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Poetry is of the Heart

All our writing is the expression of our thoughts and emotions. We cant remain without expressing our feelings. We communicate through words and gestures. And sometimes we dont communicate anything and remain silent. Even our silence is an expression. Experience has come first and the expressions have come much later. Our emotions and thoughts are very ancient. The words to express them are very modern. We are not here to play with our thoughts and emotions. No, that is not true writing. We are here to express our natural and authentic thoughts and emotions. This is what I call a creative writing. Now that is what I call the love of writing

In the beginning there was an eternal silence. And then there was an explosion. And out of the eternal silence came the sound. This the western scientists call a Big Bang. And the eastern mystics call, the Om. It is a soundless sound. It is beyond cause and effect. It is uncaused and nothing caused it. It is a sound of the creation. And this sound has been first heard by the Cosmic Being. The same is the story of the birth of a child. When the child comes out of the mother
s womb the first thing that the child hears is the sound. This is the second explosion. Then the innocent child goes through all possible nonsense on earth in the name of knowledge and wisdom. And his whole mind is filled with information in the name of knowledge. The silence of the divine is destroyed and lost. The innocence is lost and destroyed. And the whole mind is stuffed with all garbage and cowdung. 

We all are familiar with the story of the Professor and the Zen Master. The Professor goes to a monastery to meet a Zen Master to know and undersatnd meditation. The Zen Master sees the anxiety and eagerness in the mind of the Professor. The Zen Master says, 
Please wait and be patient. There is no need to be in hurry. Meditation happens through patience. Meditation happens in a silent state of the mind. Let us first have the Zen Tea and then talk about Meditation. 

The Zen Master then prepares the Zen Tea very lovingly. He brings the tea to have it together with the Professor. He pours the Zen Tea in the cup of the Professor. He keeps on pouring the tea. The Professor was lost in his own world of thoughts. He is not aware that the Zen Master is pouring the tea. The cup is overflowing. The Professor suddenly becomes aware that the tea is overflowing the cup. The Professor says, Master, the cup is full and no more tea can go in.

Our mind is also like the cup. It is filled with lot of information in the name of knowledge. The word is not a knowledge. The word is not a wisdom. The word apple is not an apple fruit. A finger pointing to the moon is not a moon. All words are just pointers. All words are just arrows pointing towards the silence of the nothingness. An alphabet is not a word. The word is not a sentence. The sentence is not a paragraph. The paragraph is not a page. The page is not a chapter. The chapter is not a book. The book is not the books. And all the books together is not the knowledge and the wisdom. A drop is not an ocean. All our knowledge is just like a drop in the ocean. And our mind is just like a drop in the ocean of our Consciousness.  

J. Krishnamurti says, You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it. That is why you must read, that is why you must look at the skies, that is why you must sing and dance, and write poems, and suffer and understand, for all that is life.