Me: Why have you created greed? 
God: I have given you desire and not greed. 
Me: Why have you created lust? 
God: To help you create love
Me: What is the need of a desire? 
God: To help you move towards divinity. 
Me: Is divinity different from you? 
God: No, it is my quality. 
Me: What is your form? 
God: I am formless and yet manifest in many forms. 
Me: Are you my body? 
God: I am in your body
Me: Are you my mind? 
God: You can think of me through your mind
Me: Are you my heart? 
God: You can feel me through your heart. 
Me: How can I know you? 
God: You can know me by knowing yourself
Me: Thank you God !! 
God: You are blessed.

Who is Shiva? What is Shivalinga? Who is Ganesha?

Mythology is rich with all these. And we have no idea as to what these figures are. Are these real ones? Are these facts? Are these just myths? Let us explore.

Myth is not a Reality, and Reality is not a Myth 

Duality is at the heart of creation. Symmetry is at the heart of existence. Ekam, Advitium is the most misunderstood maxim of the Upanishads. Let us transcend.