Taming of the Bull

My friends making money on the the stock exchange always ask me: "Do you ride on the Bull or bait the Bear?" My answer to them has always been that I do neither. What do I do then? My answer has always been and will always be: "I only teach the art of taming of the Bull". The whole story of the stock market or of any other market for that matter is the story of two booms and two dooms. Let us not blame the poor Bulls and Bears for that. Poor animals! They are absolutely not at fault. The real treasure lies in between these two booms and dooms. 

Buddha always used to say, 'Majjhima Nikaya'. He always used to say to take a middle path and never go to the extremes. Have you ever observed the average line passing through the two extremes, passing through the bear and the bull of any graph? The whole treasure lies in between two successive crests and two successive troughs of any wave. This is the universal law of any wave motion. Striking that middle path is like a tight rope walking. It is like walking between two dangers. It is like walking between the devil and the deep sea. This is called striking a Golden Mean. This is that treasure hunt. Let the whole effort be to make this event most probable.