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Science of Spirituality

There are two kinds of sciences: The objective science and the subjective science. The objective science is also called the science of the outer, and the subjective science is also called the science of the inner. The objective science helps us to know the object of the subject and the subjective science helps us to know the subject of the object. And ultimately the subjective science helps us to know the subject itself, that is, the consciousness. The objective science helps us to know the body of the universe and the subjective science helps us to know the soul of the universe. The objective science helps us to transform and beautify the object and the subjective science helps us to transform and beautify the subject. 

The subject by default is unconsciousness in all its forms. This unconsciousness is so many times bigger than our consciousness. We can improve our unconsciousness to the level of the super-consciousness. This can be termed as cosmic intelligence. When we look into the whole journey from our side it can be termed as evolution and revolution. Monkey to man is evolution, and the man to a New-Man is a revolution. When we see it from the side of the super-consciousness it is same without any change. We can neither be able to add anything to, nor be able to remove anything from the super-consciousness. It remains the same eternally. And it is everywhere. It is like a presence. In the presence of the super-consciousness everything is happening.
It is just like how Hydrogen and Oxygen come together to form Water in the presence of Electricity. The consciousness is only a small bridge between the unconsciousness and the super-consciousness. When we bring in our consciousness to our unconsciousness it gets transformed into the super-consciousness. The unconsciousness slowly and slowly, by and by gets dissolved and transforms into the super-consciousness. And this is possible only through the science of the inner called Meditation or Dhyana. An electron is not only a particle but also a wave. The particle dimension of the electron means it is here and there, it is local. And the wave dimension of an electron means it is everywhere, it is non-local. On a similar basis the human being is not only a material body but also an unseen soul or consciousness within the same body. If the soul is an essence then the body is a manifestation of the same essence called the soul. If the soul is an essence then the human body is its effect. If Brahma is the essence then the Cosmos is the manifestation of the same Brahma. The Universe is the Body of the Brahma and the Brahma is the Soul of the same Universe. If Brahma is the essence then the Universe is its effect. The whole universe is actually a breathing, thinking, and feeling universe. The Upanishads proclaimed, Aham Brahmasmi. It is in Sanskrit and when translated means that I am Brahma and I cannot be anything otherwise. So this expansion of the consciousness is possible through the science of the inner called Meditation or Dhyana. The scientist say that the Universe is expanding. According to the scientists the Universe is not only expanding but it is accelerating. When the Universe is expanding why our consciousness can not be expanded? This sounds scientific. Our consciousness can also be expanded and accelerated to the state of the Super-consciousness with the help of the science of the inner. I am calling this science of the inner as the Science of Spirituality.

Consciousness, Unconsciousness, and Supreme Consciousness

Everything is just a metaphor. All words are just indicators. All the divisions are just for the sake of a better understanding. And all the understanding should lead to an existential experience. We don’t believe in gravity. We don’t believe in electricity. Just like how the objective scientists are dividing the whole objective universe, the subjective scientists have also divided the whole inner universe into its various constituents. In experience there is no division. There is no division from the side of reality. All divisions are just ours. The whole purpose of the divisions is to lead to the existential experience. 

Just assume that our Unconsciousness is like darkness. Unconsciousness means the one that is not yet known. It can also be termed as our ignorance. Also assume that our Consciousness is like the light. It can also be termed as our knowledge or wisdom. It means a method of knowing. It means a process of knowing. I can not know what is there in a dark room unless I bring in the light. In the absence of the light I may stumble upon various objects in the dark room and get hurt. Thomas Edison has not discovered the light. He has invented the incandescent bulb. The light is already there hidden in the creation. He helped the light manifest objectively through the incandescent bulb. This was his creation. This was his invention. He was a great genius. There is no second thought about that. He brought in the light in the darkness of our objective world. He helped us light-up the darkness of our objective world. The Vedas, Upanishads, and the Buddhas are talking about an inner light to remove the inner darkness. Inspite of the light outside we stumble upon sometimes. Inspite of the light outside we make accidents. Inspite of all knowledge of the science we bombard Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We have to also assume things for something called the inner darkness. Don’t say why we have to assume things? We never ask this question to our Mathematics teacher. To learn Mathematics we have to assume certain things. 

The Vedas and Upanishads term this inner darkness as Ego or “Ahankara”. How to disperse this inner darkness then? This is also a pertinent question. This question may arise any time. Let it arise. If the question has not arisen yet then there is no problem. Just enjoy your life and move on. There is no need to worry at all. It is only for those who have asked this question. 

Let us assume that there is inner darkness. This inner darkness is termed as Unconsciousness. This inner darkness can be removed by bringing in the inner light. This bringing in of the inner light is termed as Consciousness. Just a small light can disperse the darkness of more than thousands of years. It does not matter how big is the Unconsciousness. It may be an accumulation of millions of lives. It also does not matter how small is the Consciousness. A small candle can light-up thousands of candles. This is the power of the consciousness

In order to understand it better, let us correlate this with a live example. There is Hydrogen and Oxygen in abundance in the atmosphere. We all know that Water is a compound of Hydrogen and Oxygen. Why then all Hydrogen and Oxygen in the atmosphere come together to form the Water? If this happens, then there will be only Water everywhere. Even we can not exist if there is only water everywhere. Even the creation also will have no meaning. The Hydrogen and Oxygen come together only in the presence of Electricity. And without the presence of Electricity this reaction can not take place. And this Electricity remains the same before the reaction and also after the reaction. It does not undergo any change. In this reaction the Electricity acts as a Catalyst. That is, it only helps the reaction to take place but does not undergo any change neither before the reaction nor after the reaction. This is the term coined by the scientists. 

Just for the sake of our understanding, let us say that Hydrogen is like the Unconsciousness. This is one stage. It is a stage of not knowing. It is a stage of ignorance. It is a stage of darkness. And let us say that Oxygen is like the Consciousness. This is another stage. It is a stage of knowing. It is a process of knowing. It is a method of knowing. It is a stage of light. Let us say that these two states come together. These two states are nothing but two perceptions of the same reality which is One. Let us assume that the Electricity is like the Super-consciousness. It is already there. We can not create it. We can only know it. We can only experience it. In the coming together of the Unconsciousness and the Consciousness, we experience the Super-consciousness. It is already there as a presence. It is just helping the two divisions to come together. It is just helping the two parts to come together. It is just allowing the two polarities to come together. In the union, the division is dissolved. In oneness, the duality is disappeared. And the existential experience of this Oneness is called a Spiritual Singularity. Now there are no divisions. All the divisions have disappeared. Now there is no duality. There is only singularity. This is the experience of Advaita. This is that Super-consciousness. This is that Absolute. This is already there. There is ultimately no name to it. All names are just assumptions. It is like how we assume things in Mathematics. What are we doing in Mathematics? We are just trying to prove that the LHS (Left Hand Side) is equal to the RHS (Right Hand Side), or LHS minus RHS equals “Shunya”, or LHS plus RHS equals “Shunya”. The same is the case here too. 

The sum of the Unconsciousness and Consciousness is equal to “Shunya”. And Shunya means nothingness. And the existential experience of this nothingness is called the Supreme Consciousness. Mathematically, Unconsciousness + Consciousness = Supreme Consciousness.

Let us look at the equation of Albert Einstein, E = MC2 (E equals MC square). This equation helps us to transform matter into energy. According to this equation matter and energy are inter-convertible. And this is useful for the objective world. This is useful in transforming the objective energy - thermal, mechanical, solar, nuclear, etc. This is perfectly okay with the objective world. But what about the subjective, psychological, and spiritual world? The human being eats food and the body transforms this food into various dimensions of the life energy. This life energy in the human being manifests in various forms like anger, greed, lust, etc. These are the lower forms of the life energy. The real spiritual question is, can this human energy in the lower form be transformed into its higher forms like compassion, benevolence, love, and friendliness? Love and compassion are the highest forms of the same energy. It is in this context I am talking about the theory of non-relativity or the theory of subjective reality. This science of the subjective reality (it is subject to your own subjective experience) I am calling the Science of the Inner and representing it with a formula: C = EM2 (C equals EM square). In this equation ‘C’ means Consciousness‘E’ means the life energy in all its lower forms and ‘M’ is the velocity or intensity of Meditation. And with the help of this equation we can be able to transform the human life energy in all its lower forms into Consciousness. This theory I am calling the Science of the Inner or the Science of Spirituality. And I am calling my above equation and my above theory as the theory of Non-Relativity or the theory of subjective reality.

There are two kinds of realities: Objective Reality and Subjective Reality. Albert Einsteins theory of relativity cannot go beyond objective duality (Dvaita) and cannot go beyond the objective truth. This theory at the most can give us objective reality. Relativity means duality (Dvaita) and Non-relativity means transcendence (Advaita). Dvaita mean a non-singular reality, and Advaita means a singular reality. The Science of Spirituality or the Science of the Inner as discussed above can help us to go beyond relativity and duality. 

The Science of Spirituality helps us to know, realize, and experience the existential reality or the subjective truth or the Absolute (Advaita). The experience of Enlightenment is nothing but the glimpse of this Advaita or the Absolute. And this is the by-product of Meditation or Dhyana.