Old Wine in a New Bottle

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A friend of mine showed little skepticism towards Enlightened Leadership. He wanted to know whether it is an old wine in a new bottle or a new wine in an old bottle. To be frank I totally agree with my friend. This has in fact been an eternal question. This skepticism has been an age old thing. This doubt is being raised from the ancient past to till date and this will still continue even in the future. Doubts will be raised to the very end if there is going to be any end. To me the container and the content are not two different things. To me the singer and the song are not two different things. To me the dancer and the dance are not two different things. To me the poet and his poetry are not two different things. To me the creator and his creation are not two different, independent and separable things. In the same way the wine and the bottle are not two different things. They are one and the same thing. They both are very old and very ancient. This is the beauty that both of them are coming from the very beginning if there was any beginning and both will stay intact if there is going to be any end. And this is exactly where Heisenberg says that our Universe is what we are. The ultimate discovery of the quantum physics is that everything is interconnected and nothing can be divided.

Let us start from the beginning. Shiva came and danced with the divine. He danced madly. He has danced as if he was totally drunk. He was drunk with the divine. Carl Sagan was a world renowned Cosmologist. And he says that the whole existence is a dance of Shiva as Nataraja. Was Shiva a drunkard? Yes, he was. But he was a drunkard of the divine. He was drunken with divinity. Do you know what is the difference between wine and divine? Just look into the sound of the word divine. It sounds just like de-wine. Which means deactivating the wine. It means removing the effect of wine. When the ordinary wine is removed there is an immense possibility for the divine to enter in our being. When the ordinary wine is deactivated the extraordinary divine is activated. The ordinary wine pulls us down where as the divine lifts us up. Both the words have the same sound but their effect is totally different. They both have same sounds but two different meanings. Their effect is in the reverse directions. Wine pulls us down whereas divine pulls us up. This is the difference and it is a huge difference. This is the meaning of the Hindi song Lift Kara De. The lyrics of this Hindi song are something like this: Teri oonchi shan hai maula. Meri arzi maan le maula. Tu hai sab kuch jaanne waala. Main hoon tera maanne waala. Mujhko bhi to lift kara de. Thodi si to lift kara de. It is our request to the almighty to help us lift up. It is our prayer to God to help us move into the beyond. This pulling-up actually means moving into Divinity

After Shiva comes Krishna. He too dances with the same divine. He too sings with the divine. He too celebrates with the divine. He enchants us so much. The attraction is so much. The effect is that we are all pulled towards his dance and celebration. He too is drunk with the divine. Otherwise no such eternal dance and celebration is possible. The result is we also taste the divine through him. We also get attracted towards the divine. We are also pulled up. We are also lifted up in that high. And all this happens in the sheer presence of Krishna. His presence makes all that difference. This is the magic and miracle of that divine and not wine. Please remember this ! Then Buddha comes and sings and dances in his own way. His silence becomes his song. His compassion becomes his dance. His awareness and consciousness becomes his celebration. He is also drunken with the same divine. Then comes mystic poet Kabir. He sings and dances in his own way. He too is drunk with the divine. And then comes mystical singer Meera. She too sings and dances. She too is drunk with the same divine. The song is the same and the dance is the same. It is eternal. Only the singer changes and the dancer changes. The song remains the same. The dance remains the same. It is an eternal song and an eternal dance. In the recent past Osho comes and sings the same song of the divine in his own way. He dances and celebrates the same dance but in his own way. We are again pulled and attracted. The same phenomenon repeats. Only times change. Only places change. The song and dance remains the same. Many singers and dancers come on the scene. They sing and dance in their own way, in their own melody but the effect is the same. The essence is the same. The essence remains the same eternity to eternity. The forms change but the formless remains the same. The messenger changes but the message remains the same. It is only our perception that it looks different. It must be our illusion and delusion. May be we are drunk with the wine and not the divine. This may be our Maya. Osho says that that there two kinds of laws. One is the law of Gravity and the other is the law of Grace. The law of gravity pulls us down. It pulls us to our past, to our ignorance, to our animality and to our unconsciousness. Where as the law of grace pulls us towards our future, towards our intelligence, towards our Buddha-hood and towards our super-consciousness. This pulling up by the law of grace is called moving into Divinity. In physics there is a term called 
Escape Velocity. It is the speed needed to come out of the gravitational pull of the earth. It is the speed needed to ‘break free from a gravitational field. All rocket science is based on this concept. On the surface of the earth the escape velocity is about 11.2 kilometers per second. It is approximately 34 times the speed of the sound. It is at least 10 times the speed of a rifle bullet. It means when an object moves with this speed it comes out of the gravitational field and the gravitational pull will no longer affects this object. Take another case of a balloon filled with a Helium gas. It just goes up and up without any gravitational pull. The reason is that the Helium gas is lighter than air. Here also the gravitational pull will not affect the balloon. The same can be the case with us too when we become lighter in our spirit, that is lighter in our mind and heart. When we are devoid of negative thoughts and negative emotions we also come out of the clutches of gravity. This is our real freedom. When we have extremely positive thoughts and extremely positive emotions we get the wings of knowledge and love to fly freely in the sky of our life like the birds fly in the outer sky. A human being can never fly like a bird physically in the outer space but the human being is always capable of flying metaphysically in the spiritual space of his life with the wings of knowledge and love

I have heard a joke. There was a drunkard. He was a habitual drinker. He used to go to the pub every day. As usual one day he went to the pub and drunk too much. He was not able to move. He was not able to reach to his house. His house was just near and on a walking distance. Somehow he was brought to his house by his friend. But the drunkard was saying that it is not his house. His only contention was that his house does not come so early and the journey takes a longer time. The friend calls the drunkards wife from his house. Still he does not agree. He still persists that it is not his house. And the lady is not his wife. He repeats the same thing that his house does not come so soon. The friend plays a trick. He takes his drunkard friend in a taxi and makes many rounds around the same house and brings his drunkard friend to the same house after spending fifteen minutes on the round about journey. Now the drunkard agrees that it is his house. He tells his friend, “That is what I was saying. My house does not come so early. It takes at least fifteen minutes to reach my house from the pub. This is the after effect of the wine or drug. This is the story of all kinds of wines and drugs. Let us free the affected humanity from the effects of all these toxics. This is possible only by drinking the divine and not the wine. Let us drink the divine so that the time and space become irrelevant. And what remains relevant is the song, dance and celebration. Let us go little further. Let the singer be totally absorbed in his song so that what remains behind is only singing. Let the dancer be completely dissolved in his dance so that what is remains behind is only dancing. Let the drunkard be totally dissolved in the drink of the divine so that what is left behind is only drinking of the divine. Let this drinking be only of the divine and not of the wine. This is the story of this whole eternal business of Divinity. 

On the path of Divinity different singers, dancers and drunkards come and go. They sing the same song. They dance the same dance. They drink the same drink. They only change the labels. They only change the marketing schemes. They only change the bottle designs. They only change the MRP. The product remains the same. The product has been eternally the same. Only the Marketing Strategy changes. This eternal product is called Divinity. Can we then drink the Divine?