What is the biggest Obstacle?

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Enlightened Leadership says, Believe in yourself, trust yourself. Have deep faith in yourself. Be confident and be courageous. Have your own conviction and have your own will. One day you will flower and flourish. And the doubting mind inside you says, To be ones own master is to be the slave of your own self. And this is the biggest hurdle and obstacle towards the goal of Enlightened Leadership. 

Our own doubting mind tries to convince us this way. Our own doubting mind is our own destroyer. You can either create yourself or destroy yourself. You can either be your own enemy or your own true friend. And please beware of this self-destruction. There are always two options: One is that of self-destruction and the other is that of self-actualization. Enlightenment therefore has always been your birthright. And nobody can ever stop this from you. And our only true goal is to reclaim this during our own life time. I call this as our Eternal Blue Ocean. This ocean belongs only to us. And no competitor has ever entered there. And this belongs to every adventurous individual.  

And this is the reason why J. Krishnamurti says that the real enemy is within us and not outside of us. You can either become your best friend or your worst enemy. These are the two possibilities. And there is a choice in every moment of our life. And this enemy within becomes a self-defeating and self-destructive force. And before this enemy within defeats us, we have to destroy that enemy. This enemy within has to be conquered. This enemy within us is our negativity. And this negativity within us functions like the darkness. This negativity becomes our darkness. And this darkness becomes our unconsciousness. Carl Gustav Jung was one of the greatest psychologists. He used to say that knowing our own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people. And he also used to say that those who look outside dream, and those who look within awake. If this was not right then Socrates would not have repeated again and again saying, Know thyself. And knowing thyself means the positive effort of bringing in some light in this zone of darkness. Otherwise, this darkness will grow inside us like a cancer. And then slowly it becomes our circle of concern. Darkness is only darkness. Darkness can not be thick or thin. And we can not do anything directly with darkness. We can not fight with the darkness. And whatever we can do, we can do only through the light. Even in a room where no light has ever entered for a hundred years, a small candle of light is enough to destroy the whole darkness of hundred years. Just bring in a small flame of light and in no time the whole darkness of hundreds of years disappears forever. This is the miracle of light. This is the greatness of light. And we suffered for millions of years for the absence of light. This is the reason why in the Rigveda the first verse is dedicated to the praise of Agni (Fire). The discovery of fire was a first boon to the entire humanity. And with Thomas Edison we moved from the discovery fire to the discovery of light. And if Rigveda is written again then there will definitely be a verse dedicated to the greatness of light. And without doubt the whole credit will go to Thomas EdisonThis is how we moved from the fire as God to the light as God. And this is how the humanity has progressed in intelligence. What would happen when we become extremely positive and creative? What would happen when the whole being becomes a continent of abundant light?  

There is a small incident in the life of Buddha. Buddha finally announced his departure from this transient world. The final time had come to say good bye and take leave of his disciples. His closest and dearest disciple, Ananda, burst into tears. Ananda says to Buddha, Lord, you have been the polestar of our spiritual path so far. Whom should we contact for guidance and direction when you will not be here any longer in the land of the living? Buddha replied: Appo Deepo Bhava - Be a light unto yourself. We can not really do anything with the darkness. Even if we fight it with the sword, we can not cut it off. And whatever we can do, we have to do only with the light. And by just bringing in a little light, the whole darkness will be disappeared. And here Buddha is talking about the inner light and not the outer light. The outer light can remove the outer darkness. And the inner light can remove the inner darkness. And the inner darkness is because of the ego and ignorance. The inner light means the light of inner intelligence. This inner light and this inner intelligence is already existing in the existence like the outer light. It can not be created and it can only be discovered. And this inner light and inner intelligence is covered by the layers of ego (Ahankara) and ignorance (Ajnana).

There are two ways. One way is that of the world of matter and energy. And this is part of an objective science or outer science. The equation that governs this outer world is the equation of the theory of relativity E=MC^2 (E equals MC square) of Albert Einstein. This equation is a measuring rod for all events in the outer world. You will be surprised to know that Albert Einstein had discovered this equation when he was just sixteen years of age when he thought how it would be like when he travels parallel to the light. And this gave birth to the objective theory of relativity. The other way is that of the world of human energy and consciousness. And this is part of a subjective science or inner science. There are two worlds - the outer and the inner. This is the symmetry. And the creation is not possible without a symmetry. And the equation that should govern this inner world is what I am calling the theory of subjective relativity. And the mathematical formula for this equation is C=EM^2 (C equals EM square). This equation can become a measuring rod for all events in the inner world. The whole process is to experience and see what it would be like when you become the pure consciousness. This is exactly where Buddha is saying, Appo Deepo Bhava”. Be a light unto yourself. Taste the pure consciousness. And attain to Shuddha Chetana.

The theory of relativity can not take you beyond the objective reality. It can not take you beyond objective relativity. And relativity is not reality. There are limitations. Albert Einsteins theory of relativity can not take you beyond the black holes. And in the existence there are not only ordinary black holes but also premordial black holes. The theory of relativity dies at the center of the black hole. At the center of the black hole the space and time reaches to an almost breaking point. It is a point of extremely high density and gravity, and even light can not escape from this point. And hence we are not in a position to know what happens there. 

In the equation of theory of relativity E stands for Energy. According to science all matter is energy and all energy is matter. And this theory deals only with the objective energies - thermal, kinetic, mechanical, chemical, nuclear, etc. That is, all the energies that can be measured objectively in a laboratory. The letter M stands for mass. Every matter has some mass. Even light is also a matter, but a matter of negligible mass. Nothing travels faster than light in the objective world. And hence light is the measuring rod of everything in the outer world or objective world. And this light dies at the center of the black hole. In one sense we have arrived at a dead-end in physical science. The scientists are not able to go beyond the theory of relativity. We all are stuck here. Michio Kaku is a great theoretical physicist. He even tries to take the equation of the theory of relativity from a star to a black hole. He tries to apply the equation to a black hole. And when he solves this equation, he only gets a series of zeros and infinities at the center of the black hole. And this result becomes an absurdity to the scientific community. It means nothing really. This appears that as of now we have arrived at a dead-end. And in the above equation C stands for the velocity of light. The velocity of light has been considered as a constant because nothing travels faster than light in the objective world.

Now let us move to the inner world, the world of subjectivity. This is a world of subjective relativity. This is a world of subjective reality. And in this world nothing travels faster than the thoughts. Thoughts travel faster than even the light. Before the light reaches to a particular point, the thoughts have already gone there and came back. And according to science a thought is also an energy. And the world is slowly realizing the miracles of thought energy. You can be creative with the thought energy and you can also be destructive with the thought energy. You can use thoughts for creative purposes and you can also use thoughts for destructive purposes. And it all depends on an individual. 

Our mind is nothing less than the outer universe. In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali even talks about the inner Sun and the inner Moon. This inner universe is a replica of the outer universe. According to the scientists the outer universe is a space-time object, and according to the Buddhas and Mystics the inner universe is also a space-time object. And the ultimate aim is to transcend this space-time object. The mind is an ocean of thought waves. Psychologists and Neurologists say that a human mind produces 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. The mind is like a factory of thoughts. The mind is like a nuclear reactor. There are positive thoughts, negative thoughts, and neutral thoughts. The whole structure of the mind is like the structure of an atom. At the level of the body what we have is the actions. At the level of the mind what we have is the thoughts. And at the level of the heart what we have is the emotions. At the circumference of our being are the negative thoughts and negative emotions. And at the center of our being are the positive thoughts and positive emotions, and neutral thoughts and neutral emotions. Positive thoughts are more stronger than the negative thoughts. Positive emotions are more stronger than the negative emotions. Neutral emotions are more stronger than the neutral thoughts. Emotions are stronger than the thoughts and actions. The actions are gross, and the thoughts and emotions are subtle. As we move towards the center the power increases. The actions are coming from the thoughts, and the thoughts are coming from the emotions. And ultimately, actions, thoughts, and emotions are not different things. They all are different manifestation of the same energy with different frequency and different wavelength. The actions are gross, and you can see them. You can slap somebody or you can shake hands with somebody. And both these actions are clearly visible to our naked eyes. And the thoughts and emotions preceding these actions are very subtle. We can not see them with our naked eyes. And yes, if we are sensitive then we can feel them. And we can prevent a negative emotion and a negative thought before it turns into an action. The thoughts and emotions are like particles. They are like the photon. They are constantly interacting with a field called
Silence. And in a silent state of the mind you have the glimpse of the soul. This is the center of our being. It is a center of infinite love, bliss, and compassion. And a person who attains to this stage is called a Satchidānanda.

The energy is same but it is different at different centers. The thoughts are moving in a space called the mind. The negative thoughts can be transformed into positive thoughts. And the positive thoughts can be transformed into neutral thoughts. Neutral means now I have the full knowledge of the positive thoughts and the negative thoughts. Now I know their advantages and disadvantages. Now I am in full control of both of them. Just try to understand this with the example of a car. The car has the forward gear and the backward gear, and both these gears go through the neutral. And without the neutral I can not use both the gears with perfection. And a good driver is one who has full control over the gears. And when we transform our thoughts our mind also gets transformed. And we can attain to a silent mind. And in a silent state of the mind we can realize the soul. In the same way when we transform our emotions our heart gets transformed. And we can attain to a loving heart. And with a silent mind and a loving heart we can perform our worldly actions. And all these actions are emanating with the full presence of the soul. Now the doer is no more and hence all the actions are divine. We all are responsible for the consequences of all our actions. We can not pass on this responsibility on others. And hence each and every individual is responsible. And all these experiences are subjective. Subjective means they all are subject to our own individual existential experience. And we can never be able to prove this experience objectively. But yes, all this will reflect in our day-day actions in the outer and objective world.

This is how we can transform our inner and subjective world. There are number of ways, means, and methods that have been shared by the Buddhas and Mystics all over the world. These methods are different in different parts of the world. And all these methods eventually culminate towards a common point called Dhyāna or Meditation. Some of the methods are: Yoga, Tantra, Bhakti, etc. Dhyāna or Meditation is nothing but silently watching our being at its three big layers - body, mind, and the heart. In the process of Dhyāna or Meditation we have to silently watch our actions at a body level, silently watch our thoughts at the mind level, and silently watch our emotions at the heart level. Slowly and steadily we will progress on this path. And eventually we will attain to a stage of witnessing. And in this state of witnessing all the thoughts are ceased and we transcend the space-time object called the mind. And we attain to a state called the timelessness or eternal. Patanjali calls this state a state of Samadhi. And in this state we experience the soul. And this soul is nether born nor will ever die. It is immortal. And this soul is already connected to the consciousness. The consciousness is neither objective nor subjective. It is beyond both. It is transcendental. It is absolute. And everything has emerged from this, and eventually everything will dissolve into this. And this experience is beyond all duality, both objective duality and subjective duality. It is an experience of Advaita (Non-dual). All the relative experiences, that is both objective and subjective, have dissolved in the consciousness. Now there is nothing beyond the consciousness. All the waves have disappeared and only a silent ocean is present. This the ancients have called Ishvara, the supreme.

The equation of the subjective theory of relativity will be of an immense help to make a journey into this subjective world and experience the absolute reality. And the equation is C=EM^2 (C equals EM square). In this equation C stands for Consciousness, E stands for Energy, and M stands for Meditation. It is a meditation constant. It stands for the velocity of Meditation. It stands for the intensity of Meditation. And this equation will help us in transforming our thought energy into consciousness. All our thoughts are impure because of the presence of ego (Ahankara) and ignorance (Ajnana). And in the process of Dhyāna or Meditation all these impurities are dissolved. And the by-product is a pure consciousness or Shuddha Chetana. It is like the process of purification of raw gold into 24-carat gold. When the raw gold is passed through the acid test and the fire test all the impurities are burnt and the by-product is a 24-carat gold. And it is the highest quality of gold. This is how our unconsciousnees, which is a bundle of negative thought energy, is transformed into a pure consciousness or Shuddha Chetana.

What is Enlightened Leadership then? It is just the way of sharing the above experience of awakening or self-realization with the world. Dont ever think that enlightenment means it will make you instantly rich and famous. No, nothing of that sort will ever happen. You will just be ordinary and natural again. You will attain to your own true self. And this may help you in leading your life meaningfully. Dont ever think that Enlightened Leaders will do extraordinary things. No, no such nonsense will ever happen. Enlightened Leaders dont do extraordinary things, they do ordinary things extraordinarily. They simply live their life in an enlightened awareness. The greatest utility could be that they may share this experience with those truly seeking to know. And there is every possibility that the whole world can move towards an Enlightened World.    

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