Manage yourself to manage everything. When you can’t manage yourself, you can’t manage anything. Managing yourself is the key to manage everything. Self-management is real management. All life management is self-management. Leadership is only an effort to share this key. This key is a master key. And this key unlocks the door to our inner being. Our inner being is a Sachitananda. Enlightenment is to discover one’s own being. And leadership means to share this whole being. And all this action has to happen now. It is either now or never. Enlightenment is a vision and Leadership is an action. Enlightened Leadership is a dynamic action to make this vision possible.
What is Enlightened Leadership? Enlightened Leadership is a leadership of responsibility and freedom. Out of responsibility comes freedom and out of the freedom grows responsibility. It is a responsibility for the
self, for the fellow human beings, for the society at large, and for the whole existence outside. Responsibility and freedom are two sides of the same phenomenon and are inter-related. One cannot exist without the other. They are like two sides of a coin. If one side of the coin is responsibility, the other side is freedom. The coin is complete and whole only with two sides together. So a human being is a dual process of change. That is, when he takes the full responsibility for his personal change, he can attain to the ultimate freedom, and out of this freedom he becomes more and more responsible. Responsibility simply means being responsive in the moment. It is a capacity to respond. But we all expect freedom unconditionally. We don’t want responsibility and we want only freedom. We expect full freedom without any corresponding responsibility. We desire freedom without any corresponding accountability. Real freedom cannot exist that way and such freedom is not really free. Responsibility and freedom are, therefore, interconnected, interdependent, interwoven, and inseparable twins. They are two dimensions of the same existence. They are two polarities of the same phenomenon. They are two reflections of the same reality. No coin can really exist with only one side. The coin is one and complete only when its two sides are accepted with equal importance and value. It seems they are eternal twins. And accepting only one side is lopsided and will create an imbalance. 

The mystery of the whole existence is that it is a perfect balance. Life is like a wave with equal crests and troughs. And the whole existence is like a circle. The reality is like a perfect wave embedded in a perfect circle. Therefore, the whole life is like the art of a tightrope walker. This is the true “Art of Living” and not the “Art of Leaving”.

J.Krishnamurti says, “the observer is the observed”. This is one of the greatest truths ever uttered. What does he actually mean? He means to say that the outer is the inner. If there is violence outside then it is a very clear indication that the violence must be hiding somewhere deep inside us. Just one small excuse and it will be burst on the outer. The violence hidden deep inside at the center of our being can surface on the circumference. If there is hate inside, the same hate echoes on the periphery. The chaos inside can only bring misery and not bliss. It immediately throws irresponsibility on the outside. Similarly, if there is love and understanding inside, then the same will overflow on the outside. To say it in a simple language, what I am inside is what I am on the outside. And my outer is only a by-product of my inner. It is only a reflection of my inner. So the focus is an inner change, an inner mutation, and an inner metamorphosis. The human being is a dual process of change in the inner and in the outer. The outer in fact is only a by-product of the inner. The outer change takes place as a consequence of an inner change. But the same is not true vice versa. So the primary responsibility is of an inner change or an inner transformation. The greatest alchemy is the metamorphosis of the inner. All change is a part of nature. And everything is changing except the change itself. Let us not confront this change and be part of this change.