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Indian Renaissance - An Existential Challenge

The ancient India and Indians were rich within and without. We have to be rich within and without. Outer richness and inner richness, both are required. We can not afford to be rich only outwardly. The ancient India was rich in everything. She was rich in outer science and inner science. She was rich in objective science and subjective science. All the possible science has grown here in this land - Medicine, Astronomy, Mathematics, Astrology, Science of Arms and Weapons, Science of War, Economics, Administration, Yoga, Tantra, Science of Spirituality, etc. 

Almost all the ancient sages were scientists. And they all were different from the western scientists. The eastern sages were first aware of who they are? And they were also exploring everything in the outside world. They were scientists in the outer world and also in the inner world. But unfortunately all this today remains only as a heritage. The fault lies with the fake Swamis and Gurus who spread wrong knowledge. They have spoiled the whole ecosystem which was just natural and organic. Earlier we had a very holistic system that talked about both spiritual and material growth. The ancient India had never divided the existential reality between material and spiritual. The escapists and renegades who came later had made a clear division between the material and the spiritual. The accepted the spiritual and denied the material. They accepted the soul and denied the body. And hence they tortured their bodies. And slowly the ascetic practices have started. And soon renunciation has become a spiritual practice.

Is the hardware and the software two different things? Is hardware possible without the software? Is the software possible without the hardware?

The same is the case with our reality. Our body is a seen part of the unseen soul. And our soul is an unseen part of the seen body. The unseen manifests into the seen. What we have to actually explore and see is that the science of the seen is an objective science and the science of the unseen is a subjective science. The objective science is experimental and the subjective science is experiential. We can touch and feel the body but we can not touch and feel the soul exactly the way we touch and feel the body. The air is blowing outside. We can not see it with our eyes but we can feel it. In the same way there is something at the deepest core of our being which is deathless. And this deathless can be experienced. The way to experience this immortal is through the subjective science. The way to experience this deathless is through dhyana or meditation. And except this there is no other way.

The objective science can help us to create wealth and comfort. It can help us transform and beautify the outer world. And the subjective science can help us to discover inner happiness. It can help us transform our inner world. Please understand that comfort and happiness are two different things. And there is no need to create a conflict between the two. There is no need to create a dichotomy between materialism and spiritualism. Materialism is concerned with the soul of the matter, and spiritualism is concerned with the soul of the human being. But unfortunately a totally wrong spirituality that prevailed in India for a long time has created this dichotomy. This is the reason why India has lost all its past glory. It is now there only as a heritage. She is neither rich materially nor she is rich spiritually. And the true glory is lost. 

Every coin has two sides. And the coin is complete only when we accept both the sides. The coin can never be a whole only with one side. The lopsided truth is of no use. The half truth is of no value. All these fake Swamis and Gurus are giving the Indians only a half truth. The youngsters in India are at a loss because of this dichotomy. The youngsters are confused because of this duality. They are telling them to deny the matter and accept only the soul. They have created a dichotomy of materialism and spiritualism among the youngsters.

In India spirituality means giving up everything in life. It means leaving the family. It means torturing the body and practicing austerities. It means repression and suppression of your natural needs and desires. In India renunciation means to give-up everything in life and go to the Himalayas. In India renunciation means to give-up the mundane life and live in a monastery. In India a spiritual person is one who has smeared ash on his forehead, left his family and job, started wearing the saffron clothes and a Rudraksha Mala. And sadly, all this is only a poverty in the name of spirituality. This is not true spirituality. This has never been the heritage of ancient India. This kind of spirituality is never sustainable. Just look into the Gods of Hindu Mythology. They are clean shaven. They have a family. They have a wife and children. They face all the problems and tribulations of life. And in spite of all this they also find the ways and means to attain to godliness and divinity. They dont leave this life for some future life. They dont leave this world for some other world. They do not create a conflict between the inner world and the outer world. They always effort to create a synthesis of the two worlds. They find the art of creating happiness in their inner world and also struggle to create prosperity in the outer world. This was the true heritage of ancient India. The ancient India was a rich blend of material capital and spiritual capital.

Let us do a small experiment. Let us draw a small circle. Let us assume that you are also a part of this circle. Let us assume that this circle is the whole existence. And you, a small circle, are a part of this existence. Now, what is a reality? Is only the circle a reality? Are you alone the reality? Is the whole circle including you the reality? What the scientists are doing is that they are trying to measure everything outside without even looking at themselves. And all the measurement that they are doing is being done through the theory of relativity. Albert Einsteins theory of relativity is nothing but a theory of measurement. And can you measure the whole reality without measuring yourself? Can you know the whole reality without knowing yourself? And the outer measurement is done through the outer light. Everything outside is a measurement of light. And what the spiritualist is doing is that he is first trying to peep into his own being. The spiritualist is an inner scientist. He is measuring everything subjectively. He is measuring everything through his thoughts. And his thoughts are nothing but the objective manifestation of his inner light. The outer light is nothing but the manifestation of the inner light. The atomic and sub-atomic particles are nothing but the objective manifestation of the outer light. And the thoughts and emotions are nothing but the objective manifestations of the inner light. And the outer light and the inner light are the manifestation of our consciousness. And the consciousness is neither an object nor a subject. In the whole process these existential questions arise: Can you measure the objective reality without measuring the subjective reality? Can you measure the universe without measuring yourself? Can you know the outer light without knowing the inner light? All that we are talking through science is only a partial reality.

The youngsters of India should stand together like pillars of strength and accept the whole of life and its challenges. They should struggle for Indian renaissance. They should respect both Dhamma and Dollars. Only a synthesis of the objective science and the subjective science can help us to regain the lost glory of ancient India. And this is the only path to Indian renaissance. Spirituality has a future only when we are like an Albert Einstein in the outer world and also like a Buddha in the inner world.

The real meaning of the word Veda is to know. Veda means knowing. Veda is a science. There is only science and except science there is nothing. Only science can bring us freedom. And there is a difference. There are two dimensions of science: objective and subjective. One dimension is the science of the objective and the other dimension is the science of the subjective. The objective science is the science of the outer and the subjective science is the science of the inner. And ultimately they are not separate. There is a unification. The real science is a science of the synthesis of the two. And this unification is what I am calling a Spiritual Singularity.