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Materialism and Spiritualism: One way of Living

Materialism and Spiritualism are not two different standpoints. They are not two different ways of living. They are not two different philosophies. They have always been together. There exists a synthesis between the two. There exists an unification. There is nothing wrong with materialism. And only materialism is a half truth and a partial reality. And in the same way only spiritualism is also a half truth. Matter can not exist without the spirit. And the spirit has to manifest through the matter. The body is like the matter and is not possible without the soul. And the soul is the essence and has to manifest though the body. And they are not separate. They are not two different and distinct entities. The conflict between materialism and spiritualism is a duality. And the reality is One. The reality is indivisible. It is always beyond the divisions and is transcendental.

But our pseudo spiritualists have always divided the existential reality. They have divided our being. They have created a dichotomy between material and spiritual. According to them matter and spirit are two different things. In their view the body and the soul are two different things. And not only this, they have also told us to deny the body and accept only the soul. They have created this unbridgeable conflict and dichotomy between the two. And only because of this pseudo spirituality the glory of ancient India has been lost. Therefore, Indian renaissance is a great change and challenge.

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I wish to share my perspective on this division and conflict. The Upanishads say that in the beginning there was nothing. And out of nothing Brahma created the cosmos. Brahma is a name for the visible universe. And the absolute Brahma is transcendental. There are three dimensions of Brahma. The one is the visible Brahma. This is our visible universe. The visible Brahma is like our body. The second dimension is the invisible Brahma. This is like our soul. The third dimension is the Absolute Brahma. This dimension of the Brahma is Transcendental. The word transcendental means that which is beyond all dualities, divisions, and perceptions. We can not define the Absolute Brahma. The three divisions are like the known, unknown, and the unknowable. At the most we can experience the Absolute Brahma. And within this visible cosmos, Brahma has embedded two values - Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth) and Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge). All the matter in the whole universe is like a material wealth. According to the modern science all matter is energy and all energy is matter. And all matter and energy is like
money and wealth. The visible matter is the domain of Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth). All the matter in the cosmos is organized in a very scientific manner. There is a hidden science behind this arrangement. The whole arrangement and organization of matter is mysterious. The brilliant scientists of the world are scratching their heads to know this mystery. The science behind the arrangement of matter is the domain of Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge). The whole existence is a Cosmic Organization of Absolute Brahma.

The root meanings of the words Lakshmi and Saraswati are very mysterious. Lakshmi means something tangible, visible, perceivable, and objective. And Saraswati means something intangible, invisible, imperceptible, and subjective. Therefore, all matter is money (Lakshmi) and all science behind the matter is knowledge (Saraswati). Matter is infinite and No-matter is also infinite. Lakshmi is infinite and Saraswati is also infinite. Money is infinite and Knowledge is also infinite. Matter is the body of God and No-matter is the Soul of God. And these two forces are there for the balance of the whole existence. The wrong knowledge creates imbalance and right knowledge brings back the balance.

We require knowledge to create wealth. We also require knowledge to preserve and protect the wealth. We also require more knowledge to create more wealth. And we also require more wealth to create more knowledge. Therefore, all knowledge is for creating wealth, and all wealth is for creating more knowledge. 

And the whole problem is that of imbalance. This imbalance creates tensions in the individual and the society. This imbalance creates stress and strain in the individual and the society. This imbalance is responsible for all the social evils in the society. This imbalance is responsible for all the injustice that happens in the society. This imbalance is responsible for all the wars. And all this imbalance is because of the greed. And there is no limit for this greed. The greed can also be infinite.

As per a recent report from Oxfam, worldwide it is estimated that the wealthiest 10% own 85% of the global household wealth. The richest 2% of the population own more than 51% of the global assets. The richest 85 people own the wealth of 3.5 billion peaople (almost half the population of the world).

Is this balanced or imbalanced? Can this have various repercussions in the society? We all have to think on this. This imbalance may lead to various social evils in the world. What is needed is a balance and a synthesis. What is needed is a harmony and synchronicity.

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body and soul are not two different things. They are organically integrated. Our body is a manifestation of our soul. And our soul is the essence of our body. The body is visible, tangible, perceivable, and objective. And the soul is invisible, intangible, imperceptible, and subjective. The body is a seen part of our soul, and our soul is an unseen part of the same body. They are organically integrated and inseparable. The Transcendental Reality manifests into Objective Reality and Subjective Reality. The world of the modern scientists is that of objective reality. It is experimental. And the world of the mystics is that of the Subjective Reality and Transcendental Reality. It is experiential. Are the hardware and the software two different things? Is the hardware possible without the software? And, is the software possible without the hardware? No, their separation is not possible. They both are integrated mechanically. There is a unison between the two.

What is spirituality? Who is spiritual? The one who has experienced this Oneness is a spiritual person. Spirituality is not against money. It is not against our needs. It is concerned with richness within and without. The purpose of spirituality is to fulfill all our possible needs. And yes, spirituality definitely has something to do with greed, lust, anger, ego, ignorance, etc. Please remember that God has not created money. God has only given us these lower energies to transform them into higher energies. This is how raw gold is transformed into a 24-carat gold. This is how a human being moves from Muladhara (Root Chakra) to Sahasrara (Crown Chakra). Spirituality is an alchemy to transform the lower energies into higher energies. The highest form of human energy is Consciousness or Shudha Chetana. And a truly spiritual person is one who has awakened to all these lower energies and attained to equanimity in life. A person is spiritual only when he has become one with the One. A spiritual person is one who has become one with the whole. And Enlightenment is the existential experience of this Oneness.