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Manage yourself to manage everything. When you can’t manage yourself, you can’t manage anything. Managing yourself is the key to manage everything. Self-management is real management. All life management is self-management. Leadership is only an effort to share this key. This key is a master key. And this key unlocks the door to our inner being. Our inner being is a Sachitananda. Enlightenment is to discover one’s own being. And leadership means to share this whole being. And all this action has to happen now. It is either now or never. Enlightenment is a vision and Leadership is an action. Enlightened Leadership is a dynamic action to make this vision possible.
What is Enlightened Leadership? Enlightened Leadership is a leadership of responsibility and freedom. Out of responsibility comes freedom and out of the freedom grows responsibility. It is a responsibility for the self, for the fellow human beings, for the society at large, and for the whole existence outside. Responsibility and freedom are two sides of the same phenomenon and are inter-related. One cannot exist without the other. They are like two sides of a coin. If one side of the coin is responsibility, the other side is freedom. The coin is complete and whole only with two sides together. So a human being is a dual process of change. That is, when he takes the full responsibility for his personal change, he can attain to the ultimate freedom, and out of this freedom he becomes more and more responsible. Responsibility simply means being responsive in the moment. It is a capacity to respond. But we all expect freedom unconditionally. We don’t want responsibility and we want only freedom. We expect full freedom without any corresponding responsibility. We desire freedom without any corresponding accountability. Real freedom cannot exist that way and such freedom is not really free. Responsibility and freedom are, therefore, interconnected, interdependent, interwoven, and inseparable twins. They are two dimensions of the same existence. They are two polarities of the same phenomenon. They are two reflections of the same reality. No coin can really exist with only one side. The coin is one and complete only when its two sides are accepted with equal importance and value. It seems they are eternal twins. And accepting only one side is lopsided and will create an imbalance. 

The mystery of the whole existence is that it is a perfect balance. Life is like a wave with equal crests and troughs. And the whole existence is like a circle. The reality is like a perfect wave embedded in a perfect circle. Therefore, the whole life is like the art of a tight rope walker. This is the true 
Art of Living” and not the Art of Leaving. 

J.Krishnamurti says, “the observer is the observed”. This is one of the greatest truths ever uttered. What does he actually mean? He means to say that the outer is the inner. If there is violence outside then it is a very clear indication that the violence must be hiding somewhere deep inside us. Just one small excuse and it will be burst on the outer. The violence hidden deep inside at the center of our being can surface on the circumference. If there is hate inside, the same hate echoes on the periphery. The chaos inside can only bring misery and not bliss. It immediately throws irresponsibility on the outside. Similarly, if there is love and understanding inside, then the same will overflow on the outside. To say it in a simple language, what I am inside is what I am on the outside. And my outer is only a by-product of my inner. It is only a reflection of my inner. So the focus is an inner change, an inner mutation, and an inner metamorphosis. The human being is a dual process of change in the inner and in the outer. The outer in fact is only a by-product of the inner. The outer change takes place as a consequence of an inner change. But the same is not true vice versa. So the primary responsibility is of an inner change or an inner transformation. The greatest alchemy is the metamorphosis of the inner. All change is a part of nature. And everything is changing except the change itself. Let us not confront this change and be part of this change. 

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Yoga and Meditation is a science of the soul. If the soul is the essence, then the body is its effect. The body and soul are not two different things. The body is a seen part of an unseen soul. And the soul is an unseen part of a seen body. The body is the outer part and the soul is its inner part. Albert Einstein says that the concept of a soul without a body seems to be empty and devoid of meaning. The hardware and the software are not two different things. The hardware can not speak without the software. The hardware is outside and the software is inside. The hardware is like a body and the software is like a soul. And knowing the soul or experiencing the soul is part of an inner journey. It is a process of an inner change. And unless an individual undergoes this inner transformation and inner change, he can neither be happy in his own personal world, nor can he be really happy in his professional world. The outer world is a place where he lives and interacts with his fellow human beings, the society at large, and the whole existence. The best example of an inner change is that of a fluttering butterfly. The metamorphosis of a butterfly from an egg to a cocoon, and finally to a beautiful fluttering butterfly is a metaphor for this inner change. It is a spiritual symbol for an individual who is on a journey of personal change and personal victory. It is a great scientific truth that the DNA of a caterpillar is not same as the DNA of a transformed butterfly. The butterfly actually has nothing of the caterpillar. The whole past is dead now. And for the first time the butterfly attains to a different freedom. It attains to a freedom that is unbound and unlimited. The freedom of the caterpillar was a limited one. It can only move from one leaf to another leaf. The caterpillar can’t even jump. On the other hand the butterfly can now fly. The very flutter of its wings for the first time is a great joy. It can now fly from one flower to another. It is now in a totally different space. The caterpillar was actually an eating machine. It was just eating and eating and eating. Whereas the butterfly can now sip nectar from different flowers. And compared to its earlier state, its joy and freedom are totally of a different world. However, to get to this, it undergoes a great change. It undergoes a great synthesis, a great transformation, and a great metamorphosis. The adventure of embarking on this great change, an inner change, an inner mutation is what I call an Enlightened Leadership. This is only a first half of the journey. And it is an important first half. The second half of the journey is how you re-connect yourself with the whole world outside. How you become one with the whole existence? How you share your freedom and responsibility with the whole world outside and see for a possible change as a catalyst and a change agent? Look at the butterfly !! It is enjoying its immense freedom and joy for the first time. It has the choice of choosing any flower. Earlier when it was a caterpillar, it was only an eating machine, and now it lives simply on the nectar it sips from various flowers. What a great choice !! And what a great change !! Our choice can become a great change. The butterfly has become lighter in its body and stronger in its spirit and hence it can fly. Charles Dickens says, “I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free”. Enlightened leadership is, therefore, a process of a qualitative change. All inner change is a qualitative change. It is a leadership of quality and effectiveness. It is an effective and inspiring leadership. Enlightened Leadership is a great responsibility for a great change. A butterfly to me is a great metaphor for this inner and spiritual change. 

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Do you really want to be your own person? Do you really want nobody to influence you? Do you really want nobody to lead you ultimately? Do you want only your inner wisdom and intelligence to guide you? Then self-mastery is the only goal. The real way of self-mastery is to find and discover our own master within. Our true self is our soul. Our soul is our own master. And the soul is our eternal guiding light. When a self-guiding and self-controlled missile is possible, why not a human being? Let us look at a simple thermostat. It is a self-guided and self-controlled mechanism. The self cut-on and cut-off are embedded within the system. A similar built-in system exists somewhere deep inside our own being. That self is our inner guiding factor. That self is our inner light and inner delight. And this self is the flowering of our inner intelligence. Our goal is our soul and our soul is our goal. Enlightened Leadership means taking a lead, making an initiation, being proactive, taking a responsibility, and making a choice of moving on this inner path of change. This is the only way to our personal and professional victory. This is the only path to our personal and professional success. It is a winning edge. It is a leadership advantage. The real mantra is follow nobody but yourself and lead nobody but yourself. Self-mastery simply means that I am now the the emperor of my own awareness and consciousness. Enlightened Leadership simply means that once we are enlightened there is no need to follow anybody. And once you are enlightened, the leadership follows you. Enlightenment precedes leadership and leadership succeeds enlightenment. You are now a light unto yourself. This is where Buddha says, Appo Deepo Bhava.

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does not compel anybody to follow him. However, millions of people dance with him. Millions of people listen to his flute. And millions of people listen to his Bhagavad Geeta. Jesus does not say anybody to follow him. However, millions of people follow him for his love and compassion. Buddha does not pursue anybody to follow him. However, millions of people follow him for his wisdom, awareness, love, and compassion. J. Krishnamurti does not insist anybody to follow and listen to him. However, millions of people read, listen, and follow him for his wisdom and awareness, and get immensely benefited. Osho does not force anybody to follow him and listen to him. However, millions of people follow and listen to him and his discourses for his love and compassion, and attain to an eternal silence and bliss. This is enlightened leadership !!

It reminds me of a great quote of Albert Camus, who says, “Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend”

Spiritual Quotient

Physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual are not four different compartments. Body is physical. Mind is intellectual. Heart is emotional. The mind should speak what the heart feels. And the body should do what the mind and heart say. Spirituality simply means all these three - the body (physical quotient), the mind (intellectual quotient), and the heart (emotional quotient) are in sync with each other and there is absolutely no gap. This oneness is our true being. This is Spirituality. Spiritual Quotient means our Happiness Quotient. Spirituality is the index of our true happiness. Therefore, our Spiritual Quotient (SQ) is the sum of our Intellectual Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Mathematically, SQ = IQ + EQ. 
In order to create a better society and a better world, we have to work together with a great sensitivity and great responsibility. And thus, collaborating together seamlessly, we can co-create values for a better society, better humanity, and a better world. In a management parlance, C.K. Prahalad, a great management guru, calls it co-creating values. Just think of a case of the honeybees. They tirelessly strive to collect nectar from various flowers and collaborate together seamlessly to create honey. This is a clear and natural case of co-creating a value. This is a natural and organic way of a value creation. They find a value in togetherness and unity. They find a great value in friendship. A honeybee to me is a great metaphor and a spiritual symbol of both a Catalyst and a Change Agent. If we all interact meaningfully and responsively with our inner wisdom, then we can give birth to some great values like responsibility and ownership, friendship and freedom, awareness and understanding, love and compassion. And these values will become a basic framework on which the individual lives of people and the society at large will rest on. Therefore, unless we all individuals give birth to these new values, no human life will progress and sustain for long. And with the inner change not only the inner life will be blissful and beautiful, but we will also develop a capability to beautify the outer world. And this will help us in creating a new world, new humanity, and new religion. Let love, friendship, peace, and trust be the very basic framework and foundation of the constitution of One World, One Humanity, and One Religion. Let us understand the reality. The whole existence is one interconnectedness. The whole life is a web of relationships. It is one whole. Look at the whole digital world. It is one web-world. It is a web of millions of links. Let us not forget what Scott McNealy, the earlier CEO of Sun Microsystems has once said. He said, “Network, the Computer”. What is our computer today? Is it a server? Is it a desktop? Is it a laptop? Is it a netbook? Is it a mobile phone? Is it some other digital device? The computer today is a network of millions of devices interacting together seamlessly towards one common platform called the Web. The whole ‘World Wide Web’ is actually one computer. Ask a quantum physicist about the world view. He will instantly say that the whole existence is interconnectedness. The whole existence is one. This is a quantum view of the whole world today. We don’t exist as separate islands any more. And this reality is also becoming crystal clear as we are moving towards globalization. The Vedas and Upanishads have proclaimed this truth thousands of years back. They say that the whole existence is a Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. It is in Sanskrit and when translated means that the whole world is ONE family.

All change and all ACTION for this CHANGE has to happen now and we can never afford to postpone it. All change in the future is meaningless. And all this change has to happen through all of us, that is, YOU and ME. If it is not you, who? If it is not HERE, where? And, if it is not NOW, when? 

Enlightened Leadership is the very flowering of our consciousness, it is the expression of our ultimate joy and freedom. It is the highest responsibility to make and see this change possible. That is why all the Vedas and Upanishads start with one word and again end with the same word. Om ! Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Oh Almighty !! Let peace be prevailed. 

In the beginning there was nothing. And this nothing exploded into everything. Everything in the existence again embeds within the same nothing. When nothing transformed into everything, this was called the explosion. And when everything transforms into nothing, this is called the implosion. The path to know the very source of the explosion is called the Objective Science. And this is an outer journey. The path to know the very source of the implosion is called the Subjective Science. And this is called an inner journey. The existence exists in polarities. The creation creates symmetries. The existential experience of this pure nothingness is called Enlightenment. And this nothingness has always been empty and full at the same time. This is the mystery of the nothingness. And the realization of this truth is called Oneness. 

Let us contemplate and meditate on the following sayings: 

I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God. Sufi Proverb 
The one truth the sages call by many names. Rig Veda 

Welcome on the journey of Enlightened Leadership! 

With love ♥♥  

PS: Enlightened Leadership CEO says that it is never too early or too late to appoint yourself as your own CEO - Chief Enlightening Officer.